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Spiritual astrology /Spiritual horoscope


What is real spirituality?


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I asked Jivanjili in one of the YouTube videos I made for her: “What is real spirituality” and on an absolute (non dual) level she gives a beautiful answer. But I will answer this question now on the relative (dual) level. Because that is, where most people are living.

There are so many people nowadays fascinated with healing, new age, spirituality, masters, Gurus and so on. But it looks like that real spiritual people are rare among them. I define spirituality as the potential to transform yourself and the world around you into more harmony, beauty, freedom, creativity, peace and so on and ultimately to realize your full potential.

Osho in several lectures mentioned that out of the 100,000 people who came to him, only one turned out to be a real disciple, with the potential to reach the ultimate. It looks like most so called spiritual people don’t even understand the most basic psychology (Dr. Phil level) and have all kinds of problems. No nourishing relations, no job in which they can use their talents, money problems and so on. It seems like their so called spirituality is more like an escape from reality, which is too difficult to cope with for them.

And then we have the of course the spiritual ego category (Osho called it the most poisonous and difficult to get rid of). The ‘holier then thou’ types.

The real ones are easy to recognize. They turned their energy from being occupied with all the “I, me, mine” stories/problems to “What can I contribute to the whole”. They live the essential quality, mentioned already often on this site: “to receive in order to share”. They live the law of God action.


An inconvenient truth


This whole new age, healing and spiritual wave is pushed on by many publications who suggest that everybody has the potential to create everything you want (The Secret), heal yourself and others, or reach the ultimate. A good observer will see that the opposite is mostly the case. Basically the law of attraction is completely right: you will attract the events or persons in your life according to your vibrational level (energy, resonance). So as long as your resonance level doesn’t change you can visualize or desire whatever you want, you will attract events or persons according to your energy.

And now I come to astrology. Because astrology done in the right way (which only gifted astrologers can) can give a clear indication of your potential or your challenges to encounter.  If your horoscope has MANY good indications (which are rare) then there is the possibility to unfold your full potential and become the one who acts according to the law of God creation. But if certain karmic patterns indicate the opposite, you can only live out this karma and hope for the better in a next life. I have not seen anyone coming really free from this kind of difficult karmic pattern.


Spiritual potential


In the following section I will indicate clearly the conditions necessary in your horoscope to be the blessed one with a very good karma so you can unfold your potential in this life time. I did research on many horoscopes of spiritual people around me, also of famous composers, spiritual teachers, and great artists and so on. And the picture that comes out is univocal. Of course there can always be an exception of any rule, but I have not seen that in the many horoscopes I have made.

 So there is a very clear correlation between your birth horoscope and your spiritual potential. Astrology can also clearly indicate who are your soul mates (sisters/friends).




Astrology has been the oldest science. The ancients looking at the stars above them felt their influence and infinity. In the ancient great civilizations, like Egypt and the Mayas, astrology played always an important role. As a scientist I will prove with 100% certainty, how accurate method astrology is to give an impression of the potential, talents, possibilities, but also about the lessons to learn and the challenges we will encounter. But of course this is only true if astrology is done in a scientific way.




Personal/impersonal planets

I will start with some basic astrology. To keep it short, if I speak about the planets I mean of course the sun, moon and the planets. We have the so called personal or inner planets: the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. They are called personal planets, because they move quickly (especially the moon) so their position in your chart depends a lot on your moment of birth. Then we have the impersonal or outer planets (the big ones): Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They move slowly, so their position depends not much on your time and place of birth.


The star signs

The position of your personal planets in their star sign describes some of your basic potential and challenges. A certain star sign can enhance the energy of a planet or block it more or less.  You will understand that it is therefore important to have the best possible (so called exalted) positions for some of them, especially for the sun (Aries), Venus (Pisces) and Mars (Capricorn).


The energy between the planets.


