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Central Malaysia

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In this new 2010 series of 120 photos, you can see the center of Kuala Lumpur with many impressive buildings (e.g. the Petronas towers) and temples.

You can see also pictures of the sculpture garden, the national monument and the beautiful lake gardens with the largest covered bird park in the world.

About 13 km north of KL a towering limestone crop is home to the Batu caves, a popular Hindu shrine in a huge cave. 8 km more to the north is the Orang Asli museum. This museum gives a good introduction to the customs and culture of Malaysiaís aboriginal people. Amazing people who live(d) in a peaceful, harmonious, creative and artistic way. Their spirit is still resonating in Malaysia. This spirit you can experience in many ways, when travelling through Malaysia. Highly recommended if you want to know more about the true spirit of this great country. (Note I am Dutch, so in no way prejudiced).

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Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands, with its nice and cool temperatures,

really is a place to relax, a relief after the buzzing big city.
It is famous for its tea plantations.


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Ipoh - Taiping - Kuala Kangsar



Ipoh and Taiping old cities with colonial buildings, cave temples and a lake garden.

Kuala Kangsar has a beautiful mosque and two palaces.


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More Kuala Lumpur photos



An overwhelming city, where the blend of old buildings with modern architecture has been successful.
Far from being a westernized Asian city, it has a lot of charm and character.
The 451m high Petronas towers are Kuala Lumpurís giant landmark, a breath-taking view from beneath!


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More Batu Caves photos



Just 15km north of Kuala Lumpur are the huge Batu caves.

The caves are in a towering limestone formation, in which a Hindu shrine has been built.

Just on the day I came there, there was a big celebration because

the tallest Murugan statue in the world was inaugurated


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