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Wonderful Ways of the Wise Woman

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The Soul's Journey


After finishing the first part of this website in the beginning of 2009,  I went to Goa, India. It happened so many times in my life, but still it is always amazing how energies of a certain frequency find each other. Or in much simpler words: likes meet likes.

Floating in the nice warm seawater, I bumped into a woman. We started talking and it turned out that our chairs on the beach were next to each other.

Old souls immediately recognize each other and it has been wonderful sharing so many things together with Thi in the weeks I stayed in Goa.

I told her about my website and with her iphone we could look at it together at the beach. She showed me also her website: Infinite Goddess

 I invited her to write for my spiritual journeys website what she immediately did. And I am very happy with what she wrote, because it connects perfectly with that I had already written.



The woman who had it all


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Does the caterpillar know


that he can become a butterfly?

A common theme in several stories about embarking on a spiritual quest is that there comes a moment in your life that you question yourself: “is this all?” Mostly at the moment that you have it all on the physical plane. Without a moment of hesitation or looking back the courageous ones will start their journey. An enlightening example is the story of the Buddha, who left his palace where he had it all.

I don’t know what makes the difference but a certain category will go without a moment of hesitation on this spiritual quest when they hear this inner calling. Mostly leaving everything behind them, which anyhow doesn’t have any significance for them anymore. Others don‘t and become depressed, get a burnout, heart attack etc. Why some beings know this for sure and others not? Is this the decisive moment where the soul can take it over and will guide you further on your quest?

The story of Thi is a beautiful illustration of this knowing for sure. The rewards are immense: so many treasures to discover on your endless journey.


11-11-11 The portal of the Aquarian Age

We are at a pivotal point in Mother Earth's timeline. We are coming upon a critical hour where our consciousness must, and I repeat, MUST make a major leap forward. There is no way around it.

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Spiritual Excellence

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Thi’s spiritual journey is a fine example of welcoming the challenges of life. Spiritual practice (Sadhana, meditation) will connect you with the Source. Then the Source will decide where your potential is. You can relax at the Source, and it will take you to your very potential, expressed in spiritual excellence.

Spiritual excellence is simply becoming more Godlike, allowing Supreme Consciousness of the Supreme Self to radiate from within and to manifest on this plane called Earth. There is nothing greater, there is nothing more beautiful. How abstract and how profound.  And it exists within. Are you ready to go within and radiate your light and touch your Spiritual excellence?


Living in Complete Trust

Who is the One that created me? Where is He or She? The Divine Creator is everywhere and yet no where. There exists so many Sufi and Rumi poems that describe the Divine in this elusive way. About 4 years ago, I had this thought that If the One that created will take care of me, then I place my trust in the One. Of course, I did my part to show up and be present, but instead of all the intense planning and strategizing, I relaxed into the knowingness that each moment was perfect and that things do show up at the perfect time and space.


You created your own Matrix.
It’s time to WAKE UP!


It is time to wake up

and use your God given gifts

to uplift humanity.


I invite you to unconditionally love yourself

and in that space of love and trust,

allow you to be you~ Infinity.


You have always been light,

you are light now

and you will forever be light.


Sailing the seas of change

Today 7-7-2009 is GuruPurnima. A day we celebrate the blessed beings who has come to this planet to guide us. Guru means to lead us from darkness (ignorance) to light (enlightenment). And this beautiful expose: Sailing the seas of change is a perfect example of this.

Thi paints in vivid colors the great shift in consciousness from being occupied with our limited selves to serving the whole. She answers the question: What does this seemingly chaotic world needs the most?


Sitting silently

Doing nothing

The spring comes

And the grass grows by itself



Sit there and DO NOTHING



What I really like about Thi is here unique combination of profound spirituality and down to earth practicality. She really lives her spirituality, instead of only talking about it.
The following article is a striking example of this:

Self-Transformation begins
with cleaning out the closet!

Yep, you heard me right.
So, you want to be a spiritual being
who is conscious and awake?
Start cleaning up your closet.


The Divine Mother

Female view on the position of the women in India by Thi Hoang.

Thi Hoang is a woman from Vietnam, who has extensively travelled through many countries.
She shares here her vision about the position of the Indian women and gives suggestions to improve the situation.

(Published on my India website)



Thi is also involved with the rock opera JUNK

based on the music of a Swedish band called Brainpool.


 She has been the original investor and executive producer. This project has been four years in the making.


 It reminds me of Hair, because the ‘leitmotif’ is the same.


Thi Hoang website:

Infinite Goddess


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