Love changes
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Love Changes One And All


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Introduction: beyond just conceptual


Many ‘spiritual aspirants’ consider love to be a ‘concept’.

It is true that love is a concept, but so too is every impression, definition and action that we perceive and move through, while we journey though a lifetime on this planet.

Perhaps it is important here to recognize that the moment our parents’ sexual fluids mix, (ideally in the state of love) sparking a single cell manifestation, ‘

we (our earthly identity as to who are and who we shall be) are conceived’.

This magical action is called conception. Therefore it is clear that the rest of our lives are rooted in concepts.

Some concepts hinder us. Some propel us to greater heights when we embody them, so it is with love.

When the concept becomes an embodiment of incomprehensibility, it is then, actualized. Then, it is a direct experience, an expression of our ‘way of being’.

So it is with love, spiritual integrity, gratitude, self-inquiry and self-honesty. These spiritually significant concepts mature us and profoundly expand our awareness. Then, a concept is beyond, ‘just conceptual’.


Love Changes One And All


"God is love" - Sri Hasrajji Maharajji

"Love for the Self, this consciousness, ‘I am’, those who have understood this as the true love, have themselves become love. All has merged in them". - Nisargadatta Maharaj

"There is no remedy for love but to love more." - Henry David Thoreau

"Love is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

"Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts". - William Shakespeare /

"There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self" - Aldous Huxley:


Loves Profundity


Why do all Great Beings1, throughout history declare, somewhere in their teachings, that love is absolutely central to spiritual awakening?

It is because the experience of love expands our energetic field, silences our mind in wonder and clearly confirms our essential oneness within the seamless multiverse2.

 Love is a Divine3 window, through which we have a direct experience, an actualized realization, of the Great Mystery.

Love calls out to us from every experience, inward and outwardly, to enter love, life’s most insistent and consistent teaching.

We are and have been directed by those Great Masters, to ‘be keenly aware of this divine jewel that resides within our hearts. Love is a stirring of inner forces and brings our senses to a heightened state of appreciation for even the simplest of things. 

A heightened appreciation for our common experience naturally cascades into the awareness of grace, and an out-pouring of gratitude.

Gratitude opens our heart and creates a consciousness crescendo into oneness.

We feel it and we experience it, an energetic uplifting frequency, true openness. This may be very subtle or it may be very overwhelming. Whatever it is, it is beneficial to our soul and awakens us with a direct experience of the magnificence that surrounds us.

When we enter the energetic current of love, of gratitude, we are mirrored in our hearts… as boundless becoming, un-known, yet to be discovered, exquisite and uncomplicated. This is… our essential nature.


The Pathways are Countless


After all… (Considering the real-magic of love, gratitude, timeless echoes and the grandeur that surrounds us)

The topic of love is so deep and so multifaceted…

Last night, I laid the computer down and went outside into the darkness. The sky was filled with glimmer, like sequins sparkling on a black velvet evening gown.

Looking up at the moon, a tiny silver sliver hanging high amid the shinning stars. I talked to the stars, directing my attention to the star-gate of Orion. I asked, (I often speak with the stars): "where should I direct the reader… into these multi-layered dimensions of love?"

I waited and listened. Orion answered, “What kind of love is it that creates a stellar nursery, a tree, the sound of thunder, a drop of rain? What kind of love makes the sun shine in radiance creates the song of the ocean and potential in a seed?"

I have heard this beautiful elaboration from the heavenly bodies before…the same reminder. Then I knew where to go. Orion said: “remember, it is a time when we so urgently need to lift our frequency and clear our mind by living…rooted in our wide open heart. “

Thank You Orion.


Why is it so important at this time?


It is a time of great change on our planet. Don’t you feel it deep in your bones? I’m sure everyone does.

It is a time when the greatest opportunity awaits our decision as individuals as well as a species. It is a time for us to either; continue along the path of mental dullness, self-indulgence and ‘Self ’-negation and fear, or to step into a completely new way of being on here, on Earth.

Actually many of us see that the ‘New World’ is already here right now (within us). We just (when we choose, when you choose) need to step into it.

It is a time of great change. There is an opportunity for a mass awakening on our planet and it is occurring right now. There are hoards of clear-sighted people who are dedicated and involved in, a genuine mass awakening.

You may not think this is possible, considering the condition of humanity at this time, however… possibility is our greatest ally.


A new world, of a mass awakening


This view of a new world, of a mass awakening is upheld by ancient indigenous people such as the Mayans, the Kogi, the Queros of Peru, the Native Americans as well as contemporary visionaries, radical thinkers, cosmologists, astronomers and scientists world- wide.

The Mayan Calendar ends (the exact date is unsure) around 2012. The Mayan elders have stated that we are moving into a new world, a world of higher states of consciousness. 

They say that it’s not the end of this world, but a “new dawning of a new day, a new beginning”.  The systems that we have adhered to for so long are now completely exhausted, fragmented and dying. This antiquated system has never been supportive of life, true vision or creative insightfulness.

Now, at this time everything according to the old system is reducing to ash. And, out of the ash the phoenix is rising.  

Now, our “True Spirit” demands a change, attention, respect and expression.

Meeting thousands of people, while moving across the planet almost constantly, I see that many, many people are in fact deeply concerned. And, are excitedly involved in the expression of divine wisdom.

