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'Be realistic, plan for a miracle'


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This website is according

to Google and Yahoo

at the Top of the World

with many (spiritual) topics like:


Spiritual journeys,

Mantras, Healing music / sounds

(Spiritual) astrology and horoscopes,


Buddha, Osho, Isis and spiritual women


Examples of the Divine Light shining all over the world,

found by the main search engines Google and Yahoo.


The search engines


The most important search engines like Google and Yahoo have played an important role in spreading the divine light all over the world. All these search engines use very sophisticated search algorithms to decide which are the most important articles and websites about a certain topic.

Therefore being at the top of the search engines mostly indicates that this is an important article and it will be read by many.


Normally web owners are happy when their site reaches the search engine top with one keyword. They pay even a lot of money to so called Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) to reach this top. They believe in all kind of myths how to reach there. But as I understand it well the most important factor is to have good, unique content. I didn’t ask anybody to make a link to this site, which is normally seen as a good method to get a high ranking


This is a unique site in the way that it brings so many spiritual traditions together just like Osho also did in his brilliant discourses.

This site is about MANY different subjects. But see the miracle that is happening, this site is with MANY search terms at the top 5, even sometimes of 296.000.000 others. Sometimes even position 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as of course with my favorite topic: Osho "divine light"

Web sites, which normally come at the top, are dedicated to a specific subject e.g. Osho.


All the cases presented here are actual recent search results, found by the statcounter,  which I use to monitor my websites. These are a selection of the results from last week. The bold ones are the most important ones. You can click on all the links, to see the original search result as a screenshot of the original screen. You can go back with the <- (back) arrow of your browser.

Note: sometimes even with a search term at the top, there is a longer list to show some of the other important sites as comparison.

These are only the results for text search, many people come also on this site by image search. Only a few of the image search results are given as an example.

Search results may change in time and can be country dependent.


Results as

The results itself are the actual screenshots, so you can't click any further on them.



Buddha has always been a great guiding light for me and I am really happy that I can contribute something by spreading his wisdom and my pictures of Buddha statues further over this planet. Buddha's saying: "Be a light unto yourself" has played a crucial role in my life, which can be found back in the results of the search engines.


2500 years the journey of the Buddha

7 most beautiful buddha in asia with picture with their life

Appa deepo bhavai be a light unto yourself.

be a light unto yourself buddha

be a light unto yourself gautam buddha

be a light unto yourself meaning

believe in yourself buddha

benefits of medicine buddha empowerment

Buddha Be yourself

buddha cosmos picture

buddha of fulfillment statues

buddha picture and mantras

buddha's last words be a light unto

buddha's last words you're your own light

contribution of buddha

dhammapada gatha pictures

dhammapada logos

dhammapada opening sentence

dhammapada text

In this world hate never dispel hate Buddah

In this world, hate never yet dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate. This is the Law, ancient and inexhaustible. We are what we think.

Life is so amazing when you no longer feel like shit!- The Buddha

medicine buddha image

medicine buddha quotes

medicine buddha visualisation

pictures of energy and buddha

the wind cannot overturn a mountain (quote from the Dhammapada)



Osho has spoken with so much love and understanding about the Buddha, which is reflected here.


aes dhammo sanantano part 1 by osho

osho dhammapada date discourse poona 1

osho dhammapada true or false

quotes from dhammapada osho

review of The Dhammapada by osho


Mantras – healing sounds/music

(Note is also a website designed by Deva Deep)

There are so many websites dedicated to mantras. Therefore I was really surprised to find no really good ones, according to my criteria. The same with healing sounds. Together with Thi Hoang and Yeshe van Sundert we have made the Mantra part, where you have also the possibility to download the most important mantras and specific healing sounds as mp3.

I looks like the search engines fully agree with the usefulness of the Mantra part of this site.


any mantra for become rich free pdf (Typical Indian question!)

buddha gayatri mantra

Buddha mantra free song

budh mantra india download

Dalai lama + rekhi healing mantra + mp3 free download

deep meditation by music india

energy healing music download

free divine music with buddhist mantras

free downloads gayatri mantra tune


free downloads of sounds of the planets

free healing sounds downloads

free mantras for healing

free mp3 mantra for cosmic healing


free om mantra music

free yoga music mantra downloads

ganesha mantra mp3

ganesha saranam

gayatri mantra frequency synthesis

gayatri mantra pictures

healing mantra music

healing repetition mantra song

healing vibrations and classical music

important mantra for ganesh

important mantras

important mantras chanting

important word of mantras

listen to medicine buddha music

mantra heal others

mantra music free

mantra net healing


map of chakra to notes

Medicine Buddha Mantra physical and mental illness

mental healing music download

most important mantras

most sacred&powerful muslim mantras

om mantra continous sayings mp3 to download

powerful healing mantras mp3

spiritual healing music, free download

spoken mantras free downloads

Spoken Powerful mantras


vedic empowering breathe

what could a mantra consist of

words and music for Ganesha


Miscellaneous e.g. Chakras, Isis, Kabbalah, Upanishads, Yoga, Zen

(If Osho talks on these topics it is under Osho)


