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Deva Deep's Spiritual Journeys



Although I don’t plan it, my journeys always turn out to be spiritual. I feel guided by what I call the Infinite Intelligence of Existence, some will call it the Source, the Whole, the Creator, Buddha, God, Tao, the Unified Field, the Inner Voice or whatever you like to name it.


Inner voice

The main condition of embarking on a spiritual journey is to learn to listen to your inner voice AND act upon it accordingly. Even if it looks frightening or if it seems that your safe known world will be shaken. And that makes the whole difference: the ones who act according to their inner voice will find all kind of miracles happening on their path and their lives will be filled with joy, peace, love and a great sense of freedom. The ones who stay in their comfort zone and are so busy in their own world will not hear or ignore their inner voice. They will encounter all kind of problems and despite of all their material possessions they will never been fulfilled.

Ultimately listening to your inner voice will reveal your destiny in this life and you will become a co-creator with infinite possibilities.


Times of great change and transformation

The years until the end of 2012 are according to many sources "a time of great transformation". More and more people will catch this vibe and connect to this energy of the unified field that is surrounding them. In this way they will be helping with the great transformation of human kind.


I want to share with you the discoveries, insights, visions, revelations and lessons I have learned on some of these spiritual journeys.


This whole website started with a vision in the Sinai desert in Egypt. (see below)


On my next journey to India I have been touched by the plight of the Indian girls and women and decided to publish about it.


I took some audio books of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra with me, on my journey to a paradise island in Malaysia. In the midst of this paradise I have been deeply touched by the wisdom of these two spiritual teachers. Especially by the seven faces of intention of Wayne Dyer. I found that so important that I decided to share it with you in The Source – The Creative Intelligence. This article gives the basic principles behind the Creative Intelligence.


On my next journey to Morocco I was again saddened to see how less freedom there was for women but also that mosques could only be visited by Muslims. I have been hesitating to write about this, but a quote of Wayne Dyer inspired me to do so. From this quote the nine steps to fulfill your potential emerged. This is a practical guide how apply this in your life to raise your vibrational level.

In Lisbon I noticed strong visions, which translated them selves with passion into journeys into new territories. In this exploring energy (my name Deva Deep means in Chinese: explorer of the heavens and earth) several experiences and discoveries from my spiritual journeys created a synthesis, inspired also by Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and the Goddesses of Asia.

Visiting the sacred Maya sites on very special dates revealed much of the real prophesies for this special time. It also explains the principle of synchro-destiny: to be in tune (in synchronicity) with your destiny. It gives us the possibilities for a wonderful life.

I will give many examples of what I learned out of my spiritual journeys and applied in my life. I hope this will also be a stimulus for you too, to embark on this kind of journey. If you are already on a spiritual journey, I hope that you will get some hints about how to ‘navigate‘.  Some subjects will return on the different journeys, but that is how life is.


If you want to share anything or give feedback, that will be very welcome.




“Be a light unto yourself”

Without the courage to find your own unique way you will never reach anywhere.

One of the greatest contributions of Buddha to this world has been His saying: “Be a light unto yourself. Don’t be a believer, don’t believe what I am saying. Discover it for yourself!” And when my spiritual Master Osho gave the name Deva Deep to me, which means Divine Light, Lamp, he said exactly the same: “Remember the saying of Buddha: Be a light unto yourself”  This has always been a guiding light in my life. Going with the mass is easy. Finding your own unique individual way is much more difficult and takes a lot of courage, but is very rewarding.  Buddha also said: They shall reach the topmost height”.

Many years later I went to a satsang (people gathering to discover the truth) with ShantiMayi (a spiritual Master in the Sacha lineage). I was deeply touched by her profound wisdom. From deep inside a silent request came: “ShantiMayi please say my name”. At the end of the satsang she made a namaste (Indian greeting) in my direction and she said six times with a loud voice: “And the Buddha said: Be alight unto yourself”. This enhanced again the importance of this message for me. Later I have been blessed with making multimedia productions for ShantiMayi. I always felt the truth of: “to receive in order to share”, also highlighted in the Zohar (see later).


Great secrets are revealed now.

There are many publications about great secrets being revealed now. But these great secrets have always been revealed to the ones, who realize their True Nature. By knowing oneself one knows the whole. You can’t get these secrets from books, movies or scriptures. People will not recognize it or misunderstand it. In many cases the real meaning has been lost due to wrong interpretations and translations. The only way is to go on a spiritual journey yourself. For which you actually don’t have to travel anywhere. 

