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Close to each other we find the old (10th till 13th century) Khmer ruins

of Phanom Rung, Prasat Muang Tam and others.


Phanom Rung Historical Park




This temple complex is the largest and best restored of all Khmer monuments in Thailand.

Phanom Rung is at the top of a volcanic cone and it means in Khmer: 'big hill'.

It was build between the 10th and 13th century

to symbolize the stay of Shiva on the holy mountain Kailash.

The temple complex faces east, towards the original capital of Angkor.


Phanom Rung was originally build as a Hindu monument

as we can see in the Shiva Linga and the sacred bull Nandin.

 There are also many other Hindu symbols in the lintels.


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Prasat Muang Tam



This Khmer site about 5km south of Phanom Rung dates back to the late 10th century.

It is situated at the foot of Phanom Rung and it's name means: "lower city"


The main sanctuary is surrounded by beautiful ponds full of  Lotus flowers.


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