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Self-Transformation begins

with cleaning out the closet!


Yep, you heard me right.

So, you want to be a spiritual being

who is conscious and awake?

Start cleaning up your closet.


What is it like to be a spiritual being?

I have been asked what is it like to be a spiritual being? First and foremost, it is about being an authentic being who wishes to bring great change and serve humanity with kindness, efficiency, and compassion. For me, it means to live MY truth. What is MY truth? It is that inner voice that speaks that I sometimes I hear but choose not to listen to. It is the inner voice that speaks up when I do something against my true nature. You know, you have that inner voice too. For instance, my friend asks me to do a favor and somehow I accept even though I know I am already overwhelmed but I didn't have the heart to say "no". Perhaps I didn't want to let my friend down. Either way I committed to doing something I really didn't want to. Over time, it wears me down, somehow I created this web of unhappy commitments. Time passes and this pattern repeats itself over and over. Then one day I find myself all wrapped up tight like a ball and the tiniest things set me off. I am emotion and reactionary. I feel like a sham and I am unhappy and depressed. I am full of tension because I am doing things I am not so proud of. That is not living MY truth. There is no more denying. I have seen the truth of the situation and I can't stand living the way I do. I gather all my strength and courage to speak up and try to free myself and I realize I just set off a huge bomb. Everything seems to explode in my face and all I can do is take a breath and watch my world crumble. A self demolition, if you will. As much as I love to create, the deconstruction is just as important. Being able to get out of the structures I have created takes some careful maneuvering and grace. Over the stretch of time and the unfolding of space, the dust begins to settle and the conflict resolves and evolves to a better understanding of me and my acceptance and willingness to live MY truth.

My life's goal

It is my goal to live a life so full of rich experiences, to take only pictures and to leave only footprints. I would like to live in such a way that there are no regrets. Ultimately, at the end of every day, I lay down and recount the day's activities. No one judges me as harshly as I judge myself. It is true, you are your own worst critic. My mind has a whole audience of remarks and comments. It is peace that I seek and how can peace be given a chance when my mind has an onslaught of comments? So, I figured it out, I have to take out the trash and start cleaning up. How can I clean up my act when I live in a pigpen. How do I keep my clothes white when I keep on playing in the mud? It's hard to be self reflecting when the mirror is so dull or is covered up with dust. So I begin clearing the cobwebs of the corners of my mind/room, removed the obstacles that obstructed the view of my mirror, and took a cloth and started polishing the surface. Now, there, finally, I can see myself.

It's time to CLEAN UP!

Do you think I liked what I saw? Not what I wanted to see at all. How could I let myself go like this? So, now I really can't run away from the mirror. I started cleaning up my room, my closet, my storage, my car, my office, my kitchen, my everything. You know how it is, you can't just clean one thing.... it creates such a stark difference to everything else that one is compelled to keep on cleaning. Before I knew it, I touched all the things I stored away and locked away in boxes for so long. It all came to surface and I finally dealt with them. There everything exploded and is exposed! Taken from the soon to be famous, rock opera, Junk, "One's man's junk is another mans' treasure... what brings me down brings another pleasure." I just started to let go, literally tossing things out clearing out the old and making room for the new. At first, it was such a scary thought..... cleaning up. Several trash bags and hours later, I emerge content. I find the experience rather transformative and therapeutic. I think I saved myself years of therapy and thousands of dollars!

Internal Cleaning

And it didn't stop there. Not only was I cleaning my home and the physical world, I took the cleansing internally. I took Dr. Sankey's Colon Cleansing Formula and Parasidal Formula. I started to clean out my intestines and letting go of some old (let's just call it) stuff. I started to write letters that ended relationships, I started to speak up for what injustices I felt. It was like a whole new and improved me came out. I simply couldn't stand it anymore. What no longer served me had to go, along with the old worn out shoes and out-of-fashion outfits. So, here was I was radiating a whole new frequency. My house is in tip-top condition, I know where everything is, nothing can hide from these wandering eyes. No more junk, all items were carefully picked. That way, I can say everything around me is a choice I've made. It is quite empowering. I highly suggest it.

Finer Frequency of the Heart

It takes an incredible amount of courage to live the life you dreamt of but I must admit once I started cleaning up my house, cleansing my body, organized my finances, I existed on a different plane. I wasn’t so concerned about surviving, I became more active in my planning and designing of my life. I took on a more active role in my destiny. It is as I can design my life, like I can create my own matrix! I call it living at a higher and more refined frequency. I noticed when I lived in accordance to my ideals, I slept better and more peacefully. Nothing kept me up at night, nothing. My friends are envious that as soon as my head hits my pillow, that I am out like a light bulb. There are no regrets, no remorse, no wisha/coulda/woulda. I really lived the best I could today. Did you live your best today? Sure I can buy a new mattress, cover the windows, block out the noise.... but sometimes, the disturbances are deeper than that. I have to ask myself, how am I being? Am I in accordance with my heart? It has to do with living that finer frequency of the heart, as my beloved Dr. Sankey reminds me.

The time has come to clean up and start living the life you were born to have.

Creatively co-creating with you,

Thi Hoang/Haridass Kaur

Sat Nam

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