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Synchro-Destiny: Living a wonderful life

The Mayan prophecies for 2011 & 2012


This article consists of three parts:


  1. Following (or finding) your destiny - Living a wonderful life.

  2. Examples how synchro-destiny works in real life during my spiritual journey to the Mayan sacred sites. Synchro-destiny means to be in tune (in synchronicity) with your destiny.

  3. The Mayan calendar and prophecies for 2012, continued in the Wisdom Age.


These topics are interrelated and connected.


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Part 1. Following (or finding) your destiny - Living an wonderful life


Spiritual Masters through the ages have presenetd us a direction like this:


Each man comes into this world with a specific destiny -- he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally -- you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The Whole intends to do something through you. (Osho creativity)


And yes, if you follow this inner calling amazing things start happening in your life. You can read more in this article: The Source – The Creative Intelligence. Unfolding your unlimited potential.


On your journey you will recognize signs to confirm that you are on the right path. There are many misunderstandings about the law of attraction and the power of intention. People think that they can just manifest all the things they want, as movies like the Secret suggests. But this is only true when you follow your destiny.

I just got an email which is a good example of it:

At the age of 25 I read some books on the  power of attraction and practiced them carefully. There were some accidental outcomes....they too stopped after a year or two, my life became worse than before because following those instructions I lost all my money and reputation...those rules do not work for me..

How confident and faithful I was at the time...so please don't tell me to think positive thoughts. Those rules were destroying...


Although there are similar texts on this website, Deepak Chopra gives in his synchro-destiny book a brilliant summary how this principle works:


"The only preparation or participation required to unleash the power of intention is a connection to the conscious intelligence field, which can be attained many ways, one of the best being meditation. When a person achieves a certain level of consciousness, whatever he or she intends begins to happen. There are people who are so connected with the conscious intelligence field that their every intent manifests itself—the whole order of the universe orchestrates around it.

Of course, it is not strictly true that their every personal intention is being met, in actuality, people who are connected with the conscious intelligence field adopt the intentions of the universe. Their intentions are being met, but that's only because the cosmic mind is using their intentions to fulfill its own desires...


Intention is not simply a whim. It requires attention, and it also requires detachment. Once you have created the intention mindfully, you must be able to detach from the outcome, and let the universe handle the details of fulfillment. If you don't, ego gets involved and clouds the process. You'll feel frustrated if your intention isn't realized soon enough. Your sense of self-importance may be threatened, or perhaps you'll start feeling sorry for yourself. Intent in nature orchestrates its own fulfillment. The only thing that could interfere is domination by your own ego needs and totally selfish concerns.

Of course, the best way to have all your intentions realized is to align your intentions with the cosmic intent, to create harmony between what you intend and what the universe intends for you. Once that congruence comes into being, you'll find that synchronicity takes on a larger role in your life. The best way to create that harmony is by nurturing an attitude of simple gratitude. Acknowledge your gratitude for everything in your life. Give thanks for your place in the cosmos and for the opportunity you have to further the destiny we all share. Part of creating harmony involves abandoning grievances of all kinds. Grievance comes from the ego. Animals don't have any problems with grudges or grievances. It's only among us human beings that intention is so often encumbered by all sorts of emotional baggage. You must let all that go in order to create a pure intention".


I have read several books about the power of intention, but this quote surpasses everything I have read before. It is an amazingly accurate description how it really works. It contains all the essential ingredients to let you live a wonderful life, yes a life filled with miracles.


This book Synchrodestiny: harnessing the infinite power of coincidence to create miracles is highly recommended, if you are at an advanced level of understanding.

Else it is better to start with Deepak Chopra's: the seven spiritual laws of success. Available as book, on video and audio. I love especially the video, because like this article, it contains many examples how it works in real life.


Part 2: Examples how synchro-destiny -

to be in tune (in synchronicity) with your destiny - works in real life,

 during my spiritual journey to the Maya sacred sites.


This whole spiritual journey to the sacred Maya sites has been full of synchro-destiny. I had read Deepak Chopra's book just before I started this journey. I recognized so much of what has happened after I started creating this website. Yes indeed every desire is mostly immediately fulfilled. This is living a wonderful life, which is at the same time so natural and easy. This is how we are meant to live.


