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You will synchronize your actions with the divine flow of events.

(Law of God Action)


Suddenly I got the flash that synchronicity is what is happening on my spiritual journeys, because this donít seem to be happening by chance. As I wrote a year before in India women:  Some energy in the unified field (the Source, Tao etc.) has to be changed and this infinite intelligence just seeks people who can be a help by it.


When I started this website by publishing about Osho, there was a strict and strong maintained copyright for many years on any Osho publication. Everyone has been prosecuted who wrote about Osho, without the permission of OIF. Despite this I followed my vision and published several Osho articles. After that I got the message that the copyright process has been lost, see: celebrate friends.


Back from India I started an action for more rights and freedom for the Indian women.

(See also my Asia pictures website Indian girls and women and Thi Hoang's contribution)

Now less then one year after starting this action the miracle actually is happening again:


'A new liberation for Indian women'

 Women comprise nearly half of India's population


India's upper house has approved a bill to reserve a third of parliamentary seats for women. Dancer Mallika Sarabhai, who stood in general elections last year, explains what such a move means to her.

India has taken its the first step towards redemption of promises made to women 62 years ago when it attained freedom.

It was a promise of living with dignity, opportunity, self pride, fearlessness.

Today India awakens to the fact that a nation, like a human body, can not be free if it is torturing half of itself. Mutilating, destroying, deriding, wishing away. No such nation can ever be healthy.

Today we may have opened the door towards a healthy nation.


A new, liberating journey for Indian women has now begun.

See also: Indian upper house approves women's quota bill


I have tears in my eyes, because it looks also that this deep wish is coming true.


And the last example: I mentioned it already, because it has been so obvious. But at that moment I didnít see the bigger picture. When I was writing my article about the Source, Wayne Dyer the main figure in this article was at exactly the same moment also writing about the Source.

And if 'miracles' can be done like Osho teachings and the Indian women to be freed, why not the whole world. So many beings are working at this moment on this planet to raise the consciousness and creating a new, harmonious and peaceful world.


Till now all my visions have come true, so this one must come true too. It gives me an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude. The vision, that I got many years ago (1974) and which has been reinforced when Osho gave my my name Deva Deep will comes true.


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