The function of all these publications is that you will get a taste of the unlimited possibilities, secrets and treasures waiting for you to be discovered. But there is no shortcut and even no guarantees that you will arrive or ‘get’ them. The journey is only fertile when the traveling it is undertaken by the Call of your Heart, yet we never know when Grace knocks at your door! The famous book of Paulo Coelho the Alchemist is a wonderful example of this. 


My journey in the Sinai, Egypt (November 2008)



The source of wisdom

During my  journey through Egypt, I had many revelations. But I will focus now on the last part of journey through the Sinai. I stayed in Dahab, a popular tourist beach and diving destination. Walking at night with the moon close to the planet Jupiter in the sky (a time of heightening of your intuition and consciousness) I felt already a certain kind of exiting energy: something was about to happen soon. And although I had walked the same street along the beach several times the nights before, I was drawn to a second hand bookstore, with many thousands of popular books, the kind people are reading during their holidays. I am not interested in looking at shops, but that night it was different. I went in and almost directly I found amidst all the popular novels an amazing book called:

The essential Zohar, the source of Kabbalistic wisdom by Rav P.S. Berg’

I have read many spiritual books about almost every spiritual concept/system and I have traveled to many sacred places mentioned in these books. Reading this book it turned out to be a genuine treasure of ancient wisdom. This book also directly connects to what is actually happening now on the planet. It contains accurate forecasts about these events and the great opportunity we have now again for regaining the lost paradise.


Moses, the golden calf and our materialistic world

A central part of the book describes the journey of Moses crossing with the Israelites through the Sinai dessert. This part covers the story about Moses climbing Mount Sinai and receiving not only the ten commandments, but much more was revealed to him. Coming back from Mount Sinai, Moses found that the Israelites are worshipping a golden calf, which Moses destroys and a great opportunity of transformation has been lost in that moment. According to the predictions in the Zohar: Now we are almost in the exact same situation and we have the same opportunity for transformation.


Just before I went to Egypt the same destruction of the golden calf happened again: Our financial world collapsed! A friend told me in January that on the 7th of October the financial world would collapse. This has been predicted a long time before by the same people who predicted 9/11, six months before it happened. Also now they have been dammed right.

A system based on egoistic impulses and greed can only create havoc and destruction of this beautiful planet we live on. Only a few people have all the money , whereas most people live in poverty or are ill, because they lack even the most basic health care.

On the spiritual journey one of the fundamental truths you will discover is: “We are One”. This automatically leads to taking care of others and your environment, because this is all you!!

One of the main teachings in the Zohar is: To receive in order to share’. Only when you will start giving and sharing from your heart you will find fulfillment, peace and joy. As the Torah says: “Do to others what you want to be done to yourself and don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to yourself”.

As soon as you loose your sense of separateness (ego) everything becomes so simple and natural and you see that we have the opportunity to transform this world into a beautiful paradise.

St. Catherine monastery / Mout Sinai – Burning bush

After having read this all in the Zohar book I actually went to the places where it all happened so long ago. God revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush. A green bush burning without the fire consuming it and today thousands of years later the same bush is still there as fresh as ever. People tried to plants shoots of it in the surroundings, but it don’t want to grow anywhere else.


In the adjacent Chapel of the Burning bush it is forbidden to take pictures, but I felt an okay to do it and with the camera just hanging on my belly I pushed the exposure lever, because guards were watching the people and this beautiful picture has been the result. Another central theme of the Zohar book is ‘the light of the Creator' and according to my feeling and the ones who have seen this picture already, it beautifully expresses this.

More pictures of the Sinai


Change HAS come to the World

Filled with all the wonderful experiences and revelations of this splendid sacred site I went to sleep and at night I woke up and got a beautiful vision of my spiritual Master Osho with an important message. This website is the consequence of that.

I woke up early at six o’clock and turned on the television. Exactly at that moment Obama received the votes he needed to be the next president of the US. Then  scenes of almost ecstatic people followed and scenes of Obama with his great speech: “Change has come to America”. This connected with all the other events and for me this was a sure sign: “Yes, we are going to change this world into a beautiful place”. The jump in consciousness we need so desperately is happening right now.

I was filled with joy watching all these magnificent events.



Back home this journey continued


If not now when?

