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The Dawning of the Wisdom Age 2012-2015


A Mayan, Aquarian Age, Astrological and Evolutionary Vision about 2012 and beyond.

Visions about what has happened, is happening and could happen on this planet


In this follow-up article the insights I got about 2012 and beyond, while visiting the Mayan sites, are given. These insights have been expanded from different sources with Aquarian Age (New-Age), astrological and evolutionary visions.


There are many predictions and prophesies about this time period, heated up by the ending of the Long count of the Mayan calendar at 21-12-2012.

It is really amazing to see how imaginative, creative and visionary the human mind is and how far we have already evolved. All this information and sometimes wisdom are easily available on the Internet. Indeed we are evolving to a global mind and we are now facing an important new step in the human evolution: how to use all this information wisely? Without wisdom, humankind will face a global crisis, as is already is happening in many fields. With applying wisdom the potentials are staggering and unimaginable in scope. Therefore it is all up to us.



The Mayan predictions for 2012 and beyond


(You can click on all the photos to enlarge them)


There have been many predictions and prophesies about this magical Mayan date of 21-12-2012. These predictions encompass the whole range from being a doomsday to a dawn of the wisdom age with an awakened humanity. Therefore I felt drawn and called to go to the Mayan sacred sites to see what would be revealed to me.


The essence of the 21-12-2012 Mayan message is that we live in a time of a quantum leap in consciousness, as has happened before on several occasions on this beautiful planet. The rate of everything is accelerating in this time, therefore we live in a wonderful moment in time, full of infinite possibilities. Everything is going very well. This marvellous creative intelligence has created so many galaxies, full of stars, planets and life in almost an infinite number of forms.. Why do you think it can't take care of our planet and of us, the ultimate flowering of this creative evolving intelligence on our planet?


Forget all these doomsday prophecies. Natural catastrophes, caused by the changes in the climate, will also accelerate because this is a 'run-away' process. But if we look back later, we will see how everything has brought us to this quantum leap in consciousness.

We know so much about this wonderful universe, I have seen the most exciting documentaries on special channels and now we have made another big jump by discovering the 'God particle'.


Forget also all the conspiracy theories e.g. about the Illuminati and other secret societies.

Many of these theories propose that world events are being controlled and manipulated by a secret society calling itself the Illuminati. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that many notable people were or are members of the Illuminati, such as certain Presidents of the United States and notable political figures.

Even if they exist they don't have any real power. Light easily dispels darkness, even if it is millennia old! This has been predicted by many Spiritual Master: if enough people have become awakened out of their dreams of duality (Maya!) and have become conscious, then a chain reaction will start. This is similar to a nuclear reaction, which can only start when a certain critical mass has been reached.

This is the other meaning of Maya: waking up from the illusion of the ego, duality and separation, called Maya in the Hindu spiritual tradition.



An Aquarian Age vision for 2011 and beyond


Note: this magical painting appeared by itself when opening an existing photo in a photo program.

11-11-11 The portal of the Aquarian Age


Now I let my anam cara Haridass Kaur/Thi Hoang tell some more. It is amazing how in tune she is and how wonderful this enhances these articles. Without she or me knowing what the other has written or would write.  This proves that this is an universal message to human kind and every one open to it can receive it.


We are at a pivotal point in Mother Earth's timeline. We are coming upon a critical hour where our consciousness must, and I repeat, MUST make a major leap forward. There is no way around it.



A Spiritual Tsunami

This is an introduction to the two next topics. As I wrote already on Synchro-Destiny: Living a wonderful life:

Google showed NOT the word "Google" on its website but a multi-coloured accelerating frequency wave, completely in tune with these three articles. On Google's website it is a fast moving animated wave and I just captured it in exactly the right position. I have never seen anything like this on Google and I use Google a lot.


The whole secret of living a life in tune with your destiny (synchro-destiny)


It is amazing and the main reason for mentioning this 'Google' wave here, is that Google contributed unknowingly so precisely to this article. And the whole secret of living a life in tune with your destiny (synchro-destiny) is to see the signs and feel what they have to tell.

Nothing is a coincidence, therefore everything that gets your attention like unusual, strange, weird or even miraculous is worth focusing on and attending to, and see what it has to say. In time you will become more skilful and then you will see that these kind of clues are there in abundance. They clearly lighten up your path to fulfil your divine purpose in this life.


------ The introduction to the astrological vision ------


So let's continue this topic now. First the introduction to the astrological vision. A wave has a frequency, its speed (the horizontal scale) and amplitude, how strong it is (the vertical scale). In the coming time period 2012-2015 the planets Uranus (change, new visions, creativity) and Pluto (power, transformation mostly by destruction) will cause a spiritual tsunami. Normally this Uranus-Pluto wave has three maxima, like a tidal wave. A lot of people didn't know that when they started to help people, after the first tsunami wave struck the coast in Asia 2004. But in the Uranus-Puto case this 'wave train' has even seven maxima, which can be also the case with tidal waves; they come in three huge ones and four smaller ones. In this astrological case Uranus is the high frequency and Pluto is the powerful amplitude.


An astrological vision for this special time period 2011-2015


Some of the Mayans have been great astrologers with a profound knowledge of the cosmic cycles. Therefore let us see what will be unfolding nowadays.

There are many studies, some even cover a time period from 600 BC till now, about the impact of the slow moving  outer planets, especially Uranus and Pluto, on what has and is happening on our planet.


