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Not to be in tune with your destiny


It is interesting to see what happens in that case. I realize that this is probably the situation of the majority of people looking into their lives. It is completely the opposite of synchro-destiny.


After finishing the first version of the Mayan prophesies article (3-1-2012) I went to Sri Lanka. At that moment I had no idea that this article was not at all finished and much was waiting to be added.

It has not been my idea to go to Sri Lanka, but the idea of my long term travel mate. Until now I have followed my inner calling to go to certain destinations and this worked out always fine. In this case I had the feeling that it would be fair to let her also choose a destination. What a mistake!

Because I have been so absorbed in the Mayan spiritual journey, I didn't pay any attention to this coming Sri Lanka trip, until only a few days before. So I didn't follow my own intuition and didn't sent out any intention.


Interesting to see how that worked out. From the first moment everything went wrong. I had to walk in heavy weather, with a lot of rain and storm, to the train station at night. I never  experienced anything like that before. At the airport we waited a long time for the plane, which had been delayed and finally never came. Again after a long wait, the airport staff succeeded in putting us into another plane, going via Dubai instead of Amman.

After changing the plane in Dubai I discovered that I had lost my brand-new expensive Samsung Galaxy SII (440 Euro) smart phone full with information about my journey, audio books, great music, a lot of personal sensitive information, access to all my email accounts, all passwords and so on. I have never lost anything and it was almost impossible to lose it in the way I had it with me.

Finally arriving after this long and tiring journey at Colombo airport, we had to stand for 90 minutes in a long queue to get our expensive visa.


In spite of all these signs, I must have been too tired not to see the clear message: Deva Deep this is NOT where you must be. What was happening is of course also VERY unusual for me, normally everything goes so smooth and every wish is taken care of. This was completely the opposite.


Then it turned out that Sri Lanka is very expensive, compared to all the other Asian countries I had visited.  From 2009 most of the hotel prices have been raised by a factor three till five. To see a so-so temple I had to pay $ 30. Even visiting a natural reserve (woods) or a park in a city cost (sometimes a lot of) money.

The parts I visited had not much really interesting things to see. I like to see especially sacred sites and nature. The worst beaches I have ever seen. Huge waves and currents made it difficult and sometimes dangerous to swim. Normally I just like floating in the warm see, very relaxing and meditative.

Sri Lanka was also difficult to travel by local buses, so we took mostly an expensive taxi.


On the second day, my travel mate got a nasty case of diarrhea with vomiting, which would not stop. After five days she started to take a diarrhea inhibitor and it took three more days to stop it. Then I also got it.

After five days of my diarrhea misery which looked to be caused by a nasty amoeba. After a particularly rough night, it suddenly dawned on me: I have to go home - Sri Lanka is not where I must be. I went immediately to a computer and booked an earlier flight back, without even trying to change the old one. Changing the old flight would have cost much more time.

As I told on this spiritual journeys website: existence is often overdoing (in the positive way), but also in this case existence used strong methods to make the message that this is not my destiny very clear to me.


I felt miraculously healthy again and everything started to fall in synchronicity. Every wish has been granted again and in this way I found a beautiful beach and met there a new spiritual friend.

Also I found a very inspiring book of Deepak Chopra: How to know God. So here I had my spiritual nourishment again, which I couldn't find before in Sri Lanka. I missed of course also my spiritual audio books, music and the Internet because I had lost my advanced smart phone.


The flight back went perfect, I even got three chairs with a window seat and a great view. We landed on a very clear sunny day. Almost to show how wrong it could have gone: the next day it started snowing and heavily freezing and a lot of the air, train and road traffic have been in big trouble for days.


This clearly shows again how important it is to ALWAYS follow your intuition/inner guidance. I had no idea that this would be so sensitive and without margins. This must be what the Masters have called the razors edge!


And NOW (19-2-2012) I completely changed the original Mayan prophesies article, added The Dawning of the Wisdom Age and this part. It looks like an important addition and that it had to be finished as soon as possible. Seeing how it is now, combined with all the new information I got, I can only be grateful to this infinite intelligence who again guided me so perfectly to do what I am destined to do.


A confirmation


I never doubt what is revealed to me, but I like also a sign of confirmation. Just to see, time after time, how wonderful this infinite intelligence works. So I took a random book from my library, opened it somewhere and read:

"Returning to Spirit results

in a grand sense of being in tune with your uniquely Divine purpose".


This quotation from Wayne Dyer's book: Your Ultimate calling, is right on the dot. How precisely this creative intelligence works and how blessed it feels to be in this Divine flow.


The real secret revealed why the Mayan calendar ends in 2012


I just found this picture, I didn't look for it. And I understood right away the message that comes with it. This is an example of reading the signs. In time you will become more aware when it happens and then you can easily decode the message.  So here it comes!


Osho ended His discourses often with some jokes, everybody loved it.

I loved that Osho changed Buddha's: "Be a light unto yourself" to "Be a joke unto yourself". A great antidote against one of the most serious illnesses - seriousness itself.

Have five minutes of joy with  this great cosmic joke:

"Bhagwan (Osho) are you really God?"


Enjoy life, it is great!! It is just a huge cosmic play, what the Hindus call Leela.

In that relaxed state, which comes naturally out off this understanding, everything happens effortlessly by itself. Guided by the creative intelligence of this marvelous and wonderful existence.

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