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The Orion Nebulae

Love Changes One And All


When we consider what we truly want,

and that desire leads us to our heart

then everything that you need to know

comes streaming into your awareness.


Be patient and tenacious,

the world is being initiated into

higher states of consciousness…


You are part of the circle of life.

To fearlessly open your heart,

is a leap into participation.


We are, right now, in the midst of

a shift in consciousness on this planet,

love and gratitude are the sure keys to success.


ShantiMayi's eBook


Something for everyone


No thing for no one


Passages and poems for awakening

Illustrated with beautiful photos

Design and layout Jivanjili


An eBook of 90 pages in pdf

(How to download)


You can also order it as a printed book



ShantiMayi in India 1998

ShantiMayi: The Blind Man Who Saw It All

One day in 1994 or 1995 I was sitting with Jivanjili in her garden en she asked a profound question: “I want to hear the voice of God” and profound questions are always answered by this infinite intelligent existence. I said to her: “let us go to the Osho meditation center in Amsterdam and watch an Osho video, perhaps your question will be answered then”. But there was no Osho video; a woman appeared who turned out to be this divine voice: ShantiMayi. She was for the first time in Holland and Jivanjili and I were immediately touched by her wisdom and we have seen her many times afterwards.
I have been blessed to be able to assist ShantiMayi spreading her divine message with websites and CD/DVD/video productions. This is a perfect example of what I wrote in the introduction: kindred souls always meet each other and the strong urge to share all the wisdom I received from her.
I have selected this story of ShantiMayi because it is a great example of a spiritual journey and “it is all in your eyes”. She said this one day to me and the truth of it is still resonating in my being.

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