Even if I make jokes, I have to be careful, because even they are mostly immediately fulfilled.

To give one example: Deepak in his book describes how a man wants to ask a woman (named Johanna) to marry him. He goes to a park and at the moment he wants to propose to her, a little plane appears with a banner behind it: Johanna will you marry me. Johanna is touched and says whole heartedly: Yes. The plane has of course been hired by another man to propose to his fiancé, also named Johanna.

After reading this, I went to the beach and thought about Alisia, a new friend, who could possible visit me in Sri Lanka, because at that moment she lived in India. I said jokingly inside: "If she doesn't want to come, I will ask existence to send me another woman". Immediately a woman came walking in my direction, we connected and it turned out that she has read a lot of Deepak Chopra and is very interested in the same subjects as I am. I asked her name and she said: "Johanna". You can imagine me standing there with a big smile and the look of WOW of the synchronicity of these beautiful events.


Therefore every time you experience this kind of WOW moment, this is not a coincidence, but a sign of the infinite intelligence that you are on the right path, that you are following your destiny. That is what synchro-destiny means: to be in tune (in synchronicity) with your destiny.


At that moment I didn't realize that this has been actually a sign that Alisia would appear (in another form in Sri Lanka). Decoding the signs is an art on itself. Back home I noticed that this wish has been actually fulfilled in Sri Lanka. After coming back into synchronicity I met a new spiritual friend whose first name is also Alisia. She uses her spiritual name, therefore I didn't notice that in Sri Lanka

Back home I got several times simultaneously two emails with the same name of both of them. I love this kind of humour. Existence is so full of it. Even more remarkable things happened, but I respect their privacy.


Yes this is living a wonderful life.


Deepak Chopra suggests that it is a good practice to write these events down as I did on several pages on this website. This will make your power of intention stronger. Indeed it happened just like that.

Writing it down now I realize that this journey ended almost in the same way. The last evenings of the Maya journey I wished to meet a spiritual woman and I met a wonderful woman. We connected right away (heart or/and soul connection, doesn't need time, it knows instantaneously). She had studied Yoga in the Shivananda ashram in Rishikesh, India, which I know very well. She had read many books also from Deepak about all the subjects I am interested too.

She is very creative also as she runs a wonderful decorated restaurant with excellent food. She is surrounded by wonderful people and it is a joy to have dinner there.


Note: you can see all these pictures and many more with a description

 as slideshows and YouTube videos on my main site:

Central America - MAYA route photos



Let me now go in more detail and tell some of the remarkable events on this journey.

I got a clear inner calling to go to the Mayan sites in central America to discover more about the Mayan prophecies for 21-12-2012. I wanted to book a certain trip, but the only one available went on 28-11-2011.

Later I found out that this is a very special date in the Mayan calendar. Two weeks before my departure the travel agency changed the flight to a really bad one, later it turned out that this was the only flight that day due to a hurricane. There were reports about floods and landslides because of earlier hurricanes. There was a new hurricane was heading straight to my destination.

This didn't feel good at all and I had also a huge legal problem with the ownership of my house, which lasted for some time.

But then came a very clear sign, all the traffic lights, going and returning, jumped to green when I approached them on my bicycle. I had not experienced this ever before on this route, which I take regularly. So I knew this must be an obvious sign that everything will go well. At such a moment I am so grateful to this marvelous existence.

And indeed I got a phone call from the notary office that I could come just the last day before my departure. The two other persons involved had signed the contract and I needed to sign it to finish the legal conveyance. What a huge relief.


The tour group prior to our group had to evacuate from the coast because of the hurricane, but when our plane landed the hurricane stopped and another hurricane changed its course. So the weather was just fine. We met another tour group and they decided that is was too dangerous to go to Guatemala due to the floods and landslides. I told our group (because I had got this green light sign): "Everything will go well". And indeed again, sometimes just before our arrival, huge bulldozers had cleared the road partially so we could pass in a small track through the landslides. Otherwise we would have been forced to make a huge detour as the tour group before us did.


These are just a few examples of how the whole existence supports you, because you have become a co-creator with it. More examples are included in the next part.


Part 3: The Mayan calendar and the 2012 prophecies.


Certain time periods and dates have a great significance in the Mayan calendar, especially the date of 21-12-2012, the winter solstice at which an important Mayan era ends. The Long Count marks the end of a 5,126-year era.