I am interested in astrology, which is the most ancient science, practiced in almost every ancient civilization. As a scientist myself, I can prove with 99.99% certainty how accurate it is if you apply it in the right way. If people are doing something in the wrong way, it doesn’t prove that the subject is wrong,  it only proves that their methods are wrong.

So I looked back at home to my transits (which means the horoscope evolving in time) and exactly at that moment I had a Jupiter trine Uranus transit. That means access to new dimensions, to new visions. It is like a door that opens for you during a short period and you have the opportunity to walk through that door to discover new dimensions. After a certain time period that door closes again and you have to wait for many years to get such an opportunity again. And that means all the difference between an exiting, adventurous, fulfilling live in which you can creatively contribute to the greater whole of a boring, depressing life, dragging yourself to your grave. If you inner voice tells you to do something, don’t think: I can do it later, now I don’t have any time or I don't have the opportunity or I don't have the money and so on. It is really now or never. Having done so many horoscopes for people this is so obvious. More about spiritual astrolgy.

If you go with your inner voice and dedicate yourself to the greater whole miracles really can happen all the time and I am a witness of it! It is just a 180 degrees turn. From all the miserable “I, me, my stories and blaming the others around you”, you shift your attention to the greater whole and what you can contribute to that.


“You are creating your own world”

I hardly ever watch television, because I am so busy with designing (spiritual oriented) websites, coming forth from a deep urge in myself to share with this world all the beauty I see. As the Zohar expresses ‘To receive in order to share’. And here comes another cosmic law: how more you give unconditionally, how more you receive.

Suddenly I had the feeling to get all the digital TV channels, which are available. So I subscribed to them, turned on the TV and found an unknown channel called History. Just at that moment there was a great documentary about the Zohar and the importance of this book. For me a clear message to proceed in this way and if you are on the right path you will get these kind of clear messages all the time.

Several little miracles happened around it, also on the material plane. People often have the impression about spiritual people, that they float somewhere in the sky. But real spirituality is very practical. It is just living a natural easy life, in which everything happens on its own right time and everything is provided in abundance and with everything I mean really everything.

People limit themselves by thinking this is not possible, that is not possible, I can’t do this and so on and of course as a result then this manifest itself.


There have been a lot of publications in this field, such as the Secret and the Law of Attraction.

Buddha said it already 2500 years ago: “You are creating your own world”

One of the greatest contributions on this subject is the Law of God Action. This law I just found being back home and it expresses everything so beautifully. (See the bottom of this page for another quote of this law).


This "being at the right time at the right place" is also very easy when you are on a journey.

It simply means you are in tune with the energy around you and of course everything will happen beautifully out of that, as I have experienced so many times on my journeys.

To give one example, when I was in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia I wanted to go to the Batu caves, about 15km from Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is really a large but beautiful city, with hundreds of different bus lines. I just walked for about 10 minutes. When I stopped at the traffic lights, a bus stopped there with a door open. I asked the driver: "Batu caves?" And he said: “Yes”. When I arrived at the Batu caves a great festival was going on. Just during that day, there was a big celebration, because the tallest Murugan statue in the world was being inaugurated. A beautiful celebration and I could take many great pictures of this festival. A once in a lifetime happening and I was there!


The Moses Code

If you have read this whole article, you see a chain of events that has led me to the grand finale of this Moses journey. I was with Jivanjili, a spiritual Master and a long time fellow-traveler on the spiritual path. She wanted to know something about how to download music from newsgroups. Because I made a ‘mistake’ I came in a group with only a few movies, one called the Moses Code. At home I watched this movie and I was really stunned. This whole movie was a summary of all the events described before. It even started with the burning bush!!

It is centered around Moses and the name of God:

  •  Giving

  •  Oneness

  •  Destiny

And these are the main themes I wrote about.

It is an absolute fantastic movie which by far surpasses the first movie “The Secret” of the same director. But I feel this first movie was necessary. The fact that the book ‘the Moses Code’ is now already a bestseller and that this movie is also there, is for me a strong indication that the level of consciousness is rapidly rising on this planet. Yes: change has come to this planet and we are in the midst of it. We need every soul to make this transition: You too!


Me too?

Moses hesitates when God asks him to be His vehicle. He doesn’t feel worthy and has problems with his speech, but he has been chosen and this is his destiny. I felt the same when Osho asked me in the vision I got in the Sinai, to publish about these subjects. Because I know that there are already so many excellent articles, websites, books and movies. But after watching this Moses Code movie, it became absolute clear to me that everybody has to contribute in his own way and this is my contribution.


