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The Source manifesting itself in so many ways

The creative energy of the Universe


This whole website is about the Source, manifesting itself in so many ways. It is the creative energy of the Universe. I saw a TV series about the Universe and I watched in awe and wonder this infinite creative intelligence expanding and expanding.

In this moment of time we are at the threshold of another expansion of this amazing force.


The Gayatri Mantra


But let I start my own subjective experience of the Source. The oldest expression I know is the Gayatri Mantra, which is said to be older then our solar system:


Throughout all realms of experience, ‘That’ essential nature illuminating existence is the adorable One. May all beings perceive through subtle and meditative intellect, the magnificent brilliance of enlightened awareness.


It is clearly why this is such a powerful mantra, because it is an invocation of this Source.


Strong experiences of the Source


Being in Egypt I had several strong experiences of the Source, which has been the beginning of this spiritual journeys website. It is easy to see how powerful the influence of the Source in Egypt has been, as you see the magnificent temples and pyramids built there, thousands of years ago.

This picture, which I took in Egypt, is a great expression of the Source and full of symbols, which will reveal itself to you, if you are open for it. The hieroglyphs are the first script of humankind and indicated a big jump in consciousness. Now we could write, so much more became possible.


Connecting with the Source


Every time someone consciously connects with the Source and in this way becomes a co-creator with the Source religion, art and science blossomed. As in the golden ages of many civilizations. I use the expression consciously connect with the Source, because you are always connected with the Source, better to say you are one of the many manifestations of this Source. (Words are inadequate to express a non-dual reality).

But you can live in the illusion of the ego (this is what Maya is) and see you self as a separate entity. This is of course the root cause of all the trouble in your life and in this world.

The most essential Koan (question which can only be answered existentially, not intellectually) is: “Whom am I?” I did a week long intensive with this question and it was amazing revealing and enlightening. Answering this question is the most important thing to do in this life, everything else will come forth out of it. But that will be no more your doing.


Oneness with the Source <–> blind believers


In the Sinai, many things were revealed to me. I found also a copy of the Zohar, which on several pages gives a very good description of the Source. The Zohar calls it the Creator, as other religions have called it: God, Jaweh, Allah, Tao, Buddha and so on. These are all different names for THAT which can only be the One. And every one, who has experienced this oneness with the Source, will agree with this. It are only the blind believers who are creating all the problems, living in the illusion that their God is the only right God and all the others wrong and therefore can be easily killed or blow up into pieces. How blind you must be to kill, in the name of your God, innocent children and women. This is of course the farthest away you can go from the Source. But even that can be necessary to make the next big jump in consciousness in this time. Darkness enhances the presence of light.

Also the contra reactions are mostly unconscious. No war against …… as the war against terror or the war against drugs has ever worked. (Now 10-2009 Afghanistan is fighting and producing opium on a scale as never before). As the Buddha said in the Dhammapada verse 5 (and all the other enlightened masters in their own way): In this world hate never yet dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate. This is the law, ancient and inexhaustible”.


Yes we can!


More and more people are tuning into the Source, because they are seeing that this old way of living (what can I get, I, me, my) is only bringing global destruction. Every intelligent being is seeing now the fact that we have to radically change our perception and see that indeed we are One and we are a manifestation of this Source. In this way we can become co-creators with this Source. The people who are one with this Source have such an incredible potential, that few are already enough. See what Obama is doing for the world now. And yes Bush has been necessary for many Americans to see clearly: “No, no, this we don’t want any more”, making the way free for Obama.

I shall never forget this special moment in time, after being to Mount Sinai (Moses) and the St. Catherine monastery (chapel of the burning bush). What an incredible energy vortex at these sacred places. In that night I got a vision of Osho. Waking up at six o’clock in the morning, I turned the TV on and saw just Obama getting the last votes to choose him as the new president. Then this incredible speech of Obama: “Yes we can!” I am still overwhelmed now, tears in my eyes, if I go back to this moment in time. Then the future of humankind was changed as I experienced it. All the of my generation have the same astrological generation aspect: Uranus sextile Neptune. This made them the pioneers of a new way of living. The whole hippy, flower power, make love no war, musical Hair: Age of Aquarius, new-age etc movement has come forth out of this energy.

Later when we had grown more, a lot of us turned to Osho, for the next phase in our evolution.


