Moses Code
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The Moses Code


Drew Heriot, the director of THE SECRET presents


Is it possible that nearly 3,500 years ago, Moses was given the secret for attracting everything you’ve ever desired? The Moses Code was first used to create some of the greatest miracles in the history of the world, but then it was hidden away, and only the highest initiates were allowed to practice it. In this book, James F. Twyman reveals the Code for the first time, showing how it can be used to create miracles in your life . . . and in the world. By practicing the principles presented within these pages, you’ll discover how you can integrate the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world into your own life.


At the very heart of the Moses Code is the true function and practice of the Law of Attraction. You may have been told that this Law is all about “getting” the things you want—things that you think will make your life more satisfying. But what if that’s just the first step, and cracking the Moses Code depends more on what you’re willing to “give” rather than “get.” That would mean that you have the power to create miracles in your life right now! It would also mean that you have the ability, even the responsibility, to use that power for more than just attracting money, a better car, or the perfect relationship. You’re here to use the power of Divinity itself to create a world based on the laws of compassion and peace. That’s the task that lies before us.

Travelling to sacred sites in Thailand at the end of 2006, I found all the bits and pieces of THE SECRET movie, the predecessor of the Moses Code movie. Starting with a beautiful book of Buddha's Dhammapada, 2500 years old, which explains the same basic laws as used later in THE SECRET movie. And it went on with articles in magazines I found while travelling. Back home a friend gave THE SECRET movie to me. It is probably no coincidence, that with The Secret movie before, exactly the same happened as with the Moses Code movie now. It really looks like these are important events happening in this time to raise the consciousness of humanity and it seems that I am in tune with this flow of energy.
I am very happy with this. Not that it brings anything new for me, because for me this is just such a natural and simple way of living, but for the people around me. For a long time I have felt like an alien. Because when I tried to talk with people about these cosmic laws most of them looked as if I was crazy. But I have been blessed having always a few fellow travelers, as I call them, around me, to share these insights.

The same happened as told on this website with the Moses Code DVD and I can only highly recommend this movie . There are several of my favorite teachers in this movie, like Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. He is so inspired and passionate. He also teaches in the Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness.

One quote from Michael Bernard Beckwith: "I believe that you're great, that there's something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life. Regardless of how young or old you think you might be. The moment you begin to 'think properly,' this something that's within you, this power within you that's greater than the world, it will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence. If you let it. Now that is what I know, for sure."

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