As in real life between friends, planets can enhance each other energy or, like with enemies, block or harm it. There are harmonic aspects, which enhance the quality of both planets and disharmonic aspects that demises the energy of the planets involved. As Pythagoras already discovered, it is the same with music. Some notes make an accord and some notes sound terrible together. There is one rare very favorable aspect: I will call it the pyramid, triangle or synthesis aspect in which at least three planets are combining their energy in a beautiful way. A kind of super Shiva-Shakti. In the horoscope drawing it is the combination of the two blue lines (sextiles) and one green line (trine)

Almost all the real spiritual people, who I have met, have this pyramid energy pattern in their horoscope.

The meeting of these people is on itself already a kind of miracle. Because there are 3, 4 or sometimes even 5 planets involved in this pyramid (triangle) aspect. Because all the planets are moving all the time, it is rare that a person has this aspect in his/her horoscope. And here comes the law of attraction again. Because I have it also in my horoscope I will attract the people with the same aspect and almost all of my soul sisters and spiritual friends have it. Such a clear proof how precise the law of attraction works and how precise astrology is. Would this be coincidence or astrology not a science the chance of this to happen would be 1 of possibilities

It is possible to make a so called composite horoscope, which indicates the energy between two beings. I have done this for many couples and again done in the right way an absolute reliable method. Doing this for all my spiritual friends now it becomes even more miraculous, there we have the same magic pyramid again in our composite horoscope and more very favorable aspects (I will not go into more details here) who indicate clearly a deep spiritual connection.



The horoscope unfolding in time is called the transits. In this case the planets that are actually in the sky make a certain aspect with one or more planets in your horoscope. As I told before I had a kind of transit during which I could easily find a new spiritual friend c.q. soul mate. Sometimes this existence is playing jokes with me and sometimes I like to joke with existence. I decided to hide myself and see what would happen. So I went to a sparsely populated, almost unknown island in Thailand, with hardly anybody around me. And exactly on the transit day Yamuna and Emma appeared out of the blue and we immediately connected on a deep level. This kind of connection doesn't need any time, you both immediately know.

So not only find beings, with this kind of rare energy, each other, even on an almost uninhabited island, but also at exactly at the time predicted by the transits. Now we have even a chance of coincidence of ZERO! You see life is miraculous even if you look at it from a scientific viewpoint.


The planets themselves


The energy of the outer planets is much stronger then your own personal energy. So a good harmonic connection between them and your personal planets is very important. Else their energy can just take over and you will do or say things, you later will regret, in this way harming yourself and others. Harmonic aspects, especially the pyramid aspect can connect the universal energy of the outer planets with your personal planets in a very favorable way.



Uranus is the most important outer planet. It can give you creativity, a deep sense of freedom, originality, a connection with the universal Mind, the feeling of Oneness, wanting to contribute and share with humanity, an adventurous and exploring mind, wanting to do new things, love for change, sometimes foresight and vision, to call some of the blessings. It will not surprise you that I have my pyramid aspect with Uranus, Venus and Mars, the last two in their exalted (best) position. Else of course I could not do what I do now.

Disharmonious aspects with Uranus will create a chaotic mind, or sudden mood changes or temper. This kind of people have all kind of wild plans and ideas,  but find it difficult to manifest them. It is a very restless energy. To my surprise, when I did short horoscopes at paranormal/new-age fairs, many new-age women had this disharmonious Uranus aspect. This of course explains a lot. They got somehow the vibe of Uranus but cannot handle it properly.


Uranus can be seen as the Universal Mind

or the Creative Intelligence of the Universe


Read more about the importance of Uranus in

Can everybody grow? Dr. Wayne Dyer horoscope



Like Sun-Moon and Venus-Mars also Saturn-Uranus are a pair of opposites.

