Visionary Art
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Visionary Art

Listen to her voice, hear it echo through creation.

(Tao Te Ching)


In Visionary Art the vision and creativity

behind remarkable works of art are explored.

Starting with how I experienced it in Lisbon.



Several metro stations in Lisbon are work of art themselves and I noticed art in many places, also in fine graffiti on walls. Many museums show great art. From the contemporary art, especially the visionary art of Nadir Alfonso has touched me. But also art works from artists who sold there paintings on the street. I also loved the new museum: museu do oriente: Orient Museum.


A closer look to Nadir Alfonso.


As always I have been guided on this spiritual journey. After being a few days in Lisbon, I felt drawn to Cascais, 40 min by train form Lisbon. There I found a museum, which contains recent paintings of Nadir Alfonso. I liked his original art, and the vision, passion and creativity behind it.

The next morning I just walked into Lisbon without any plan (I like doing that and see where I am guided to) and I discovered another museum, with a retrospective collection of Nadir Alfonso.

Again I admired his unique vision, creativity and the continuous evolvement of his art. Discovering and exploring new avenues the whole time.  To give one example of his vision:

The principles of beauty, proportion and order, chosen in the search for the goal, which is harmony, are tried out in new directions involving the mastery of the concepts of space and time.

Nadir Alfonso achieved international recognition early on in his career and currently holds many of his works in museums. His most famous works are the Cities series, which depict places all around the world. In 2010, being 90 years old, he is still actively painting.


The real nice thing is that  you are allowed to take photographs in museums, so I can show you his unique art.


Museu do oriente: Orient Museum.  Lisbon in Asia. Asia in Lisbon



Being so many times in Asia during the last 30 years and being interested in the Gods of Asia, it will not surprise you, that this Orient Museum has been another highlight. I loved it!

Housed in a former warehouse, Lisbon's Orient Museum is dedicated to Asian art with a special emphasis on the Portuguese presence in the East. Opened in 2008, it was the result of 30 million Euros of investment for the conversion of the building, which maintained the fašade.

The collection belongs to Portugal's Orient Foundation and includes Indo-Portuguese pieces, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian ceramics, textiles, furnishings, paintings, and masks.

A particularly strong collection is found in the Gods of Asia section, a selection from the vast Kwok On collection that was donated to the Orient Foundation, including Hindu and Buddhist pieces.


These examples, clearly show how vision and passion

express themselves as creativity and greatness.


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