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Can everybody grow?

Dr. Wayne Dyer's horoscope


Never change anything in their life


I have a lot of Dr. Wayne Dyer (books, audio books, videos) and I love the way he brings the message and spirit of growth to the people. He also talks a lot about change. In his famous: Your Erroneous Zones (33 million copies sold) he talks about people who never change anything in their life. Like the man with the same boring job for 42 years, married for 62 years with a wife, he hates, always goes on vacation to the same spot and so on. So many people stay with the familiar, with what they always have done in their life.


Horosope Dr. Wayne Dyer

(If you are new to astrology, then read  first Spiritual astrology)


Many of the new-age teachers give the impression that change for the better is possible for everyone. From the astrological viewpoint Wayne Dyer teachings are clearly a strong Sun (what you want to express in this world) Ė Mars (what you do in this world, your actions) Ė Uranus (in a new, creative, original, exiting way) connection. So with almost 100% certainty (I do this often) I could predict that Wayne Dyer must have a strong Sun-Mars-Uranus connection in his horoscope. And checking his horoscope he has that connection of course. Wayne Dyer has a very strong sextile (the most favorable aspect) between his sun and Uranus and a strong Mars conjunct Uranus.  So everything he talks about is his own living experience. Of course there is much more interesting in Wayne Dyer's horoscope, but that is not the topic here.


No Uranus - no change


But I did also a lot of horoscopes of people who didnít have a favorable or even any Uranus aspect or energy. Combined with a blocking (difficult aspect of) Saturn the idea of change is unthinkable for them. They almost panicked when they came to me for their horoscope and I talked about change. Even when they had their major Uranus transit around their 40 and I indicated a great opportunity for change for the better. Even under this massive strong transit the idea of change looked ridiculous to them. Of course Uranus works in that case out in a negative way in their life, because this energy is so strong, you canít suppress it. Accidents, loss of job, divorce, heart attack, cancer and so on.


This is again a proof that only certain people with favorable aspects can do all the things indicated in these wise lessons others not. As in a famous saying of Kabir: "the honey bee will find the Lotus, others have no clue".


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