The time period from mid-2011 till 2015 is strongly influenced by a powerful tense Pluto square Uranus aspect.  (Thanks to my new anam cara Henriette, a professional astrologer, who contributed to this part).

This square aspect will be seven times at its maximum between 2012 and 2015, normally that happens only three times. This is an exceptional occurrence. I found many interesting articles on the Internet about this powerful Pluto square Uranus aspect, it looks to be a hot topic, this article by Richard Giles is excellent:


The Electrical Dance of Uranus and Pluto. The Revolutionary Cycle...


Some quotations. (I added a few lines, given in cursive)

The electrical dance of the revolutionary Uranus and transformative Pluto outlines revolutionary phases in the development of human consciousness on a global scale. We are soon to enter the next stage of this cosmic quadrille.

Uranus's highest aspiration is liberation and transcendence from anything which confines, oppresses and limits. In science and technology, it manifests as innovation, allowing societies new freedom and liberation from the old.

Pluto is the raw, undiluted power pushing vital force into the centre of everything living. Pluto manifests as the need for survival and the will to power and procreation. Pluto is power, which makes life run, allowing each human to achieve the completeness of Uranus.

Pluto is also a strong force for transformation, mostly this transformation happens by breaking down old structures. Pluto is also correlated to natural disasters.


A possible massive consciousness shift


These two psychological giants, Pluto and Uranus will jolt together seven times in a full-on square aspect to each other in their lengthy solar orbits from 2012-2015 when it gets under way, coinciding exactly with the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and their 5,120 year cycle.

As the Long Count comes to an end in December 2012, we arrive at a time where there is a possible massive consciousness shift, which comes as the result of evolutionary changes experienced in the human race to that point. That consciousness shift unfolds over a period of time suggested by Carl Calleman in his book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness published in 2004. He proposes it takes from October 2011 until December 21st, 2012 to be revealed and the date of revelation energy October 28, 2011, is a beginning point for a 14 month shift time in people's perception of who and what they are. (October 28th has been the start of my Mayan spiritual journey, how amazing synchro-destiny works).

This fits neatly with the Uranus/Pluto square as in mid-2011 (when I decided to go to the Mayas), it's within one degree of orb and, by October, the two planets are moving towards their first squaring off in June 2012.


The original article by Richard Giles has been written around end 2007 (exact date is not given. Today (February 2012) it is easy to see how accurate his predictions have already been. Upheaval and revolutions in the Middle East, financial crisis, old systems crumbling down, the fascinating role of the Internet with all the new gadgets and the climate change with 2010-2011 the worst years on record of natural catastrophes and so on.


 ------ Introduction to the next part -------

As the 'Google' wave also clearly shows: its speed (frequency) is accelerating

and this is an important topic in the next part of this article.


What is amazing is that the key sentence I got for writing this article has been: Everything is accelerating.

This turned out to be a fascinating topic, which explains a lot of what is happening and will happen.


An evolutionary vision for 2012 and beyond:

The Dawning of the Wisdom Age




I did a lot of research on the Internet and the following article really stood out. It combines the scientific approach of extrapolation, statistics and mathematical modeling with a clear vision of our ever evolving future.

I love this combination of science and the creative intelligence, which is the Source of this accelerating evolution.


This is the original article, which is a chapter from Peter Russell's book: The Mystery of 2012

The book and the article are of course highly recommended. Peter Russell's website contains al lot of interesting information. For the busy ones, I give an excerpt, relevant to this page.


The next step in the evolution of intelligence:

the transition from amassing knowledge to developing wisdom.


The pace of life is forever speeding up. Technological breakthroughs spread through society in years rather than centuries. Calculations that would have taken decades are now made in minutes. Communication that used to take months happens in seconds. In almost every area of life, change is occurring faster and faster.


Evolving Intelligence


Knowledge is not the end-point of the evolution of intelligence. Many have pointed to a hierarchy of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Information can be defined as the patterns extracted from raw data. Knowledge is the generalization of information, applying findings to other situations. Wisdom determines how that knowledge is used. It involves discernment and evaluation: Is this decision for the better or worse? Will it help or hinder our future well-being?


Wake Up


At present, humanity has vast amounts of knowledge, but still very little wisdom. Without developing wisdom, it is most unlikely we will avoid catastrophe. As the inventor-philosopher, Buckminster Fuller repeatedly emphasized, we are facing our final evolutionary exam. Is the human species fit to survive? Can we wake up sufficiently so that we can use our prodigious powers for the good of all, and for that of many generations to come?


The next step in evolution of intelligence


When we awaken to our true nature, we are freed from a dependence on the external world both for our sense of self and our inner well-being. We become free to act with more intelligence and compassion, attending to the needs of the situation at hand rather than the needs of the ego. We can access the wisdom that lies deep within us all. This is the next step in evolution of intelligence: the transition from amassing knowledge to developing wisdom.


The dawning of a Wisdom Age


Because each new phase of evolving intelligence takes place in a fraction of the time of the previous phase, we can expect the dawning of a Wisdom Age to take place in years rather than decades. It will be standing on the shoulders of the Information Age. I also believe that change is possible. If we can develop the wisdom needed to navigate our way though these turbulent times safely, the potentials are staggering and unimaginable in scope. Let's put our hearts and minds to proving that we can pass Buckminster Fuller's final evolutionary exam, and become a truly magnificent species. We are, after all, our only hope.


Excerpt from Peter Russell's book: The Mystery of 2012 (Lay-out by Deva Deep)



"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

 Buckminster Fuller

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