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What is NEW?



You can see many more spiritual quotes and related subjects on my Pinterest boards



Illustration of the main aspects of spiritual astrology with the horoscope of Isaac Newton

Below this page.



The World Tree or the Tree of Life: our journey back to the Divine

11-11-11 -> 21-12-12 -> 13-3-13

This is a continuation of The Climax: Finishing this Mayan Cycle at 21-12-2012



Two poems by Yamuna



The Climax: Finishing this Mayan Cycle at 21-12-2012


6-11-2012 Minor update

Now 212 countries



Two new beautiful versions of the

Gayatri Mantra and Narayana Om




Fly High in the Sky

An unique opportunity to grow


3-7-2012 (Guru Purnima)

Spiritual Astrology part II: The Cosmic Plan

Part II discusses in more detail how spiritual astrology works,

in the form of a Cosmic Plan

which indicates the right time and place for spiritual growth.

It comes to some astonishing conclusions.


Time for Love by Susanne Roshi-Gandharvi (Song)

May this message of love spread all over the world.



The Dawning of the Wisdom Age

A Mayan, Aquarian Age, Astrological and Evolutionary Vision about 2012 and beyond.


A-synchro-destiny. Not to be in tune with your destiny


22-12-2011 (Winter solstice)

Living a wonderful life
The Maya prophesies for 2011 & 2012

Each man comes into this world with a specific destiny.


11-11-11 The portal of the Aquarian Age

We are coming upon a critical hour where our consciousness must, and I repeat, MUST make a major leap forward.

There is no way around it.



Healing with Sounds:

an enormous field of possibilities towards entering hidden, non-verbal dimensions



Living in Complete Trust

About 4 years ago, I had this thought that If the One that created will take care of me,

then I place my trust in the One.




Light-weaver.com, an experiment in the fusion of religion, art, and science.

A treasure-house full of spiritual art, poems and videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!



Other Beautiful Beings (below): Erasmia-Sufis

Erasmia has been an introduction to a new and wonderful world,

filled with oriental rhythms, Sufi whirling and belly dancing.



Enlightenment updated with 'endarkenment'.

Too much use of technology and social networking (like Facebook) may be unhealthy,

it could do more harm than good.



Osho: Falling in Love versus Rising in Love

Inspired by two poems of Yamuna.



Orbs-Plasma clouds (light Beings) Part I

An introduction to the mysterious orb-plasma clouds phenomenon.



Orbs and plasma clouds (light beings) part II

The experience and conclusions of experts, published in articles, books and on DVD

Their mission and message of hope


20-12-2010 Updated

This website is according to Google and Yahoo

at the Top of the World with many spiritual topics. (1000 keywords!)



These three articles have been created for Osho's birthday.

It is important to read them in this sequence:


1. From Robopathology to Enlightenment

MAN is not yet man. He can be, but he is not.

The potential is there but the potential has to be actualised. It is not yet a reality.


2. Wasting your Life

Gadgets go on accumulating and the soul goes on disappearing;

machines go on growing and man goes on disappearing.


3. Osho: Be realistic plan for a miracle

The sacred is adventure. It is risky—but there is no other way to live.

Danger is the only dimension.



In Visionary Art the vision and creativity

behind remarkable works of art are explored.


5-11-2010 (Diwali)

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

The ultimate discourse on the nature of existence

and a new, 2500 years old, vision for the world



Osho: What is there, is there

Dreams versus reality

Transcending the mind


26-9-2010 Updated

This website is according to Google and Yahoo

at the Top of the World with many spiritual topics.



Divine Light

 A Vision of Divine Light shinning all over the World



Osho: The Secret of Live

The Seagulls of Happiness


26-7-2010 (Guru Purnima)

A Homage to Buddha, Osho and other Masters
When the disciple is ready the Master will appear



Ireland: Poulnabrone tomb

A passage way into the afterlife



The Source – The Creative Intelligence
Unfolding your unlimited potential



21-6-2010 (Summer solstice)

Nine steps to fulfill your potential

A practical guide to raise your vibrational level


Deva Deep's Spiritual Journeys




Real Female Beauty and Power: Kindness.



Now 186 countries


Easter 2010: J+Isis = Jesus resurrected


The foundation of the first historical civilizations

Honoring the female principle (Goddess) again.