a map of all chakras

anam cara concept

anam cara definition

anam cara friendship

and the flowers showered

and the flowers showered (India)

bloodline of isis

brihadaranyaka upanishad IV. 4.5 deepak

chakra colours mind maps

chakra feeling sad

chakras in eastern theology

christian theology and chakras

Dearest One, Eternal Companion, Spiritual Mate

Experience Two: Barriers to Soul Friendship

Foundation Legend of Egypt

george Washington and family virgin goddess Isis

gourishankar, everest, wikipedia

isis and orisis

isis blood line

Isis in other cultures

shiva lingua

sun salutation mp4

the Sun salutation exercise

yoga sun and moon channel

zen on faith

zen master seng tsan


Osho: 'Be realistic, plan for a miracle'

Osho is overwhelming and these results of the search engines are also overwhelming. I never dreamed about that the response would be so strong and worldwide when I started this website. The first book I saw from Osho was: 'Be realistic, plan for a miracle' at that moment I knew:  "yes this is my Master" and look miracles are happening ALL the time! If I want to condense the whole message of this website in one short sentence it would be this one:  'Be realistic, plan for a miracle'


and flowers showered osho

audio blessed osho

become a sannyasin

beyond good and evil - OSHO

blessings masters light Osho

Chapter 10 Sannyas Entering the Stream

choose to be blissful your life will change and miracles will happen by osho

conscious and unconscious mind map

copyright for osho discourses.

creativity osho audio

divine melody osho chapter 5

divine potential in me OSho

how to adapt to the sleepy people without compromising on your truth osho

how to live like a sannyasin

important websites on osho

madness and creativity the same energy Osho

osho secret happiness

osho about love

osho audio discourse

osho audio discourses

osho audio library in india

osho audio listen

osho best words


osho book on relatedness

osho celebrating (image search)

osho creativity audio

osho "deva deep" (image search)

Osho discourse in text

osho discourses in audio

osho discovering yourself

Osho "divine light"

osho download audio discourses

Osho Early Discourses mp3

osho early photo


osho essentials

osho eternal law

osho friendliness

osho hindi audio jokes listen mp3

osho horoscope (image search)

OSHO HOW i can learn the secret of life?

osho kabbalah

osho lively words about life

osho love friendliness

osho on gandhi audio

osho on law of attraction

osho on no mind gives energy unbelievable

osho on non duality quotes

osho on seagulls of happiness

osho photo


osho qoutes ecstasy is our very

osho quotes about intelligence and love

osho quotes about new opportunities

osho quotes freedom

osho quotes on consciousness

osho quotes on nation

osho quotes to be creative means to be in love with life

osho quotes zen tarot

osho sannyas qualities

osho secret pictures

osho subconsciousness summary

osho talks

osho talks on creativity

osho teachings online audio

osho texts

osho zen quotes

osho zen tarot

osho zen tarot on relatedness

osho+love without any reference

osho's horoscope

Osho's introduction

osho's pictures


shantimayi osho

sun salutation osho

synchronicity osho

text of osho discourse

there is no other miracle life itself is the miracle osho

Why would someone become a sannyasin


The most amazing conclusion is that it looks like Osho knew exactly whom to ask and at exactly the right moment (copyright) if you look at these results. Indeed as Osho told us: "If you have loved me, if you have trusted me, you will feel me in a thousand and one ways. In your silent moments you will suddenly feel my presence".


Source - transformation

The interesting fact is that all the different sources, connected to THE SOURCE are, in essence,  saying the same. They paint it only in different colors and shapes. This is reflected in the results of the search engines.


a miracle which can change ones life

Audio discourses spiritual

creative intelligence as energy source

creative intelligence of the universe

deep spiritual saying

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny – he has something to fulfill.

examples of life is a miracle

friendliness is the highest peak of love

Hate never yet dispelled hate

have you felt like your trapped in a matrix

how to clean myself internally

How to get connected with infinite intelligence

I dreamed of the divine light coming out of me

i tend to sit there doing nothing

Its time to wake up the ancients you tube

law of god action

miracle of life

my mind wants to do nothing

new life is a miracle

peak of consciousness quotes

photo of divine light and life

quote on divine light that clears darkness & spread love

quotes on divine light



the source feeling connected creativity

Wayne Dyer big bang theory

wayne dyer rumi power of intention

wayne dyer which came first heart attack or divorce

where to start self transformation

who is able to get divine light

"youtube-spiritual movies"


(Spiritual) Astrology - horoscope

Again the same phenomenon. When I did the research on spiritual astrology and horoscopes, I found nothing really good, according to my criteria,  about this topic. I have made a lot of horoscopes and also studied as research a lot of horoscopes of famous people, especially in the spiritual, creative, intuitive and artistic fields. From all these data (as a process engineer I have worked with complicated mathematical models and statistical methods in the past) I could develop a model, indicating  what  the most important factors are in your horoscope for the spiritual, creative, intuitive and artistic talents.

