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Osho Essentials


The vision behind Osho Essentials is to transmit some of the Essence of Osho teachings by means of a selection of Osho books, Osho discourses, Osho audio books and Osho photos. I will start with my own experiences of being with Osho since 1973.

Listening to Osho in the Buddha hall, as I had the privilege to attend many times, is completely different than reading a book or text of Osho. Therefore, different methods are used to transmit Osho’s words in the best possible way.

Most of the discourses of Osho on this site are in the following way:

Osho essentials as text


A text that contains the essential message of Osho about this subject.

This is a selection (extract) of the original text.

This text is illustrated with photos of Osho and other topics, highlighting Osho’s words.

Mostly the complete Osho discourse text is also given as pdf.


Osho audio books digitally enhanced as mp3


You can listen to Osho’s discourses in mp3.

The original audio cassettes from Poona 1 (1974-1981) are digitally enhanced, using advanced techniques.

This makes it possible to listen to Osho in the best possible audio quality.


Osho discourse selection combined with music


Sometimes I have been so deeply touched by the wisdom of Osho’s words, that I have made a selection of Osho’s words, combining them with uplifting and harmonious music.

Mostly from his sannyasins (disciples) at that time.



General information about Osho



Osho Introduction



While Osho's teachings met with strong rejection in his home country during his lifetime, there has been a change in Indian public opinion since Osho's death. As early as 1991, an influential Indian newspaper counted Osho, among figures such as Gautama Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, among the ten people who had most changed India's destiny; in Osho's case, "by liberating the minds of future generations from the shackles of religiosity and conformism".


Osho is one of only two authors whose entire works have been placed in the Library of India's National Parliament in New Delhi (the other is Mahatma Gandhi).

Over 650 books are credited to Osho, expressing his views on all facets of human existence. His books are available in 55 different languages and have entered best-seller lists in such varied countries as Italy and South Korea.


The Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, is visited by 200,000 visitors annually and is one of the largest resorts of its kind in the world today.


Deva Deep's own experiences of being with Osho

How this website started and evolved

The law of God Action states:

When you follow the Law of God Action,

you will naturally use the law of attraction

to draw into your space everything you need

in every moment, without even trying to.


After my vision of Osho in the Sinai dessert, it is wonderful to see the chain of events that made this vision possible. I wanted to publish articles about Osho, but there was a strongly guarded copyright claim on all Osho publications. Furthermore, I  only had access to some of his books and almost no pictures of him.
I started with sending my "Osho with music" compilations to Osho radio/TV who were happy with it and broadcasted some of it. As a reply Osho radio/TV sent me many DVDs with videos and audio lectures of Osho.
During that same period I received the famous silver-platter which contains all Oshos books and a database to search it. I also found  a simple way to copy the texts out of the silver-platter (which was not possible in a normal way). Suddenly I had ALL the possibilities and access to this huge treasure of Osho’s wisdom. Finally I got a link to a great website full of Osho pictures. Isn’t amazing how everything works?


Then as the last necessarily step the Osho copyright claim was gone. Now there is no copyright anymore.   

See: Celebrate Friends!



A Homage to Buddha, Osho and other Masters

When the disciple is ready the Master will appear


Realizing all the blessings and teachings I have received throughout the ages from these great Beings.


(Guru Purnima 2010

at the Buddha part of this site)



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Divine Light

 A Vision of Divine Light

spreading all over the World


When you are inspired by some great purpose,

some extraordinary project,

all your thoughts break their bonds:

Your mind transcends limitations,

your consciousness expands in every direction,

and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.

Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive,

and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far

than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


Osho: And the flowers showered

One of the first books I read (in 1977 )of Osho has been: “And the flowers showered”.

I was struck as by lightning, it touched my soul and immediately I knew:  "I want to go to this man." In that time there was no New Age, no Internet, nothing easily available around me. So this book was a great treasure, which changed my life.

Thirty years later at one of the main power places on this earth in Champasak, Laos, the power source of the whole Khmer civilization, the flowers showered literally. At that moment I remembered this beautiful story of Osho. I was so deeply touched and so many things were revealed at that moment, that just to be sure I asked existence for a sign. Out of nothing monks appeared, made big fires and jumped through it. Words cannot describe this experience.