The Zohar expressing the Source


But let’s go back to the Zohar. The Zohar expresses becoming one with the Source as:

The true purpose of humanity in general, and of every human being, is to connect with the Light of the Creator in greater and greater intensity, and eventually to literally become one with the Light.


And then the Zohar expresses the infinite possibilities we have then as:

Humanity was endowed by the Creator with the power to influence and determine the very nature of the universe, from the quantum level to the birth and death of stars. The instrument of this great power is nothing more than our consciousness, and our realization of the capabilities that are within our grasp.


Kabbalah teaches that our thoughts, feelings, and especially our spiritual awareness determine events in the external environment. What takes place in our minds and hearts is the ground state of the physical realm. This view, it is interesting to note, is also expressed in the so-called Copenhagen interpretation theory of quantum mechanics, as articulated by Niels Bohr.


The Zohar depicts humankind as an essentially spiritual entity whose fate is determined by the nature of our own thoughts and actions. That is to say, it is all up to us. Only human beings have the power of free will in determining their spiritual evolution, which in turn is the controlling energy of their physical and material well-being.


The fundamental interconnection of consciousness and creation is the very essence of the zoharic worldview. To perceive and embrace this unity is to experience the true spirit of Kabbalah.


This is according to me one of the farthest reaching visions possible.


The Zero Point field or Unified field


I make now a jump to this time, because I don’t know any religious scripture that can express this more profoundly. But if you know, please sent it to me.


As mentioned above: “This view is also expressed in the so-called Copenhagen interpretation theory of quantum mechanics, as articulated by Niels Bohr.”


In this time there are many publications, based on the discoveries of quantum physics which expresses the same view. They call the Source: the Zero Point field or Unified field: an infinite sea of energy and possibilities. This field, like a gigantic network, connects everything and in this field all the information of all times is stored. Our interaction with this field determines who we are and who we will become. In fact in this field, there is no past, now or future, everything exists together. This explains also intuition, foresight and other inexplicable events. The Zero Point Field is depot where all the information is stored. Unlimited possibilities are available for us, when we tune in to this field.

Also experiments proved that consciousness creates our reality as the Buddha already said: “You are creating your own world”.

No wonder that these discovers turned to spirituality, like Niels Bohr to Tao and Wolfgang Pauli to the Kabbalah.


 Let the Source create through you


Yesterday evening I saw a video of of Wayne Dyer: The power of intention. He said the same:  “Connect with the Source and let the source create through you”. He tells also that his books are writing themselves. And that is exactly what is happening now also and with this whole website. I am always surprised to see what has come out. I just start typing and it unfolds itself. Wayne talks also about free will. I had to laugh when I heard it, because I knew what the answer would be. The only free will you have, if you are in the twilight zone between unconsciousness and consciousness is to deliberately choose to ask THE question: What can I contribute to the whole?

If you are fast asleep as the majority of humankind, you will not ask this question about free will. If you are awake, this question has evaporated with everything else. And again the paradox: you will feel incredible free. Because you have lost all the limits and bounds. What a blessing!


I have mentioned it all several times on this website, but I will repeat it again. Because for me this is the greatest expression of being one with the Source and how the Source will work out in your life:

When you follow the Law of God Action, you will naturally use the law of attraction to draw into your space everything you need in every moment without even trying to. That is because the universe has a plan for you and by aligning yourself with that plan, you will synchronize your actions with the divine flow of events. You will find yourself doing the right thing at the right time, in the right place where the resources or opportunities you require are already arranged to be there. You simply step right in.

 This is such a joy.


Expanding the consciousness


Astrology gives me a clear insight in the cosmic energies working in my life. This whole writing process started in the Sinai when I got the first wave of a specific cosmic energy. Now, when I am writing the finale of this website, I have the maximum. The pinnacle of this energy wave Uranus conjunct Jupiter. This means: in a creative and original way, with the aid of digital technology, helping by expanding of consciousness. Indeed I have synchronized my actions with the divine flow of events and everything I needed manifested itself and I could express it effortless and it reaches millions of people in 167 countries.


When you are inspired by some great purpose...


I got several very beautiful responses of the Source, after publishing this article. Her comes one, a quotation of Patanjali:

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


Blessings to you


Deva Deep

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