I realize NOW that I am writing this article on 21-12-2011 just one year before this date and I will continue tomorrow, which will be the astronomical moment of the winter solstice. I didn't plan it, suddenly I had the urgent feeling to start writing and I realized that today and tomorrow are also special days.

My journey to the Mayas started (again unplanned) at 28-11-2011 another very important day and on the VERY special day 11-11-11 I was standing at the heart and center of the Mayan universe.

The moment was actually 11-11-10. Back at home I looked to my photos, I saw that THE picture of the sign which explained it (see sacred space and time) has been taken at 11-11-10 at 11:10 which was also a full moon.

I felt 11-11-10 at 11:10 is the correct date and time, because the full moon and the repeated 11-10 / 11:10 couldn't be a coincidence. Mathematically (the Mayas have been great mathematicians) 1:0 is infinite.

11-11-11 would also means that the process is already completed (11-11-11 is the highest binary number) while 11-11-10 11:10 means we are going to the  completion and are in the final phase.


The same with this winter solstice of 2011 which is on the 22nd, not the 21st. Also the end date is predicted as 21 or 23 December 2012. So one day off is normal on this huge time scale of 5,126 years.

There are many interpretations of the significance of these dates, but for me this is just another great example of synchro-destiny.


So what happened on this special day and time 11-11-10 at 11:10?



I was first initiated again at the Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal. I got such a blast of energy, that it threw me almost out of balance. I felt so at home at this place, so peaceful.


The head Mayans have been a combination of scientists, priests, mathematicians, magicians, savants and astrologers. I know all these aspects very well in my life. I knew already before this trip, that I had been a Mayan in a past life. This also explains many aspects of my life. It is wonderful when you can see some of your past lives. How everything is connected, continues and evolves from lifetime to lifetime. Some people say that they don't believe in past lives. I, of course, don't believe in it either, I believe in nothing. Belief is for the blind! This is an inner knowing, proved by many occurrences in my life. There is simply no other way of explaining what has happened in my life. Again coincidence doesn't exist. When I was eight years old, a lot of my alchemist, magician side came through. Nobody in my environment knew anything about that! And in this way I can continue for hours with many other examples. Another strong evidence you find here: Erasmia-Sufis


At 11-11-10, I visited the Mayan site in Copan. I meditated for some time by the pyramid tombs of three very powerful Mayan scientists-priests and did certain rituals. I felt that we are in a period of a shift in consciousness on this planet to what Osho called the new man. Many people have already indicated that they have felt this shift in their lives.

But one thing is clear, we live now in a very special moment in time, so feel blessed that you are alive today and even more blessed when you are in tune with what is happening.


According to quantum physics, any system which comes into chaos will raise its consciousness to find a way out. Experiments have shown that this even happens on a molecular level.

We are faced with so many crises, which can't be solved at our present level of consciousness of our politicians, financial mangers, and other decision makers.



Visiting these sacred Mayan sites, I am just open to the guidance I get and I trust this inner voice. Signs later indicated that something significantly has happened and is happening.

I meditated by the pyramid tombs of three very powerful Maya scientists-priests-magicians. They knew that consciousness creates matter. They were able to alter their reality and their dimension.  A very interesting topic, perhaps I will write more about that later.


When visiting these Mayan sites I felt different kinds of energy. I checked it out later with our experienced tour guide Simone (of Koning Aap, the Netherlands) and combined with my other experiences of sacred sites, I drew the following conclusions:


Most significant characteristics, which can create a sacred site:


  1. The Relics. The remains of an awakened spiritual being- like Buddha, the relics of saints in Christianity and other religions, a mummy of a pharaoh or powerful shaman and so on.
  2. The Architecture. Powerfully shaped structures to channel energy - especially architecture like pyramids, Buddhist stupas and dome-shaped mosques, the cross center of churches, the Taj Mahal, and some Maha Samadhi's of saints in India.
  3. The Building Material. Substances like marble gives a strong resonance, especially; the Golden Temple, the Taj Mahal and some Maha Samadhi's of saints in India.
  4. The Location. Powerful lines that create the grid on the planet known as ley lines. But also sacred springs, rivers (Ganges) and caves seem to be important.
  5. The Pilgrimage. People coming to worship/pray at these sacred sites. They can be charged by the energy but at the same moment they sustain the flow of energy. Like water in a well become stale if you don't draw from it.