In good aspects Saturn gives stability, endurance, organization talent, methodology, finishing your tasks, stamina, determination, and ancient wisdom and so on. Good Saturn aspects are a necessity to manifest things on the physical plane and can be 'life saving' in horoscopes with a lot of Neptune energy. In difficult aspects Saturn is THE blocker of energy. People with this kind of disharmonious aspect have a really hard life, in which everything goes the hard way. It is often karmic, especially in connection with the moon, which makes it very difficult to overcome.



Neptune is in its harmonic aspects THE planet of spirituality. The ocean of cosmic love, oneness, infinity, dissolving into the absolute. Also access to unknown dimensions and so on.

In its disharmonic aspects people drown in the ocean of alcohol or drugs. They spend their time day dreaming, fantasizing making all kinds of unrealistic dreamlike plans or simply have no idea what to do with their lives. Oftentimes they are trying to escape from their harsh live with all kind of ‘drugs’, pseudo spirituality or fantasies. Often these are very sad like the one of  a young woman who spent all her time connected with angels and doing a lot of healings and then died a slow death at a young age from a brain tumor.



Pluto is the most difficult planet to handle. This energy is so powerful like the Goddess Kali. But in very good aspects it is the planet of deep transformation, mostly first by demolishing all the old and rotten. People who have gone through this kind of transformation can be good therapists.

In the disharmonious aspects Pluto is a devastating planet. We see a lot of Pluto energy on this planet now. Terrorists, wars, destruction of this planet and species, power struggle, weapons of mass destruction and so on. Hindus call it the Kali Yuga.

Especially the difficult aspects to the moon in a horoscope create big problems. Although it appears (because the moon moves so quickly), about 1 out of 100 persons in a horoscope, about 80 out of 100 people, who had problems and needed help, had this aspect.

Difficult Pluto-Moon or Pluto-sun transits can also create a lot of havoc in your life and you can even die under them as I have seen. But having myself the most difficult and strong Pluto-Moon transit on one of my spiritual journeys, I have proofed that you can also use this energy on a much higher level for transformation. Of course you are then in the center of the cyclone in the midst of this tremendous force. A bomb exploded close to the hotel I was in. The train I want to take, but missed, collided with another train with many people dead and wounded. A devastating storm (the strongest in 100 years) went over my country (Moon can also mean your house, hotel and even a train as a kind of temporary shelter) ), but my house has been unharmed. So you are never a victim of anything in your horoscope. There is always the possibility to transcend any energy to a higher level. Is that not the whole alchemy of life? Is that not the reason why our soul sought these situations?



Jupiter is almost always a favorable planet, especially in the harmonious aspects it stands for expansion of consciousness, spiritual growth, the spiritual master, celebration, joy, protection of the Gods, travel to exotic cultures and sacred places.

In the difficult aspects we have the shopaholic, the too big spender, and the overoptimistic one.


No aspects with a certain outer planet.

This means the energy of this planet will not be available to you. During strong transits to such a planet you can hardly handle this planet's influence  in your life. For real spirituality favorable aspects with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn are absolutely necessary.


Exalted (best) positions

A short explanation  why this is so important for the most important positions.

Sun in Aries. Sun is what you want to express of yourself in the world. The ruler of Aries is Mars, the planet of action. Therefore this position is the best one to express yourself into the world. Aries add the quality of fire, initiative, natural leadership and inspiration of others to it.

Venus in Pisces add the Neptune quality to Venus, the planet of love, relations, art, beauty and harmony. This makes it possible to experience all these qualities on the Neptune (cosmic) level.

Mars in Capricorn add the Saturn qualities to Mars, the planet of action. This is a perfect combination, because Saturn has all the qualities to bring action into the world.



People with strong outer planet influences are different from the so called normal people. They will often feel as aliens, because they are tuned to these higher and finer frequencies. Most men have no idea how to 'handle' these kinds of women as I have heard in so many stories. Real spiritual women look to be more advanced then most men. We speak often about 'Goddesses,' but mostly never about 'Gods'.


