Orbs-Plasma clouds
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Unique photos of orbs and plasma clouds (light beings)

Unique, because the orbs clearly want to communicate

that they are part of a higher, organizing intelligence.




An introduction to the mysterious orb - plasma clouds phenomena


Part I: My own experience with Orbs and plasma clouds (light beings)

(Part II will give the experience and conclusions of experts, published in articles and on DVD)




Many people have caught orbs on their photos, especially with a digital camera, using flash.

You can find many orb photos on the Internet. But here you will find some unique photos of orbs and plasma clouds, which I have not seen on the internet or in books.

The orbs have shown themselves to me in an unique variety of forms, colors and conglomerations (plasma clouds). This has been a wonder and at the same time no wonder, because the orbs asked me (as other spiritual beings did) to publish about them. No wonder again, because this website is with thousands of keywords at the top of the search engines and has millions of visitors from 203 countries (almost the entire world).

And see: twelve hours after publishing these two articles and the photos, they are already at the top in Google with the main subject: orbs plasma clouds. Nr. 1, 2 and 3  of 2,330,000 results. This is to me a further indication how intelligent this light-being is, to find the right person to do this.


Note: to see the orb photos with all the details (important!), your monitor has to be adjusted in such a way that you can see all (or most) of the nuances in this gray scale. It is important to see all the white-gray nuances on the right. You may lose the darkest nuances at the left, if necessary.



First have a look at these orbs/plasma clouds photos and if you are intrigued and/or fascinated by the photos, you can read more details and background information about these orbs and light beings (plasma clouds).

Orbs and plasma clouds slideshow

Press F11 to see the full screen.

In the slideshow window you can start or stop the slideshow with the space bar.

You can also use the arrow keys <- -> (on your keyboard or screen)

or the mouse wheel for step by step viewing.


The name of the orb photo (left of the picture) contains the number-time

as NR-YYYYMMDD HHMM-SS, example Orbs 11 20110327 2312-15


My spiritual ORBS journey


My first orb photos. (a-c-d-e)


Orb photo b detail of a


As the name of this website indicates, I love to make spiritual journeys. My last one has been to Myanmar and Thailand during the first two months of 2011.

I have taken hundreds of thousands pictures from 2001 until now, but no orbs have show up on these pictures. There is a simple explanation for that. I love to use natural light.  Until I had to use flash, because the people where moving too fast. And there, for the first time, orbs were visible in my photos. (a-b). Orbs are moving fast, so it takes the 1/1000 of a flash to capture them.

The pictures a-b show a large variety of different orbs, also a bright very fast moving one. (see the left side of the photo).

Later in temples in Bangkok (c) and in Buddhist caves, I used my flash also and again orbs (d-e) have been visible.

There has been a lot of research on these orbs, and researchers couldn’t find a natural explanation, like dust or rain particles or reflections, and so on.


Communicating with the orbs.


At home I told my friend Jivanjili about the orbs in my photos. She seemed to be familiar with this subject and told me that orbs are showing up for years in photos taken by her students. (Jivanjili is a Spiritual Teacher).

Orbs seem to be attracted to sacred sites and people that are open by heart in general.

Jivanjili sent me a book and a movie about orbs, both very interesting. (More in part II).

The book and the movie tell that it is possible to communicate with the orbs and I had the strong sense that the orbs wanted to be on my website. So I told the orbs: “If you want to be on my website, show yourself now in my pictures”.


There they came abundantly!


March 27 Orb photos 1-6


Orb photo 1-3


I went out and started taking pictures and immediately several orbs appeared. (1)

I have seen many pictures of orbs on the Internet and also a book showed a fine collection. But now something total unexpected appeared, something I hadn’t seen on any photo (2). I thought this is smoke or fog. But it was a very clear night and I could see the stars because of the clear night sky and dry air very well, and with the naked eye I didn’t see anything special. I immediately took  another photo and almost nothing was seen on that one too (3). Smoke or fog does not move that fast, not in this way, has a completely different structure, and can be seen with the naked eye better then on pictures, as I found out later by taking photos of real smoke and fog.


orb 4-6

The orbs showed me, step by step, in the other pictures, that indeed this is a conglomeration of orbs, like the stars in a galaxy. In the next photo (4) they appeared to be all around me. This was a bit scary, because suddenly there is a mysterious phenomenon of which I didn’t know that it existed. In the left side of the photo you can see orbs connecting with each other. Then they are gone again (5); only a few left. (There is about 20 sec between these three pictures). Then again a few (6), the bright one and the darker orbs appear together in a lot of photos.

March 28 Orb photos 7-24


orb 7-8-9

The next evening it looked if they were waiting for me, because immediately the orb (plasma) cloud appeared (7) and then it is all over and around me (8), with some amazing details (9)

orb 10-11-12-13-14

The next photo (10) and the detail (11) show clearly that all these orbs are connecting to what I perceived as a light being. It looks like the Mandelbrot set (fractals), in which all the little Buddhas are connected to the main Buddha. Then the orb (plasma) cloud moved to the left (12) and goes up again (13). In the overview image as well as in the close-up (14), you can see again some orbs.

orb 15-16-18

The phenomenon is amazing. It looks like as if the orbs knew where my camera was focussing at, and understood my wish to have some unique pictures, revealing more about their true nature. That is what the orbs showed me. Then the orbs almost disappeared (15) but came back soon (16) to show, in even more detail (17 not in this collage), that this light being consists of many orbs connecting to each other. Then 10 seconds later, the sky went completely black as to prove again that this is a phenomenon that is brimming of life (18).