Osho Zen tarot

I always use this Tarot to get guidance on my spiritual path and every time this guidance is amazingly clear. Because it is a big step for me to write about my spiritual journeys, I took eight Osho Tarot cards, two Goddesses Tarot cards and one Past Life card. So eleven cards altogether.  The message was the same in all the cards. People often say: “I don’t believe in astrology, Tarot or any other spiritual matter”. And I always answer to them: “I do not believe in anything!” I examine something in a scientific way and look if and how it works. If it works for me I will use it, if not, it means this is not for me. But perhaps it can be helpful to others. So it must be clear, even to the most skeptical mind, that if I draw eleven almost identical cards out of  three different Tarot decks that there is NO chance this can be coincidence. (Note I have worked a lot with statistical methods, so I know a lot about testing probabilities). These three different Tarot decks contain the whole range of possibilities from the highest (The Master) till the lowest (Schizophrenia) and the cards I have drawn describes almost exactly were I am while designing this website.


I would like to give a few highlights of the most significant cards I got, also as an illustration how accurate this guidance can be:

4 of Fire: Participation (a picture of Tibetan double dorje, like a Mandala)

This mandala has a quality like that of the energy field that forms around a Buddha, where all the individuals taking part in the circle make a unique contribution to create a unified and vital whole. It is like a flower, whose wholeness is even more beautiful than the sum of its parts, at the same time enhancing the beauty of each individual petal.

You have an opportunity to participate with others now to make your contribution to creating something greater and more beautiful than each of you could manage alone. Your participation will not only nourish you, but will also contribute something precious to the whole.


Could not be more precise in any way. This is exactly what I feel.



III Creativity (This one of the most important, the so called Major Arcane, cards).

This is ‘my’ card, which I have drawn so many times already. It even starts with my name Deva Deep (Divine Light).

From the alchemy of fire and water below to the divine light entering from above, the figure in this card is literally 'possessed by' the creative force. Really, the experience of creativity is an entry into the mysterious. Technique, expertise and knowledge are just tools; the key is to abandon oneself to the energy that fuels the birth of all things. This energy has no form or structure, yet all the forms and structures come out of it.

The important thing is to be open to what wants to be expressed through you. Remember that we don't possess our creations; they do not belong to us. True creativity arises from a union with the divine, with the mystical and the unknowable. Then it is both a joy for the creator and a blessing to others.


King of fire: The Creator

The Zen master in this card is so integrated that there is no longer any difference between who he is inside and who he is in the world outside. He offers this gift of understanding and integration to all those who come to him, the gift of creative light that comes from the center of his being.

♦ The King of Fire tells us that anything that we undertake now, with the understanding that comes from maturity, will bring enrichment to our own lives and to the lives of others. Using whatever skills you have, whatever you have learned from your own life experience, it is time to express yourself.



The central theme of the Zohar is the Light of the Creator and this is also so beautifully reflected in these cards. The other cards I drew are saying more or less the same. Isn’t it really amazing how EVERYTHING fits together?


Osho has talked in depth on many occasions about creativity. He has always inspired me very much.

I have selected one of his outstanding lectures about creativity.



When I started making this spiritual journey website I thought: Oh my God, how must I do this? And I also knew that I had only three days to do it, because of my coming journey to India. But then I remembered what had happened with the first website I ever made: Pictures of Thailand. I was so touched by my journey through this beautiful Buddhist country that I wanted to share my pictures with the world. But I didn’t know anything about making websites. Friends of me followed very expensive courses, costing € 5000 and lasting a week. However, after finishing the course, they still had trouble making a website.

But as you know already I trust this little voice inside me and trust is an equal strong force as gratitude, it can accomplish everything as you will see.

I had the FrontPage web design program, downloaded a free short course from MicroSoft, studied that for an hour and started making my Thailand website. I just went effortlessly. When it was ready I was so happy about this creation that I said to a friend I will ask Lonely Planet to make a link to it. She laughed, because there are millions of websites about Thailand and Lonely planet makes only a few links to some excellent sites. But then the first miracle happened Lonely Planet was so enthusiastic about my website that they offered me to make little maps for my site in their graphic map design department and make the link I asked for. They had never done that before!

In no time my website became number 1 of millions of other websites in Google and many other search engines. After seven years it still is. So I have got millions of visitors from almost every nook and corner on this beautiful planet.

