Seas of Change
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Sailing the Seas of Change



The shift


The mental shift from outer to inner landscape is badly needed at this time. As we become more and more aware of our perceived handicaps and limitations, we can acknowledge these old programming and choose to accept our infiniteness. Developing our own daily spiritual practice, meditating on silence, and listening within will ultimately free us.


Wake up and take responsibility for your actions


This world consists of many beings on multiple planes of existence, however, the most important ones are the ones physically walking on the earth. What the world needs most right now, is for the humans to wake up and take responsibility for their actions.


Moving into the 5th dimension


We are moving into the 5th dimension and into the Aquarian Age where we become conscious, compassionate, caring, and kind people.  It starts at home, in your heart, in your body, and in your daily life.  It is about taking care of yourself, your home, your bills, your family and friends. We build strong communities to uplift each other by serving one another to gain access to collective consciousness in order to tap into the Universal Oneness.  


The power of the Infinite


We recognize at this stage in the game of human evolution and planetary timeline, that we as individuals, can no longer act on our own as we are seemingly finite.  However, as we gather and unite, our unified energy field multiplies and magnifies. In this blown up field, the power of the Infinite will be channeled through us and be can be strong vehicles for the light to work through.  


Donít get caught up in the human drama of life


It doesn't work now as we doubt and get caught up in the human drama of life that we are suffering.  Stop your pain and suffering. It is time to step up and serve. If only we remembered who we really are (spiritual beings having a human experience), we would find it easier to forgive, forget, and move on. The Buddha warned us that living is suffering and we will face conflicts and crises on the planet.  


We must achieve our mission!


We came as spiritual beings for the sake of experience. It is my strong belief that we as souls, incarnated for a specific purpose.  We must achieve our mission! We came here to be victorious! As my Master Yogi Bhajan says, crises are willing to let you cross them so that they can keep on existing... Crises do come, they shall come, they will fight you.... Ad you will win, and they will let you win. The beauty of crises is they will let you win if you persist; because if crises don't let you win, then there is nothing to win.  The only way to win crises is to go into SILENCE and SMILE.


Sailing these seas of change


Life is duality/polarity. The trick it to not get caught up on either end but to walk the middle.  We feel everything and yet we are not controlled by our emotions. We can experience without being attached to the experience.  Learn the lesson and don't kill the messenger.  The only way to sail these seas of change is to remember who we are. We belong to the One. All things come from the One and returns to the One. To the Sat Nam, to the one whose name is TRUTH.


Infinitely Infinite,

Haridass Kaur


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