Orb 19-20


It looks like this light being really start to enjoy our communication and it returns in a kind of joyful explosion or celebration. (19 and detail 20) even showing more orbs connecting together. You can understand that I stood there in awe and was completely struck (my camera gives during one second the actual photo). I have been even more surprised when I looked at these photos on my computer monitor later. I felt like being in another dimension, a dimension with a complete other set of laws than we are familiar with thus far. I must admit that I also felt a little scared and shaken. Here the gates to another dimension where opening for me.

The orb DVD is called ‘Orbs, lifting the veil’ and here the veil was obviously lifted for me.


Orb 21-22-23-24

Then another beautiful one (21), and then 22 and as grand finale 23. I felt the orbs saying: “Enough for today”. And in the following shots the sky appeared completely dark one more photo 24, shown here as an example. I got so much energy that I could not sleep at all this night; all my cells were vibrating with this (for me) strange and high resonant energy. 

March 29 Orbs photos 25-39


Orbs 25-26-27-28


The next night I got a similar show, see photos 25-35 with a dark ending again.

Orb photo 28 is exactly above the place of the head in my bedroom.


Orb 29-30-31-32


I asked the orb-intelligence to make a circle and I got 29. In the larger original photo I could detect about three circles. Because the orbs are moving so fast, it is miraculous that the orbs appeared to be able to synchronize so precisely with the 1/1000th second of my flash.

And then 30 with details in 31 and 32 again above my bedroom.


Orb 33-38

And later more of them again (33-38) and as a ‘be finished’ sign for this night, the sky was completely dark, one more. (39) 

March 31 Orbs photos 40-49


Orbs 40-44


Orbs 45-49


The next evening I did a control experiment to see what would happen if I went out ‘blank’ without any intention to see the orbs. Some ‘normal’ orbs showed up as in the pictures as I had seen on the internet and in the Orb book, but almost nothing spectacular, although a so called ‘normal orb’ is spectacular enough, mind you. But these enormous plasma beings and orb conglomerations did not show up.

In part II you will read about the importance of intention when you want to take pictures of orbs.

Again the same set of orbs, the bright one and the darker one, as in so many ‘normal’ pictures.

Than once more, a dark picture to end the session (48). All the orbs had left. I increased the brightness of this photo on my computer as much as possible (49), but the only thing to see is the even distributed color-noise of the camera CCD (sensor).

This proves that this phenomenon is not caused by my digital camera.


The orb photo series 50-74


The orb photo series 50-74 contain several examples of beautiful colored orbs, an orb collision of three orbs and a fast moving orb.


Orbs 65-68-70-72-74


The DVD Lifting the veil


By now really excited, a little scared somewhat and shaken by these mind blowing phenomena I watched the Orb DVD. This has been very helpful.  All phenomena I had observed were enlightened in this movie and brought into a greater context and dimension. I was especially happy to see some photos with some similar ‘plasma orb clouds’ phenomena as I had taken. More about this DVD in part II.


Osho Neo Zen Tarot


I asked the Osho Neo Zen Tarot to help me to understand this phenomenon. I always get very accurate answers from this Tarot deck. But in this case I emphasized to give me precise answers. I told the Tarot this is very important. Although I am always clearly guided, just to be sure I double check it mostly. There is so much spiritual 'bla bla' and I want to stay far from that.


 click to enlarge


I asked: What are Orbs? And got as answer: Understanding.

Understanding tells us that we can become really free from everything that keeps us imprisoned and be open to new experiences and dimensions. Like a bird whose cage is open so he/she can roam freely throughout the sky. As Osho said: "You can open your wings and the whole sky will be yours".


What message do the orbs wants to give? I got as answer X Change.

Change is VERY much needed in this world. For everybody who has any awareness and vision it is absolutely clear that we can't continue in the way we do now. As mentioned already in the Tao Te Ching article: Population growth x Economic growth x EGO = DISASTER.

The Tarot card Change depicts a change on a cosmic (epic) scale, by many visionaries (like Nostradamus, Mayas etc.) predicted for this time period. Many people are already aware of this important change.


I had the feeling that these plasma clouds where a kind of light being, a higher (cosmic) intelligence of with the separate orbs generate from.

To check it I asked: What is this light-being? (as it had been perceived by me).

I got as answer: The Master. The Master or the Source; the creative intelligence, the source of all form and shapes (phenomena), throughout the universes.


What is the message from the Master (the creative Intelligence)? XI Breakthrough.

A breakthrough on a world-wide scale is due to occur. It looks like the orbs want to assist us in this process.
The card also indicates that the shift implies multiple catastrophes, both man-made and natural. We can see clearly more wars than ever, famine, collapse of the monetary system, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and so on. As I see it, this is all needed for a true renaissance on cosmic scale.

What is the purpose or outcome? Answer Maturity.
This card indicates a person who has discovered his/her True Nature, thus coming to full bloom. These times are a great Wake Up call for all of us. Meditation may be very helpful and is highly suggested. A Great Turning needs to occur… a turn to the heart-of-hearts and live from there. After all, how could we be separated from the Great Light Being? Where would we draw the line?


(Note the tarot cards Change, the Master, Breakthrough belong to the MAJOR arcane, which indicate that these are important messages).


In part II, these insights are corresponding well with the experiences of  the experts in the orb field.


Part II: The experience and conclusions of experts, published in articles and on DVD.

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