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A tribute to the friendly and lovely girls and women of Myanmar 2004


The women in Myanmar were amazingly friendly and sweet: female energy in its pure and innocent form.

A quality, which is sadly more and more disappearing in the Western commercialized countries.


This picture says it all in my eyes. She has this mysterious ‘Mona Lisa’ smile, the female mystery, which we men can never unravel and understand, but that will always intrigue us.

Have not almost all great male artists been inspired by this female quality?


100 photos of girls and women in Myanmar

(Some have already been shown on other pages, but this is a summary)

Below this page are 163 pictures more from 2011!


New series: Girls and women from 1 till 85? in Myanmar 2011


This has been my second visit to Myanmar. This time I went from the South (Mawlamyne) to the capital (Yangon). Then along the coast (Ngwe Saung Beach) all up to the North-West (Mrauk-U and Chin villages). Most places especially the South and the North-West get only a few tourists and are not contaminated by the tourists as in so many other Asian countries.


I am happy that I could take many pictures of these natural girls and woman.


North-West                                    Center                                      South

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These three pictures are for me a depiction of the essence of the Myanmar girls and women


What do I see as the qualities of the Myanmar girls and women?


These women are rooted in the earth, which makes them strong and resilient. Most of the women on the photos live in a natural environment in a harmonious way.


Seeing a group of women in a market place, sharing food, having fun, kids playing around, the relaxed atmosphere, no traffic, the peace, has been a heart touching experience.


The amazing kindness and friendliness of these Burmese girls and women. Kindness is a strong transforming force as you can read on my spiritual journeys website. These girls and women show this heart quality at many occasions.


I noticed also a strong sisterhood between them. They share, support, and help each other.


They look to enjoy fully their womanhood as caring and nourishing mothers. Everywhere happy kids playing around them.


Of course this all shines in their natural beauty. This is real beauty, not the kind of artificial beauty with layers of make-up or ‘photo shopped’ for endless perfect face advertisements in the glossy Western magazines. (The sad joke: all these expensive crèmes do not help!)


I love also their colorful dresses, so beautiful and graceful.


If you look deep into the eyes of these girls and women, you can see a quality of pureness and innocence. Here they touch the heavens, immersed in their devotion to the Buddha. This expresses itself as joy. The many temples everywhere indicate, in an otherworldly way, this connection to the divine also.


As far as I could see, there has been, at these places in the North, no TV or Internet (or probably not even newspapers). Most of these women will have no idea of all the madness we are daily confronted with: our fear installing news and all the endless advertisements in the so called developed nations. (Developed to consumer robots, what a sad joke!)


Crime must be non existent here. Crime can’t happen in this energy of oneness and kindness. Out of this energy you want to share and give, not to steal or have at the expenses of others. In restaurants I have been offered drinks etc and kids in little villages came to give me flowers. Not in any way they tried to get money from me or cheat me, as in their neighbor India is happening all the time.


Click to enlarge. Collage of photos of women and girls in South and Central Myanmar


Several times I had the feeling how far away, in the so called developed nations, have we gone from this natural, simple and happy way of living. These Burmese girls and women in the North, live in harmony with the earth and all the necessary resources. In their environment is bamboo to build a house, the river for easy transport, washing, water and fishing, and fertile land to cultivate on and so on.


Click to enlarge. Collage of photos of women and girls in North-West Myanmar


After all these words I hope that the photos will speak for themselves. These girls and women have touched my heart and I carry their energy still with me. I hope they will touch your heart also with their natural beauty and kindness.


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