As homage to Osho I want to give a part of this story and Osho’s comments, because it has been so important in my life and somewhere not the start, but certainly an important acceleration of my spiritual journey.


The flowers showered again. Just after posting it on the Internet I got ‘by mistake’ a beautiful bouquet of white flowers (the same color and shape as the flowers in Champasak). I always get  such clear confirmations of existence. It is amazing and I feel very blessed by it.

The whole time spirit is one of creativity and celebration. It is a beautiful sunny spring, many flowers and trees blossoming everywhere. I live close to the largest flower fields in the whole world.


When I was making this part, the screensaver of my computer made this beautiful star.

I can't show the fantastic animation, this is just one frame out of it.

Being with a Master


Whenever there is a Master in the world a star is there. And those who are wise, they start feeling it, they start moving. Wherever that Master is, a star shines in the sky—and those who are a little sensitive, those who have any inner search to seek and find, they immediately become aware of the star and they start moving. From thousands and thousands of miles away they start moving, and they come to a place where the Master is.

When you have found that place, don't waver. Sadh sangat pitam ... in the Master you have found God himself. The Master is your future: that which you can become he has become. The Master is nothing but your own unfoldment: you are a seed, he is a flower. Let the Master become an invitation to you—the invitation for the inner spring, the invitation for the inner flower. The possibility is there, and unless that possibility becomes actual you will never be satisfied. Unless a man becomes God there is no benediction, no bliss. And each is a potential God, and the whole life is a task to transform the potential into the actual.

From Osho: the Divine melody chapter 5


How Osho became the Master of Deva Deep

(also Osho's horoscope)

Note this article is on the spiritual astrology part of this site




Osho's discourses as text and audio


Osho about the Guru-disciple relation and the qualities of a seeker


Osho about:

The Guru- Disciple Relation


Part I: The need for a Master


Part II: The Great Cosmic Play

(The qualities of a real Master)


With an audio answer on:

Osho are you really God?


A radical change in our way of living.

Osho: the qualities

of a sannyasin (seeker for truth)


On this website you can read a lot about the qualities you need on a spiritual journey into the inner world. Osho has his own unique contribution to this question. Osho created a new kind life conforming and creative sannyas (seeker for the truth).


Already in 1977 Osho has given his brilliant vision about the new men this world needs so desperately. And now many years later his vision of the new man is more important then ever. More and more people are awakening to the truth that our old way of living and old patterns only will lead to destruction of this planet. And the only real solution has to be a radical change in our way of living, nothing else will do.


The following three articles have been created for Osho’s birthday.

Warning this is a powerful combination, which can change or transform your life!

If you want to read them, then read them in this sequence.


1. From Robopathology to Enlightenment

Osho: Life has to be discovered, created, realised. If you don’t realise it you remain more or less a machine. That is one of the basic principles of Sufism: that man as he exists is a machine.

The machine has deceived itself into believing that it is conscious. Consciousness is a promise, but one has to explore it. It is a task. Consciousness is a possibility but you can miss it.

Note: this very important discourse is almost the opposite of the qualities of the seeker. Here Osho talks about the qualities of the robopath, a person whose pathology entails robot-like behaviour and existence. Continued below: Wasting your Live.

2. Wasting your Live

Gadgets go on accumulating and the soul goes on disappearing; machines go on growing and man goes on disappearing.

Greed is one of the most fundamental problems to be encountered. You have to see why you are greedy: because you want to keep yourself occupied with things. Possessing more and more you remain occupied, engaged. You can forget all about your inner world.

Note this is a continuation of From Robopathology to Enlightenment

3. Osho: Be realistic plan for a miracle


The sacred is adventure.

It is risky—but there is no other way to live.

Danger is the only dimension.


If you don't like anything, whatsoever it is, to remain in it even for a single moment is suicidal. Then whatsoever the risk, come out of it.

Because it is not only a question of coming out of it —it will release your energy, and you will be able to commit it somewhere else.

When you close one door, another opens. If you don't close this door, no other door opens —because it is the same energy which has to open the other door.