They are leaving an old way of divisiveness and entering an activated vision of our world, one that supports a universal revival of creative living. It is as though the ‘seed-idea’ of the sixties has spiritually matured and has deepened, as a real necessity rather than just a wild party. Although, I have to admit, the wild sixties was a very cool time. But, it was a squashed resonance at best.

In English the word revolution contains the word love, mirrored backwards within it.  That’s a hint isn’t it?


The wisdom of love


Let us consider what has kept us humans, from achieving a world where we can truly cultivate higher states of consciousness.

Why, have we, who are so creative, so resourceful and intelligently capable people, brought ourselves to the brink of obliteration? It is because we have traded in the wisdom of love for a preoccupation with fear. Love opens and reveals our unity, is creative, is creation itself, wise and beneficial for all.  It is the fabric of the universe…says Orion.

The indigenous people (thought they had their problems) could live on Earth for tens of thousands of years without disturbing it. Because they respected and loved the Earth, they lived well-considered lives. Being well considered, and respectful are qualities of love.


Our soul food and our inspiration


Fear suppresses our better judgment and divides us from one another and therefore we are easily controlled. Fear also creates distance in us, from our selves, each other and from our natural world.

We are as a species, very, very far from nature.

Nature reveals the inherent order of life, a display of genuine of cosmic love.

While standing in front of the roaring ocean, upon a magnificent beach on the Pacific Coast…it became evident to me that people go ‘way off balance’ because they don’t relate to nature.

We humans do not breathe fresh air, nor do we have time or even take time, to lie lazily in the tall grass, observing the shapes of passing clouds, sighing with an emotional release of appreciation. This natural experience is our soul food, our inspiration, our mental peace and our emotional balance.


Out of touch


We work too hard, too many hours, eat in front of the television, filling ourselves with political lies, deceitful images of smiling happy people buying things they don’t need. We are out of touch with our food, with how we affect each other and with an appreciation of life in general.

As a species, we feel lonely isolated fearful and tightly controlled, by markets, media and the onslaught of commercial imagery.

We spiritually miss the relationship and expression of nature’s powerful elegance. It lifts and strengthens our aspirations.

Instead, we live in a boxed-in world that makes us feel fearful of what’s outside the box, or even, what might jump into the box.

This constricts our confidence, like a mouse caught in a tight corner in presence of a few outrageously hungry cats. Fear makes us wither and wince at the thought of changing what we are accustom to…

Somehow, though we do feel like that mouse in our box…we have become accustom to it.

Therefore, our innovation as true creative visionaries, are for a large part, are left uncreated and unshared.

Fear splits or consciousness and fragments our minds.


Love is an experience of our wholeness


While love is an experience of our wholeness, integrating creative insight with intelligent action. In love we relate to each other in miraculous ways. To be really fair here, humanity is not a complete failure. There are great strides that human being have in fact made…so many, we couldn’t never begin to consider them in this article…but even so, we have come to the brink of extinction, through inconsideration, and short-sightedness. 

We all know this box so well. And, to get out of the box forever, we need to consider the sinking of a species. We all know deep inside that we must rise in consciousness, and therefore…foresight and creativity… if we’re going to move forward as a species at all.


What do you choose: love or fear?


We have forgotten that the stars appear every night in the heavens and that they have a voice and they listen. We have forgotten how to speak to the heavens and how to receive them.  Awakened people live in awe of our outer and inner worlds, beyond the confines of constriction.

Einstein once said “Two things inspire me to awe: the starry heavens and the moral universe within”.

Now people everywhere are reassessing what ‘freedom of being’ really means to us.

What it means to the future and those yet to come.

When you reflect on it, there are infinite expressions of love and infinite expressions of fear. Which environment do you choose for your life?

Regardless of the notions of choice and choice-less-ness, it is up to you. That is a wonderful thing! True choice-less-ness means, I can only love. Here, I am open, I am true, in integrity, in my power and I am helplessly in love. I can do nothing other than this. I have no choice.

This makes us strong, intuitive and intelligently confident. Everything else is indeed a choice.

Until you reach so far inside your heart that you can do nothing but be in the state of love, lifting the frequency of the planet…until then you do choose to or not to. 


The cross roads of humanity.


Here we are, at a cross roads, where humanity stands at this time.

Our world is changing and the whole of creation is inviting the human species to participate in shifting consciousness to higher frequencies of beneficial wise and open possibility by

eradicating fear by living freely in the heart.

Love is a Divine Window, through which we have a direct experience, an actualized realization, of the Great Mystery.

Love expands our energetic fields, silences our mind in wonder and clearly confirms our essential oneness within the seamless multiverse. Now is the time to be what you truly are, an expression of the Great Mystery’s pure love and unfathomable wisdom.

We find our way by commitment. When we consider what we truly want, and that desire leads us to our heart then everything that you need to know comes streaming into your awareness. Be patient and tenacious, the world is being initiated into higher states of consciousness… You are part of the circle of life. To fearlessly open your heart, is a leap into participation.

We are, right now, in the midst of a shift in consciousness on this planet, love and gratitude are the sure keys to success.

© 2010 ShantiMayi


*1 Buddha called love compassion, so to hold its essence in unifying energy rather than mistaking the lower expressions of dualistic neediness.

*2 An infinite realm of being or potential being of which the universe is regarded as a part or instance.

*3 Divine to me means, the indestructible inseparable undividable.

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