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 Jivanjili: stepping stones


On the spiritual journey there are several stepping stones, events like the beads on a mala which marks important points on this journey.


As the Buddha said: the way is found by travelling. You never know where it will lead to, but really you feel you have no choice then to go. It is this chain of events who will lead you step by step, guided by this infinite intelligent existence, to fulfillment of your ultimate potential.


Jivanjili’s stepping stones is an illuminating example of such a spiritual journey and the challenges you will encounter on it.


See also Jivanjili on YouTube


Jivanjili: There really is nothing to do

Existence had a tough job creating the possibility for Jivanjili and me to meet at the airport in Mumbai (then Bombay) India. Because Jivanjili went at the last moment with a taxi and I went 4 hours before with a bus. So two buses broke down, I was two times arrested, the last time at the airport and guarded by a soldier with a big gun. When I was released I walked into Jivanjili, who also came from Osho and that was the start of a long friendship and working together on many projects as we still do.

What I love about Jivanjili's story is the playfulness and the insights that are revealed to us when we are in a playful mood. Osho said many times: "Don't be serious, be sincere. Seriousness is a severe illness".


Partnership or Solitude?


“I can not marry you.

I can only marry you to God.

 I wish she finds God in him

and he finds God in her”.





What you truly are,

is unchanging, ungraspable, unspeakable,

unmoving and beyond comprehension.

The essence is same in all,

all pervasive, omnipresent

and resides in the silence of the Heart

beyond concepts.


Children and their Wisdom


We are the host of our children,

we are here to guide them,

support them

and love them unconditionally.

Simple? Yes it is.

What does it take?

It takes all! Nothing more, nothing less.


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