Osho about love, relatedness, friendliness, awareness


Osho has on many occasions spoken about

love, relatedness, friendliness, awareness.


For me these two discourses are the pinnacle of it:


The Beloved # 9. Osho speaks of the Baul mystics


The Divine Melody # 9. Discourses on Songs of KABIR.


And we are very blessed that we still can listen to these magnificent discourses.


Falling in Love versus Rising in Love


Osho has spoken a lot about love, relating and friendliness.

His unique vision dispelled many myths, which kept people captured and imprisoned in false beliefs and illusions, which of course can only end in frustration.

His Osho International commune in Poona, India has been a great human laboratory, where in many groups, sessions, meditations and practice a lot of insights were possible.

Osho made a clear distinction between falling in love (you become more unconsciousness, the hormones take it over) and rising in love (becoming more consciousness).


Osho: The Secret of Live

The Seagulls of Happiness


Osho the Seagulls of Happiness (the Secret of Life) has always been one of the most beloved discourses for me. Osho touches me so profoundly here as He paints in vivid colors a wonderful way of living. As Osho tells us:


For those who have attained to the here and now, the whole life starts showering flowers on them. Many things start happening which they never dreamed of.


When for the first time you are really relaxed in a meditative state, you cannot believe that life is so beautiful, so euphoric, such infinite bliss, such a sat-chit-anand; you cannot believe it! It is unbelievable.


Other topics


OSHO: Creativity


Creativity and the related concepts, such as inspiration and enthusiasm, are mentioned on several pages of this website. I experience them as very important in my life. They are from which everything I do come forth. Therefore I want to publish something more about this subject.

Osho has such a unique way in explaining things so simple and clearly and, at the same moment, so profound.

I have been blessed to stay several times for a long period in His ashram in Poona (1978-1981 and 1987-91).  Osho’s Buddhafield has always been brimming with so much creativity in so many fields. After Osho left his body, I have seen in some other spiritual communities (sangha's) that it are often the Osho disciples who do almost all the creative projects.

Without all these creative forces that Osho and his disciples generated and still are generating (together with others), this world would most probably already be destroyed. Osho also talks  in length about these destructive forces, the opposite of the creative forces. It looks like we are now in the ‘final battle’ between the light and the dark forces.

May Osho’s discourse inspire you and allow your creativity to blossom,

as He has done with mine.


Osho: What is there, is there

Dreams versus reality

Transcending the mind


Nothing has happened

And nothing will happen.

What is there, is there.


This is one of the most significant assertions ever made.


This is a tremendously significant sutra.

All the scriptures can be condensed in such a sutra.

If you can understand only these three lines,

there is no need to understand anything else.


Osho: changing the World

Many people feel the urge

to change and transform this world.


They feel also the need

to heal and help people.


Osho gives a clear direction how to do this and how to avoid the traps

in this transformation process


Osho about the Chakras

and a Map of the Mind:

From NO-mind to NO-mind

Man is a rainbow, all the seven colors together. That is his beauty and that is his problem too. Man is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional. His being is not simple, it is a great complexity. And out of that complexity is born the harmony we call God: the divine melody.

So the first thing to be understood about man is that man is not yet. Man is only a possibility, a potentiality. Man can be, man is a promise. The dog is, the rock is, the sun is... man can be. Hence the anxiety and anguish --one can miss too; there is no certainty. You may flower, you may not flower. Hence the shivering, the shaking, the trembling inside: "Who knows whether I will be able to do it or not?"


Osho's favorite book:

Sosan - Hsin Hsin Ming


It is such a beautiful book, each word is golden.

I cannot conceive of a single word

that could be deleted.

It is exactly that which is needed, required,

to say the truth.


Osho speaks about the Dhammapada


My talking on Buddha is not just a commentary:

 it is creating a bridge.

Buddha is one of the most important masters

who have ever existed on the earth

--incomparable, unique.

And if you can have a taste of his being,

you will be infinitely benefited, blessed.


Introduction to the Dhammapada

(at the Buddha part of this site)


Further readings:

A Selection of Osho Quotes


Osho Zen Tarot

The Transcendental game of Zen



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