Money has never been important to me. I always did what I felt like doing in my life and the money always came, mostly much more then I needed. The power of trust is great!

This happened here also. I became a publisher for Google and I added AdSense on my Asia pictures site and every time somebody clicks on it I receive money. What you want more: Travel to beautiful countries, meet wonderful people, take pictures of that all and even receive money for it. Not only once, but month after month! The items I receive most money from are my pictures of Buddha statues and of Asia girls. This is a clear example of Shiva-Shakti, the male and female energies supporting each other (you can find more about this below).


Gratitude (Tears for God) – Focus of energy.

I have tears in my eyes now and feel a deep gratitude for all the blessings I receive.

It is another important point to count your blessings. To focus on all the beautiful gifts you have got in your life. And according to the law of attraction you will attract more of it in your life. A warning on this point, all this only happens if it comes out of your heart, your being. Tricks of the mind will not do, it only brings you farther away from yourself. The same with giving. If you give as a way to receive, it will not work either. It has to be an overflow from the abundance of your heart.

As I see it in my life happening: gratitude is a great force to create a life in abundance.

It is also important is to focus your energy, without that, nothing can happen. But it feels to me that this comes automatically. When I am open to the creative force, naturally enthusiasm (en Theos, being in God) and inspiration (being in the spirit) are happening. Of course meditation can be a great help to learn to focus your energy, like the famous and very effective Vipassana meditation, which Buddha has given us 2500 years ago. Just watching your breath.


Male – female energies. Shiva-Shakti. Soul Mates.

This is a subject that has always intrigued me and I even made a movie about it: The Cosmic dance of Shiva. Making this movie was a miracle in itself. Connected to this Shiva energy miracle after miracle happened. Even in the important beginning and end shots two suns appeared in the heavens. I have this all in the movie.

When Osho gave me my name, he told about the synthesis of Science-Meditation-Art.  This synthesis has happened all the time during the last thirty years in the multi media productions I have made like this Cosmic Dance of Shiva.

The Zohar book chapter 23 is devoted to soul mates. If a male and female put their energy together to create something for the whole then their energy multiplies. Together they can do things which are not possible on their own. It is a wonderful synthesis. And I am happy that I have found several goddesses in my life, which whom this kind of synthesis has been possible.

On Christmas Eve I told one of them, Ingrid-Imana, this whole story and we watched together the Moses code DVD. It was a wonderful evening and she inspired me to make this website. As I inspired her to make the part: “Lessons of life” on her Dutch website.


The Zohar also clearly mentions this Shiva-Shakti principle:

In our everyday lives we must experience God indirectly— through the emanations of His Light, and through the divine presence that Kabbalah identifies as the Shechinah. Shechinah is derived from the Hebrew verb shakhan (note: name is almost identical to Shakti), meaning "to dwell" or "to dwell within." Significantly, because gender is ascribed to verbs in Hebrew, the feminine nature of the Shechinah is evident in the word itself. The Shechinah is the female aspect of the Light. It is the energy of manifestation, and as such it is the expression of the Light that is closest to our physical realm.  (The Hebrew Goddess)


According to the Zohar women tend to complete their spiritual healing sooner and more easily than men, they are also more often freed from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth required of those who have not yet achieved their tikkun (spiritual healing).


Maria Magdalena has been Jesus closest disciple, his Shakti, and according to some sources even his wife (The Da Vinci code).  The Catholic Church made a prostitute out off her and almost completely removed the positive female aspect from the Bible and out of the hierarchy (except the wrongly interpreted Virgin Mother).  Even the Lord's prayer starts in the original Armenian - Peshitta version with Mother-Father of everything which has been created. And NOT with: Our Lord, who is in heavens. (Original: Awoehyn d’basmaya)
The problems coming forth out of unnatural forced celibacy are many as we all have read in the newspapers. A wise Master said: “trying to repress your sexuality, is like trying to stop a running train”. There is of course nothing against celibacy if it happens natural. Then you can transform your sexuality in creativity and love.

I have been really shocked when visiting the beautiful Goddess Isis temple at Philae, Aswan, Egypt. The Christians have destroyed her images, closed down this temple and even converted it into a church.

Real communication

Just after finishing writing this, Ingrid-Imana called me, just before leaving, to her Vipassana course. So I had the opportunity to share this part with her. An example how real connection works. We are so caught in all this electronic communication that the real communication: the heart to heart connections are almost forgotten. It turns out that another friend of me, who lives on Lesbos, is heading for the exact same place in India, where I will spend my first week and at the same time. So we will meet each other there, without having made any arrangements before. And in this way I have met so many friends and beautiful people in the world.

