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Western Myanmar


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Rivers - sea - beaches


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Western Myanmar is very 'watery'. It has many rivers, lakes and a long coastline with several fine beaches. Beaches which accommodation from simple huts to luxury resorts with every comfort.
I have included aerial views so you can get a good idea of this spectacular landscape. There are  relatively few people living here. Therefore if you love nature and a relaxed atmosphere, this is the environment to go. Ngpali beach is one of these beaches.


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Mrauk U is an ancient city, where according to the legend Lord Buddha has been. It has a very special atmosphere. The old temples are situated in the midst of a beautiful and peaceful landscape.
It feels like the Buddha energy is still there. People live a simple, relaxed and peaceful life.
Mrauk U is not easy to reach. First a flight from Yangon to Sittwe. You have grand views from the plane as you can see at my photos. Book it some weeks before during the tourist season.
Then a 3 or 7 hour boat ride (depending on the availability) to Mrauk U. Again great panoramas as you can see in rivers around Mrauk U. It is very worth the effort. I got the feeling how far we, in the so called developed countries, have gone from this simple, natural and peaceful way of living. Living in harmony with each other and with nature.
Dotted in the midst of this beautiful landscape are about 700 Buddhist pagodas (temples), dating from the 16th century. Some are recently excavated and restored. Others remain forgotten, covered with vines and vegetation. The larger pagodas certainly have historical importance, because their well preserved interiors, statuary and bas relief's. Mrauk U is scenically set against a backdrop of small hills with some lakes.

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Rivers around Mrauk-U

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From Mrauk U you can make several interesting excursions, like a three hour, scenic boat ride to the Chin tribes. The Chin tribes have still old women who have tattooed faces. These 86 photos of the Chin tribes are in Girls and women in Myanmar: MG066-MG151.

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