woman who had it all
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The woman who had it all


Thi was 27 years old, freshly graduated from graduate school, living in sunny Santa Monica, in a loving long-term relationship, and happily employed. But, something was very wrong with this picture. She could not pinpoint it but knew she was not living up to her full potential. She felt like she was half-alive even though her social calendar said otherwise. She felt empty, direction less, and disconnected from Source. She started questioning everything: her choices in life, family, friends, relationship, and career. She sought a greater purpose than the life she led and traveled ten countries looking for answers in the ancient healing vortices. Traveling allowed her the opportunity to connect to her human family and offered time for self reflection. There must be more to life than this? What does it take for one to walk their spiritual path? Two car accidents in less than 3 months jolted her forward and left her body in excruciating pain. She looked for a spiritual bridge to bring her back and she found it when Tibetan monks came to Topanga Canyon to perform a healing ceremony called a Cho. She crossed her bridge and began her journey toward her spiritual home.


The journey inward


Thi explored yoga, meditation, breath (pranayama), acupuncture, qi-gong, gonging, nutrition, body work, and energy balancing to heal herself. She resisted the fate of Chronic Pain by refusing painkillers as her road to recovery. She journeyed inward to observe the patterns that subconsciously perpetuated pain and consciously chose not to continue them. She was adamant about choosing Dharma “righteous living” instead of getting caught up in the ebbs and flow of Karma. Stillness, shuniya, zero. In that silent, sacred space, all is revealed from the heart. Slowing the pace of her life and just “being” in the moment helped her realize the sources of her chaos, her own mind and deep seated patterns of emotions held in her subconscious. Healing is an inward journey she invites you all to go there. Let this be your Portal to Self-Transformation.


Thi Hoang

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