Another example: I had a kind of transit during which I could easily find a new spiritual friend c.q. soul mate. Sometimes this existence is playing jokes with me and sometimes I like  to joke with existence. I decided to hide myself and see what would happen. So I went to a sparsely populated, almost unknown island in Thailand, with hardly anybody around me. And exactly on the transit day Yamuna and Emma appeared out of the blue and we immediately connected on a deep level. This kind of connection doesn't need any time, you both immediately know. Both goddesses (like Ingrid-Imana), spiritual women. Emma just came from a four weeks Vipassana course in Myanmar. I hope I made it clear that in this way everything happens on his own right time, according to your transits. More info in spiritual astrology.

I could go to infinity and write a book with these kind of examples giving you a clear view that indeed miracles are possible and you too have the possibility to live a rich, joyous and fulfilling life.


Sense of awe and wonder

Many things I wrote about happen so often in my life that I could call them ‘normal’. But I never feel like that it is normal. Every time it happens I have this sense of awe and wonder. Life has always been an endless unfolding mystery for me and it looks that is has come to a crescendo now. Most probably caused by so many people coming in tune with this infinite intelligence and so many sources to drink from.

When I started this journey in the sixties there was nothing around me as a support. The generation I came from (the hippy generation) have all the astrological aspect of Uranus sextile Neptune (a new way of spirituality, love and creativity) in their birth horoscope. In this way they have been the pioneers for the New Man of the Age of Aquarius


Unlimited possibilities and energy.

I hope I have given you some impressions that there are unlimited possibilities of creation in your life. When you become a co-creator with this infinite intelligence which will so precisely guide you. The only thing you have to do is to listen to that small still voice inside and act accordingly to it, whatsoever the costs. When you read this, realize that you have already progressed a lot on this pathless spiritual path. As Osho expresses it so beautifully: "You are always arriving, although you never arrive".


I noticed working now for three days designing this website, from 9 o’clock in the morning, (with a few little breaks) till one o’clock at night (so for 16 hours) and just slept until six o’clock (5 hours), how fresh and full of energy I am. This is natural, because the energy available (like the possibilities), is unlimited, as long you are connected to the Source.


Due to several unexpected events in other person’s live, the space (time) was created for designing this website. By the same ‘twist of fate’ Christine, a friend of me, came to visit me for a two days. When she arrived I had just finished this website. English isn’t my native language. Christine works in field of international communications, therefore she is good in the English language. She immediately got the vibe and together we worked for six hours to correct this site. One more example how perfect everything is taken care of.


A great gift given to humanity

The Zohar expresses these unlimited possibilities in such an incredible magnificent way. This is for me one of the greatest gifts any spiritual tradition has ever given to humanity:

Humanity was endowed by the Creator with the power to influence and determine the very nature of the universe, from the quantum level to the birth and death of stars. The instrument of this great power is nothing more than our consciousness, and our realization of the capabilities that are within our grasp.


My spiritual journey in Egypt started with the pyramids and all the great temples. An example of these unlimited possibilities is what I wrote on my Egypt website. This famous picture below, represents for me the light of the Creator descending on mankind. It is full of symbols for the sensitive eye and spirit to conceive. (Click on the picture to enlarge it)

Ancient Egypt is a living monument and bears witness that there are always inspired individuals who accomplish great projects. Like the pharaohs inspired by their Gods. Or as some very ancient sources mention that the gods descended on earth. And if you look to the situation of the world 5000 years ago, it is indeed a miracle that such a great civilization blossomed so suddenly. If you are sensitive; nowadays you can still feel this magical power, when visiting these ancient sacred sites.
As the Unesco state this so beautifully: 'monuments bearing witness to man’s creative genius, his struggles, hopes, aspiration and vision of the world'.


When you follow the Law of God Action,

you will naturally use the law of attraction

to draw into your space everything you need

in every moment

without even trying to.


That is because the universe has a plan for you

and by aligning yourself with that plan,

you will synchronize your actions

with the divine flow of events.


You will find yourself doing the right thing

at the right time, in the right place

where the resources or opportunities you require

are already arranged to be there.

You simply step right in.


Quotation from Law of God Action by E.Tan


Deva Deep's spiritual journey continues: India Girls and Women

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