The Soul's Journey
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The soul's journey

3-D LIFE and the dimensions of TIME and SPACE

I have travelled long and wide for no good reason. I thought I knew why but truly I can never know the why behind all of my questions. It is a mere human's mind that is trying to make sense or feel some sort of familiarity of the Cosmic Knowingness. I am following my intuition or the flow that is happening through me. I simply decide to listen to that inner voice that directs me even though my rational mind thinks otherwise. When I decided to heed that inner voice, I became calm and had faith and trust that all is perfect. I simply accepted. The mind wants to analyze, plan, organize, and project into the future. However, what is planned and what actually happens are two very distinct and different things. I can dream and then there is this thing called LIFE. Guru Singh once told me that the dimension of Time allows everything to happen (not at the same time) and dimension of Space allows everything to happen to everyone (so I don't take things personally).

Just knowing

My journey has taken me to many high powered, sacred, ancient civilizations around the world. I cannot tell you why other than an inkling or a strong urge to go. Once there, I am a typical tourist taking pictures and basking in the glory of the space. In my sleep and in my quiet moments, I feel the magic of the journey. In that quiet stillness of the heart all that is unknown is known. I have no questions, I JUST KNOW.
Know what? Know what I need to know. There is sublime peace, a sense of quiet satisfaction settles in. I feel like I have fulfilled a dream on some level. I become more and more complete. It's as if I am a puzzle that is still finding its pieces. Pieces I never knew I was missing until I arrived.

The journey of the Soul

It occurred to me that the Soul has its own journey this lifetime, a purpose, a mission it has to fulfill. A lesson it has to learn. Everyone present in my life at any given time is a messenger of some story to tell me or teach me something. I walk humbly in that knowing that I am not here as me (a mere human identity) but as a soul that is longing to complete its journey. Correspondingly, the Soul's Journey also has a Map. This soul has a map that it must follow to get to different levels of growth. Sometimes it happens in different locations. The soul grows and evolves in different places like a scavenger hunt; one travels places to learn things like when one leaves high school to attend university. I think of it as energy that needs to be exchanged. The location, the people are just as important, just go and see. I can never fully comprehend with my mere human brain, however, my heart is the ultimate litmus test. When I truly listen, I mean really listen, I know where I need to be. It is in the going or embarking on the journey that the soul grows and walks towards the lessons that await it. I become more and more peaceful. I invite you on your soul journey and to follow your soul map to unlock the soul's potential. The fabric of time and space will allow all to come to you.


I use to believe in Chaos and that the world was random however I am a big fan of Order, now. I believe there is a Universal Cosmic Order that is in place and there are locks on Time, meaning only certain things are meant to happen at certain times which follow the whole soul map and journey bit. In ancient astrology, there are certain windows and pockets of opportunities that happen as the heavenly bodies are in alignment. We, too, have certain windows in our lives to accomplish/experience things. If you resonate with these words, this frequency, then listen carefully....The TIME is NOW.

Divine infinite blessings,

Thi Hoang


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