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People in Morocco: Moroccan girls, women and men



Important: Almost no one of the people on these pictures noticed that they have been photographed. If they noticed they protested. So please donít take any STUPID action against them. This is solely my responsibility.


Warning do not read this if you donít want any change!


Pictures of people, especially women


I love to take pictures of people, especially women. During my 31 years of travelling, mostly through Asia, but also through the Middle East (Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia), I have met many beautiful women and have taken pictures of them. Some have become friends. If possible I always sent these photos to them and without any exception these women are enthusiastic about their pictures, showing their beauty, charm, grace and kindness.

On my Asia-girls website I have millions of visitors from 183 countries, so you can say almost the whole world. And everybody loves these pictures.

Beauty is much more an inner phenomenon then an outer. If a woman can be in her own female energy and power, she will be happy and kind and naturally radiates this energy, which is a blessing for everyone who can receive it.

I have seen that countries, in which women were free to be themselves, were flourishing in every way. Before I went to Morocco I went for two months to Malaysia, also a predominant Muslim country like Morocco. But what a huge difference. So friendly people, easy to contact and taken pictures of (also from Muslim women with a scarf), they loved it. And then the MANY magnificent temples and mosques. I was free to visit almost all of them. (More about this in religion).


The major conclusion I draw here is that taking pictures of people has nothing to do with the Muslim religion. I spoke with several people who know the Koran very well and they confirmed that.


The changing situation of women in Morocco.


But now going to Morocco. I started my journey in Marrakech. A city full of tourists, almost all of them with cameras. From a distance I took a picture of people just in a street and I got so much aggression and unfriendliness, like I never encountered before. I was almost shocked.


I saw so many people, who looked unhappy, especially women. Also ghostlike appearances, which could hardly being recognized as human beings or women.


But I saw also young beautiful Moroccan girls and women full of juice and energy.

(Click on the image to enlarge to 1680x1050)

A strange mix as I have never seen before. It looked to me that as soon as a woman has been married, most of them lose all their natural beauty and kindness. If they still have their beauty and kindness, they are not allowed to show it to others. As peculiar as if you have a priceless piece of art or jewelry and you hide it somewhere in a dirty cloth. What is the use of it then if no one can appreciate it?

And if the woman is not happy the man canít be happy either. He can Ďpossessí her body, but he never will get her heart, which expresses itself in love and kindness. I saw so many unnatural scenes of only men sitting in restaurants, just like women didnít exist.


Very simple, not well tasting, expensive food


This gives rise to another unnatural phenomenon. In Malaysia (and other Asian countries) almost all the people (also families with children) eat out. There are huge food courts and you can eat a variety of excellent food for almost nothing in Euros. There are only men in the restaurants in Morocco (like in Taroudant), they drink only tea and eat at home. In most cases (except the main tourist destinations)  there is only very simple, not well tasting food for the tourist. Like potatoes with VERY old chicken, which cost special tourist prices between 9 and 22 Euro, even more expensive then in Europe!


Amazing shining beautiful women, full of grace and kindness and completely in their female power.


I have written more about the position of women in society before: see Indian girls and women. And my conclusion is that in societies in which the women are free to live the way they want, these societies have always blossomed and of course also the opposite is the case. I have seen that strongly in one of my favorite countries like Malaysia.

But the strongest I saw this flowering of female energy in Beijing, China. There were these amazing shining beautiful women, full of grace and kindness and completely in their female power. And they loved it so much when I took pictures of them. The natural tendency of almost every woman is to show or to be her beauty and kindness. And we men are so happy about this! No wonder that Malaysia and China are doing so well.

Even my four year old granddaughter knows already very well how to allure me with her heavenly smile, her charm and her kindness. She loves dancing for me with all her grace. And also in my neighborhood there are these sweet little angels. There can you already see the pure female energy, not contaminated and distorted by stupid male concepts and lust for domination!


Morocco a changing society.


If I understand well, things are changing and some Moroccan women are getting more freedom. But others look still to live in the dark ages, in which woman are more or less slaves and not free at all. Morocco is clearly a society in change.

I decided to document this situation, because this is a unique moment in time. At the same moment old and new exist together (as some pictures clearly show). I did some research on the Internet, but there are almost no good pictures of people of Morocco. This of course because almost all of them donít want to be photographed (mostly not out of a free choice). But I have a compact camera, with a zoom range from 26 till 1500mm, so this creates for the first time unique possibilities to document this changing culture.

I hope in the near future you will see a different view in the cities of Morocco and many pictures I took will be a reminisce of an ugly past.


Freedom is the basic right of every human being!


I hope also to make people more aware how important it is for any society that the people and especially the women have all the freedom to decide for themselves how they want to live and love.

This is the basic right of every human being! And donít underestimate your power if you go for your freedom. The possibilities are limitless. I have seen heart touching examples of women being able to make huge differences and changes, because they went for it with all their power.

And you will always be supported and blessed by the cosmic powers: the creative intelligence of this Universe (or how you want to call it) which created and is creating these myriads of galaxies, with myriads of stars and planets and myriads of living beings.


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