Orbs part II
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Orbs and plasma clouds (light beings) part II

The experience and conclusions of experts, published in articles, books and on DVD


Part II is a summary of the essence of this orbs phenomenon from several sources.  The most valuable source has been the DVD: Orbs the veil is lifting. I highly recommend this DVD, if you want to understand more about these orbs and their message for humankind.

An interesting book with many beautiful orb pictures is: Orbs by Heineman. Also recommended.




The conglomeration of orbs has been given different names such as: Spirit Beings, plasma clouds, spiritual beings, light-beings, light waves, plasma spheres etc.




Some characteristics of orbs mentioned by several observers:

  •  They exhibit consciousness, intention and choice making and are intelligent and often  profound.

  •  They are responsive, playful, have a sense of humor and express happiness and joy.

  •  It is possible to communicate with the orbs.

  •  They are curious and observant and they express their approval of your actions.

  •  They have a healing capacity and are often seen around spiritual healers.

  •  The orbs often have concentric circles and mandala patterns within their spheres.

  •  They move very fast. Some scientists have clocked them at upwards of 700 km/hr.

  •  They have the ability to expand and contract in size extremely quickly.

Orbs are attracted to:


  •  One who is at peace with oneself or/and is meditating.

  •  A person who is in a giving mood.

  •  One who is playing harmonious music.

  •  People who are in a joyful, playful or fun loving mood.

  •  People singing and dancing together.

  •  Celebrations.

  •  One who sent loving energy, important if you want to take pictures of orbs.

  •  Spiritual people, who express higher wisdom, a combination of intelligence and kindness.

  •  Spiritual healers. Perhaps it is the orbs, who are doing the healing?

  •  Sacred places. You can also create your own sacred space.


If you want to take pictures of orbs, the intention that you focus on, is the most important. If you call them with the right intention and energy, they will come!


I can recognize several of these characteristics during my orb photo sessions, which explains the enthusiastic and joyful way they expressed themselves in these photos.



What are orbs?


Orbs are emanations from highly evolved Spirit Beings. Because they want to communicate with us, they make themselves visible in photos. They have seen that now we have a technology that can show them to us.


We now know that there is a field of wisdom, knowledge, intelligence. A field with infinite possibilities. This field is called the morphic, zero-point or unified field. Tapping into it gives us unlimited possibilities. The orbs are a representation of this unified field. (There are a lot of scientific experiments and proofs about this field).


The orbs belong to a realm where you and I have been many times. Therefore an orb is what you and I are without a physical body. When we die the last thing that leaves the body is a rapid ball of light. This ball of light is what we were from our very roots and beginning-less time.

Our body is necessary to create on the worldly level of matter. What organizes and electrifies this matter is this pulse of light itself. In essence we are this light being, which is extraordinary powerful.




Their mission and message of hope:


Their message is that they are here to assist us in the necessary leap in consciousness of humanity at large, to preserve our planet for future generations.

If we tune in to the signals they give, our innate creative potential will unfold and lead us to new discoveries that will benefit us all.


The orbs want to help us with access to the source of all consciousness. (The unified field).

A really magnificent adventure is opening for all of humanity. We are now able, for the first time, without being a Guru, a highly sensitive artist or fasting for 40 days, to capture these beings, which are of another dimension. This is quite a new 'shocking' experience in the history of humanity.


More and more orbs are showing up in our pictures, because the veil between dimensions is lifting.

There is a large change going on. The frequency is shifting and mankind starts understanding existence in a whole new light.


The orbs have made the spiritual reality much more real. Actually we have now an evidence of it.

Note: This makes me (Deva Deep) very happy, because I am a mix of a mystic and a scientist (as more people in this field are). On my spiritual journeys website I often give proof of what 'I' (of course not this tiny i, but the creative intelligence working through me) has experienced. But here actually I can prove it with these amazing pictures!


Two quotes here: one from Albert Einstein (also a mix of a scientist and a mystic):

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious".


And here one from Hellen Keller for the few who are still sceptical:

"The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision".


There are many changes going on right now. We have to go with this flow of energy. You can greet and welcome these changes with love and no fear (fear is the absence of love).

The orbs are a part of this large increase in consciousness.

In this time, more than ever, we need to know who we really are and what our purpose on this planet is.

If we just can change to that entirely new and different way of understanding, a vastly different world is waiting for us. It will just take a creative and aware minority to tip the scale to an abundant life.

It is time now to make the leap in the new awareness and that is really what this is all about, expanding our consciousness. And if we increase our awareness we also increase our perception.


It is now the time in our human evolution and destiny to experience these other planes and dimensions, as well as our true self, which is an inter-dimensional being. The orbs are opening us up to this new vast perspective. We don't know how fast this evolution may be, but it could be a lot faster then we suspect.


It will be an adventurous journey and a huge paradigm shift.

We are already on our way.

The doors are opening now - the veil is lifting.




You see how most of it is in agreement with part I.




A very interesting article, which gives a lot of sound information is:

Plasma Life Forms - Spheres, Blobs, Orbs and Subtle Bodies

By Jay Alfred

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