But also what the most important influences are when you horoscope unfolds itself in time  and how to use this changing energy in the optimal way (the so called transits). This is an often reoccurring topic on this site, because it is so important.

It looks according to the results of the search engines (mostly TOP 3) that there are a lot of interesting topics about this on this website.


astrologically which planet enhances the spirituality

astrology and illustration

astrology aspects examples illustrations

astrology aspects illustrations

astrology horoscope sign pyramids

deep spiritual astrology

Dr Wayne Dyer's vedic horoscope

Horoscopes and spiritual connections


pattern pyramid aspect astrology

pluto in houses spiritual astrology

positions for spiritual astrology

rajneesh horoscope

spiritual astrology horoscope

spiritual horoscope

spiritual horoscopes

spiritual master astrological combinations

Wayne Dyer, Astrology

which planets in your horoscope take u to spirituality


(Spiritual) (journeys)

The main theme of this website and in my life, reflected beautifully in the search results.


contemporary magnificent pictures spiritual

inner spiritual journey

INNERWORLD journeying

is it possible to still have a spiritual journey to india

Music for Spiritual Journeys

my spiritual journey india

one planet guides

pictures that represent journeys

sounds like you are in a spiritual place


spiritual journeys

spiritual journeys in the world

spiritual journeys of the world

spiritual journeys


spiritual masters in thailand

spiritual places in asia

spiritual sacred asian WEBSITES



Women - beauty - kindness - power

The energy depicted here (also literally) is VERY important for the survival of our world. So I am happy to see it positioned also so high in the search results. Because most visitors are from India, I added a photo of a beautiful Indian girl. (Click to enlarge).


asian beauty girls Photo References

beauty or kindness

india's girls images (on image search picture nr. 2)


female beauty of asia

india deva deep girl


malaysia female beauty pictures


power beauty female pic

quote on women's divine light

real female pics

real female pictures india

real female power

slideshow beauty female

spiritual women in asia

wise women india

wise women through the ages


Zohar - Kabbalah

The Zohar has been at the start of this website, when I found a little book about the Zohar in the Sinai in Egypt. So much condensed wisdom. Joy fills me when I see it spreading further over this planet, so desperately in need for 'The Light of the Creator' or Divine Wisdom.

(Click to enlarge).


teachings of the Zohar

true light beings zohar

What Are the Teachings of the Zohar


zohar burning bush

zohar Egypt

zohar on miracles

zohar portion for moses parting red sea

zohar teaches evolution

zohar teachings


When I started to look at the results for this web site I have been so surprised when I saw with how many keywords this web site is at the top (the list above).  Therefore just out of curiosity I looked longer. In one month I found 1000 keywords, a good point to stop.


NEW extended alphabetical list of 1000 keywords (pdf)

by which this site has been found by visitors in November 2010.


By specific keywords



It looks indeed this web site has become one of the most important web sites about spirituality and many correlated subjects.


With God (the Infinite Intelligence) everything is possible


I can give more examples, but I have chosen some of most the important ones as an illustration. Just now (this may change in time) this website is at the top with about 200 search terms. Impossible if you want to do it on your own, but for this Infinite Intelligence everything looks possible!


You can understand that I am filled with joy about the result. When Osho asked me in a vision in the Sinai desert in Egypt to start publishing about Him, it looked almost impossible. Due to many limitations at that moment such as a strong guarded copyright. But look what has happened: at this moment this site is with many Osho topics at the top.  And the same for many other topics, which I experience as important and wanted to share with this world..

I feel like the famous saying and song: Rejoice, and again I say rejoice.


This reminds me of an inspiring story I once heard about Theresa of Avila, a female mystic in the Catholic church. She wanted to build a large cathedral in Avila. Therefore she asked the people for help. They asked her: "How much money do you have?" She answered: "One kopke" (about 5 cents). The people started laughing, but she said: "Wait a moment: one kopke AND GOD!"

And the beautiful cathedral stands there. In 1963 I visited Avilla, without knowing about her birthday, and there has been a fantastic celebration. Rejoyce!

(Click on picture to enlarge)


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