According to these characteristics the pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal is an unique form of architecture and the pyramid with the three powerful scientists-priests tombs in Copan could be very special and they were!


Sacred Space and Time


I got several signs that something extraordinary has happened and is happening after leaving this sacred place of the pyramid in Copan. The aras appeared, the aras are the sacred birds of the Mayans. I could take one photo, which is impossible from a technical viewpoint under these circumstances. 'Normally' a special butterfly appears as a sign of conformation, but this has been even more impressive.

I got more revelations, but I am not allowed to write about them. It happened two times before in Thailand, when trying to write about it, my computer crashed! These secrets have to be kept well hidden!

Suddenly there appeared an old shaman out of the blue. He spoke with me and he told me that he was communing with the spirits, as I had done.



Then I walked to the outer end of this magnificent location, where normally no tourist goes and found this sign about Sacred Space and Time. It told me that I was standing at the immense world tree at the center of existence, a place of regeneration.

It also stated: As you approach this sacred city, imagine how this pattern of structures was meant to ensure the order of the cosmos and the daily rhythm of life.

Later I saw that this photo has been taken at 11-11-10 at 11:10.


Yes that has been what these great Mayans has been doing- ensuring the order of the cosmos and the rhythms of time. Therefore they used this complicated calendar, astrology and much more.

Leaving this sacred space I saw another sign which the following text: "You are now leaving the Great Plaza of the people to return to the mortal world, which is ruled by the cycle of life and death".

As you have seen from this chain of synchro-destiny events, it clearly shows that I had to be there exactly at that special moment of time at the center of Mayan Universe to assist in this process. Isn't it wonderful? I feel so blessed.


In Spiritual astrology part II: The Cosmic Plan I discovered later that three important Mayan sites I had visited and where I had profound insights: Tikal, Copan and Chichen Itza are located on the same degree of longitude, which coincide with the Saturn line in my horoscope. In this case Saturn signifies access to ancient wisdom (e.g. as a Mayan astrologer - scientist - magician - priest).

This makes it even more wonderful, also exactly the right Mayan sacred places as indicated in my birth horoscope.


Back home


Back home several really amazing things happened. For example: The roof of my house has been leaking for 31 years right above my head in my bedroom. Rain is seen by the Gurus and devotees in India as a blessing, but this is too much of a blessing!

I had to attach buckets to the ceiling to catch the water. Despite several attempts by my handyman, who repaired and changed a lot of the roof, it didn't stop. It leaked again and I wished him to come and in a few hours he was there (without calling him). This time he could easily fix the roof and now for about five weeks, with a lot of rain, there have been no more leakage - a huge relief. Real spirituality is also very practical and down to earth! That is what I like about  the 2012 movie. (please see below).


At home I was thinking how to transmit this Mayan 2012 message of hope that I received. I stumbled upon, without looking for it, an amazing video with the same astonishing message and really great people delivering this message.

This movie starts with the same images as I show in my Mayan website.

This is a MUST SEE movie as my friends, who saw it, all agreed upon.

This Sacred Earth: The 2012 phenomenon is an extraordinary film of hope for the planet.  Trailer.

There are so many New Age books and movies. Some only confuse and sometimes even mislead people. But sometimes a really great an inspiring gem is between them.


Then I received from my soul sister Haridass Kaur/Thi Hoang an article about the meaning of the 11-11-11 date and about what is happening in this time period. This is an indication how souls are connected, as she writes in this article, without even knowing that I need it NOW! It shows also of course that so many people are sensing this shift in consciousness and in their own way are communicating it. Type any, relevant to this subject, search term in Google and you will get millions of answers!


I hope that this article gives an impression about all the wonderful things, which are possible if you follow your destiny in life. More about finding your destiny.


But of course it all depends on you. If you believe (or doubt) that things are not possible, they are not possible for you. But if you believe and trust that things are possible, they are. This principle has been proved in many ways, a simple example is the placebo effect. If you believe that  a certain pill (just coated sugar in reality) you got from your doctor will heal you, in most cases it will.


Patanjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras,

expresses these unlimited possibilities in a magnificent way:


“When you are inspired by some great purpose,

some extraordinary project,

all your thoughts break their bonds:

Your mind transcends limitations,

your consciousness expands in every direction,

and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.



Summary of the whole synchro-destiny process.

My spiritual journey to the Mayans is a good example of what happens when you are in synchro-destiny: you follow your destiny. First I got the inspiration to visit this old magical civilization and then I put out the intention to discover more about this intriguing 21-12-2012 date and the background of the Mayans with the intention to share it with the world. Sharing is very important. Selfish intentions will not be granted!

Inner guidance and intuition start giving directions and signs when one selflessly "listens" and intend to follow accordingly. By being at the right place at the right time (always a good indication that you are following your destiny), insights are coming, which will become more profound and deepen during the whole process.



It is also a wonderful and an inspiring process to see how so many insights and information, somehow, in a miraculous creative way, crystallize into an article. “I” have not to do anything, I have just to follow the directions I get from within.

To give one example how this mostly works: this morning during my meditation I got a few keywords as: inspiration, intention, intuition and inner guidance. These are the keys, which unlock the door to the space where everything is available. Or you can also see it as seeds. Then the seeds sprout by themselves, they only need the right nourishment and attention.

A sign of confirmation


A few hours after publication of the above article, it is already no. 3 in Google ranking list, after Deepak Chopra's: synchro-destiny: living a wonderful life deepak chopra. Also with Google's image search for: synchro-destiny living a wonderful life deepak chopra. Then people all over the world started reading it. This is the last step: confirmation. An important step also, because it proves that indeed you did what existence wanted you to do. I always ask for a clear sign of confirmation and as you have read before, they came in abundance. Google showed also some of this abundance by not showing the word "Google" on its website but a multi-coloured accelerating frequency wave, completely in tune with these three articles. On Google's website it is a fast moving animated wave and I just captured it in exactly the right position. I have never seen anything like this on Google and I use Google a lot. What is also amazing that the key sentence I got for writing the The Wisdom Age article has been: Everything is accelerating. This turned out to be a fascinating topic, which explains a lot of what is happening and continues to happen.

Yes, this creative intelligence (the Source of All) is miraculous. The only thing you have to do is to consciously connect yourself to the Source. You can simple ask for guidance. Meditation is the most direct way. As Jesus said: "Ask and it shall be given" and “Be still and know”.


Time is running out!


The speed of everything is accelerating and also the vibration level of our planet is rising to a higher frequency, which is the same from a scientific viewpoint. No more time to fool around and waste your time with trivial things. You will rise in consciousness or become more unconscious. Or said in a different way: you can come closer to your destiny and purpose in life, fulfilling your potential or you can get lost. The choice is entirely yours.

As my spiritual friend Haridass Kaur/Thi Hoang later will state so clearly: We are at a pivotal point in Mother Earth's time line. We are coming upon a critical hour where our consciousness must, and I repeat, MUST make a major leap forward. There is no way around it.


A-synchro-destiny is a shocking example what happened when I didn't follow my destiny and intuition and didn't put out an intention.


This article is continued here:


The Dawning of the Wisdom Age


A Mayan, Aquarian Age, Astrological and Evolutionary Vision about 2012 and beyond.


In this continuation more insights I got about 2012 and beyond, while visiting the Mayan sites, are given. These insights have been expanded from different sources with Aquarian Age (New-Age), astrological and evolutionary visions.


Not to be in tune with your destiny


It is shocking to see what happens when we are not tuned to the natural synchronicity of our hearts. I realize that this is probably the situation the majority of people live in, observing the situation in the world at large. We seem to live and act completely the opposite of synchro-destiny.


An indication of this wonderful infinite intelligence at work:


This article is a revised version of the original article written at the winter solstice of 21-12-2011.

I just realize that this new version has been published at 20-02-2012 and has a lot of similarities with the date of 21-12-2012. Coincidence? I don't think so. Time has been central in the Mayan astrology and my journey to these sacred Mayan sites and these articles are in synchronicity with important dates. This could be an indication that this wonderful infinite intelligence is enjoying this cosmic play (leela). I love it!


Continued here: The Climax finishing this Mayan Cycle at 21-12-2012

A-synchro-destiny 21-12-2012: Climax The Tree of Life

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