Beautiful Beings
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Other Beautiful Beings:



How Emma and I met

Emma's great beginning


Emmaís journey is a beautiful and heart warming illustration of having the fearlessness to follow your inner voice and be dedicated to whatsoever it wants to lead you. Around your 35th there is a turning point in energy.

It starts to move from outwards to inwards. But Emma was 26 years old when she went to Myanmar for a holiday, but instead ending up doing Vipassana. To have such a strong divine guidance on such a young age is exceptional.

As Emma expressed it: she felt always guided and helped by existence. After her Vipassana course she walked straight into the arms of Yamuna and me on a magical spot on a beautiful island in Thailand.

Indeed existence cares for, supports and loves very much the ones who follow this divine guidance.

I love her story, because in her innocence there is so much in it, for the ones who can understand.





Yoga: The Unio Mystica

The morning after publishing a new version of this website (16-6-2009) I got an incredible present of this Infinite Intelligence. Something I dreamed about, but didnít exist, materialized suddenly.

In the evening I celebrated with Ingrid-Imana all the joy we experience in life and our friendship.

We realized also how immensely grateful we are to this existence which gives so abundantly if you are in tune with it. "This life a celebration of all the joy we have known".

The close cooperation with Ingrid-Imana is another fine example of Shiva-Shakti energy. She is a yoga-teacher like Yamuna and Thi Hoang. The website I have made for her contributed to expansion of her work as a yoga teacher. So much that she hadnít time to write for this website, because she gets so many requests for classes.

Therefore we decided to put a Yoga exercise the sun salutation on this website. Later more will follow.


Fly High in the Sky


Three years later (July 2012) and Ingrid has grown via Ingrid-Imana to her new name Imana.


It has been an amazing process of growth. Many women of Imana's generation have been conditioned to be sweet and nice. It is not easy to really go for what they want. Therefore the spiritual teachers have said: "this is the path of the spiritual warrior".


I have seen this process happening in several of my anam caras (spiritual friends) and I can only witness that this path is very rewarding. No one of them would ever want to go back to the golden cage they lived in. They have spread their wings and soar high in the sky. But again it takes courage, dedication and stamina.


As soon you start following your intuition, inner voice or spiritual guidance this creative intelligence will start helping you in many ways and everything becomes possible!




There are people behind the screens

 who deliver a significant support.

One of them is my friend Christine,

who is always there as I need her

for e.g. editing of an article.

Without planning, it happens just by itself

in a natural (Tao) way.

Being at the right time at the right place.


(Picture Christine with tiger in Thailand)


Erasmia- Sufis

Erasmia has been an introduction to a new and wonderful world, filled with oriental rhythms, Sufi whirling and belly dancing. In her dances, she is the symbol of feminine grace and seductive powers.

Meeting her in Osho's ashram in India and becoming friends has been an enrichment of my life. It connected me again to a mystic past as a Sufi and this has turned out to be an ongoing journey.

Meditation and Inner Ecstasy is the core of Sufism.

I have not written much about that on this website. Because this is all on the heart-soul level, which is almost impossible to express in words.


HenriŽtte's website (in Dutch):

 I have been blessed by meeting beautiful beings. Some have become anam cara's, others touched my heart for a short while, but still I can feel their presence. They all enriched my life.

And I am happy to have met HenriŽtte, who turned out to be a real gem.

We share two of my passions: photography and astrology. HenriŽtte is a fine professional astrologer with a deep understanding of human beings. You can not see more then you own degree of understanding or consciousness.

So whatsoever people see in you is mostly a refection of their own level of consciousness. I have seen that in several cases in my own life, but of course also in others.

Therefore it feels as a great gift that I have met somebody like HenriŽtte, who not only share some of the same passions with me but also can see in such depth who I really am. And visa versa.

This exchange of course stimulates and inspires both of us. And that is one of the main characteristics and blessings of  an anam cara. To give an example the last visit of HenriŽtte inspired me to a new and exiting creative way to express my talents and stimulated me to take an important step in the field of friendships.

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