Sources of Wisdom
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Sources of Wisdom

Essential sources of wisdom from the wisdom traditions

 like the Zohar, the Tao Te Ching and Zen.


The Essential Zohar

The source of Kabbalistic wisdom


Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

The ultimate discourse on the nature of existence

and a new, 2500 years old, vision for the world.


Zen: Hsin Hsin Ming

The Hsin Hsin Ming, is one of the earliest and most influential Zen writings,

blending together Buddhist and Taoist teachings.


But also new insights how the Source is guiding us:


The Source manifesting itself in so many ways

The creative energy of the Universe

This whole website is about the Source, manifesting itself in so many ways.


Orbs-Plasma clouds (light Beings)

An introduction to the mysterious orb-plasma clouds phenomenon

and their message of hope for us.


Spiritual astrology / Spiritual horoscope

What is real spirituality seen from an astrological viewpoint?


Spiritual Astrology part II: The Cosmic Plan

The  Cosmic Plan indicates the right time and place for spiritual growth.


Life as a miracle

A scientific proof of the incredible infinite intelligence who guides our life.


In Visionary Art the vision and creativity

behind remarkable works of art are explored.


And some books/DVDs for further information:


The Law of Attraction

An inspiration that contribute to the current paradigm shift in consciousness.


The Moses Code

A powerful manifestation tool

The Source Spiritual astrology Zohar Tao Te Ching Visionary Art Orbs-Plasma clouds Zen Law of Attraction Moses Code