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Khmer sites in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos


Reproduced with permission from Thailand 9  2001 Lonely Planet Publications.

Map of the most important Khmer sites in Cambodia and Thailand


When Europeans discovered East of Ayuthaya old ruins in the jungle,

they thought they were from an old Chinese or Greek civilization.


Only in the 19th century the history of the Khmer has been unraveled.

From the 9th century till the 14th century the Khmer ruled Cambodia and NE Thailand.

In NE Thailand more then 180 relics of this glorious past has been found.


Several are older then the famous and more well known Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Phra Wihan is officially situated in Cambodia, but can only (easily) be reached from Thailand.


New: Champasak in Laos, close to Chong Mek in Thailand


Phimai Phanom Rung e.o. Phra Wihan Angkor Cambodia