11-11-11 The portal
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11-11-11 The portal of the Aquarian Age

Note this is an continuation of  The Wisdom Age  but can also be read on its own.


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As November 11, 2011 approached, I felt an inner joy, a sense of accomplishment that humanity made it thus far. Yet there was a heavy cloud looming around me and the feeling that the battle has only just begun. We are at a pivotal point in Mother Earth's timeline. We are coming upon a critical hour where our consciousness must, and I repeat, MUST make a major leap forward. There is no way around it.

It truly is just a natural process, of growth of purification and refinement. It has been told to future generations in the sacred teachings that November 11, 2011 is the portal, the doorway to the Aquarians Age. The 26 years prior to it was a transitional period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius where we all went through our struggles to become who we are. Essentially upgrading our system to handle the new advanced energetic frequencies projected to, on, from and around Planet Earth.

Celebrate, my friends! For this is an auspicious time to be alive. Places of power and those who held the seats and the institutions that provided structure and bureaucracy are crumbling. Crashes and crises, they are not all bad, in fact they are a cleansing process, if you will, to allow truth to shine through. The hidden shall become revealed. Truth will push her way to the surface and everyone will know everything at the click of a button. Oh technology, we love it and can't get enough of it!

The energy field of Mother Earth is expanding and since we are in it, meaning we live under this massive aura, we are heavily impact. The pressures are increasing and the psychic, magnetic and gravitational powers are definitely affecting us. It is as if we are being cooked in a pressure cooker. Not only is it hot, it's pressurized!

The ancients have predicted this to be the coming of the Golden Age. Humanity has been here before, in fact at least 4 times before but we failed to tip the scales to our side. We have been unable to remain in that expanded awareness. What does a civil society of the Aquarian Age looks like? What would the world feel like when we live from a sense of kindness and compassion, treat each other with mutual respect, and allow the Golden Rule to be a daily practice. Perhaps a place where the people are self regulated and no government can suppress?

We are destined to live this utopian society but of course with every great moment, we will be faced with challenges and opposition. Truly this is the only way. Earth is a planet of polarities where good and bad exists. If we want the good to prevail then evil must cease or lessen in a way that good may prevail.

I have news for you all, we are all in this together! We are not separate from each other, it is just an illusion that makes us feel so. We are all from a divine source and the good in you lies within me. We are sharing this awesome human experience together. I use to wonder why I thoroughly enjoyed reading books. Perhaps it is a shared sense of empathy that would come over me and I would share in their experiences. In the Piscean Age, we were very much motivated by the five senses and what we can do to FEEL more. At some point, during my existence, I started feeling a void and no amount of shopping, working, and socializing could satisfy. I was missing the connection to my soul, to the divine creator, to the One.

That is when I took the first step to waking up. When I started to focus on my lack of connection is the point that I recognized I was not Me, not just another person on the planet of 7 billion people, I am an expression of God. I am just another drop of rain from the same sky. When I see God in the other person, and the other looks back at me. I can see that God is looking at God. How could we treat each other any less? Saying something mean or rude is like stabbing myself in the hand. It is painful and makes me weak.

Find the best parts of yourself and project that forward. We need positivity on the planet right now and we need tons of prayers so please take time each day and pray. Pray for humanity to expand its goodness, for light, for peace, and for love. Let us all beam some light to those who are suffering and support them in this pressurized and insane time. Share your light!

I remain hopeful for the human race as we grow and expand in consciousness and truth.


Sat nam,

Haridass Kaur/Thi Hoang
December 15, 2011

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