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Yangon is the capital of Myanmar with as highlight the ShweDagon pagoda, one of the most fascinating conglomerations of Buddhist pagodas I have seen. It feels somewhere as the centre of the Buddhist Universe on this planet.
Close to the ShweDagon pagoda is Kandawgyi Lake, a very relaxing place in the midst of a busy city. It has a fairy tale floating restaurant and several other interesting tourist attractions.

The city center of Yangon is a combination of British colonial architecture, Buddhist stupas, Hindu temples and Muslim mosques. Yangon has several lively and colorful markets, also in the evening

If you take a hotel in the centre all the attractions are at walking distance.


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Bago is also an amazing city. Buddhist pagodas and temples everywhere. I could still feel the energy of the Buddha at some places. Legend says Lord Buddha has visited Bago and from what I felt at certain places, especially where the Buddha is sitting with his disciples, it must be true.
Also impressive is seeing the monks getting food and presents from devotees.
The distances are large (the scale of the map in the Lonely Planet guide looks to be 10x wrong). Therefore I took a guide on a motorbike, who knew all the interesting monuments very well.


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Pathein is such a nice town. Almost no traffic, situated at a river, with a relaxing atmosphere. A fine town to stroll around and have a drink or some food along the river, while watching the lively scene. Of course also the usual Buddhist pagodas. Pathein represents the kind Burmese atmosphere well. In this relatively non tourist area, a local bus trip can be an adventure. It took six hours from Pathein to Ngwe Saung by bus, 30 min. by taxi. You see the bus pictures at the end of the slideshow.


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