Illustration of the main aspects of spiritual astrology with the horoscope of Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton is one of the greatest geniuses, therefore it will be very interesting to have a look at his horoscope. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Looking at his horoscope we see the amazing number of three pyramid aspects with Sun-Uranus-Jupiter, Sun-Uranus-Saturn and Jupiter-Saturn-Mars. If you combine it with what I have written before, you can see this is a wonderful combination, which I have never seen before.

According to my astrological knowledge this explains already everything. There are more goodies in Newton's horoscope like the T-square between Venus (in Aquarius, ruler Uranus) and Neptune-Pluto, the same Venus beautiful connected with his moon (trine) and Mercurius (sextile).

I can only say yes Newton had the whole cosmic energy with him and he used it very well and changed our whole understanding of the cosmos and many more subjects. I have seen these aspects of Mars-Uranus and/or Sun-Uranus in many visionary and creative  people, like Steve Jobs, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and so on.


Higher aspects

For real spiritual people (especially the ones with the pyramid aspect) the higher harmonic aspects (H5, H7 and H9) can open new dimensions for them.

And I am happy to see these kinds of harmonics in the horoscopes of my spiritual friends / soul sisters.

H5 gives mind power,  the possibility to manifest almost everything you want.

H7 gives excellent creativity.

H9 indicates a spiritual Master.


A circle can’t be a square at the same time. So it is with the higher aspects. This is one of the secrets of a soul connection. Like Thi has very strong beautiful 9th harmonics between four planets. This means in her case she can easily communicate (write/speak/teach) spirituality to people as she has proven with her life and by writing so much in such a short time for this website. I have strong 7th harmonics and very strong 5th harmonics. This means I can bring her message in a creative way to the world and this is what is happening just now. Of course also with other spiritual friends.


Other systems of astrology

As you understand I could give only some highlights, connected to spirituality in the summary. Many aspects are not touched.

There are many more systems, like the Vedic, Burmese and Chinese astrology, but only the human design system makes sense to me. Although their approach differs strongly, they see clearly my pyramid aspect and the combined higher harmonics as the most important in their own way. I got the following description of them: In Human Design terms you are, just as the founder of Human design here to be a clarion. Somebody who awakens the crowds. As an intuitive generator are you here to be asked, together with your inspiring, unique and stimulating way of thinking, with conviction on a healthy base, to do this.



I hope I have made it clear how many conditions there are for living real spirituality and that only rare beings have that. They are the gifted, creative, spiritual people who guide us and are a living example. It has been always only these few, in the midst of the masses of humanlike beings, who have changed the course of humanity, inspired many, created great art or great monuments as a sign of human genius. But ultimately we have all this potential. As Osho said every river will at the end reach the ocean. We are already so many lives in this vast universe. Some are ancient souls, other just incarnated from a previous life being an ape. This explains the great difference between humans. But again every river will in the end reach the ocean. It takes a little time or many lives. But in infinity what is time anyhow? Just another concept in this play in consciousness as all the things I wrote before.  On the absolute level this all will just evaporate into nothingness. And here I come back to Jivanjili at the beginning of this article and with that this circle is again complete.


Note: as usual an immediate confirmation of existence. In my letterbox fell a magazine from the World Nature foundation: Who will stand for ape, if they have later disappeared? (Literally translation from Dutch)


Is their hope for the ones, who don’t have these favorable horoscopes?


I am very happy with the reaction of Thi: yes, you are a myth buster, but it had to be done. We are blindly following a hype or a scam. How will they know? They must follow their hearts and tap into the knowingness. So, what do you recommend for those who do not have higher harmonics in their chart and who do not have the constellation of the Blessed one? Is there hope for them? Loved it! Great job my soul brother....


I want to answer this question. Ultimately everything can be transcended. Only for some people it is much easier then others, according to their karma or horoscope. On many places on this website there are clear hints how to proceed. A summary of the most important are:

In Love and Light


Deva Deep



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