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Erasmia - Sufis

Erasmia is connected to my Sufi past. So I want to start from there.



Meeting the Whirling Sufi Saint Rumi in Konya


Before I went for the first time to Osho in India, I went to Turkey at the end of 1978. Not with a special plan, but simply following my inner voice who told me to go there.

In Konya I was guided to the tomb of a Sufi mystic Mevlana Jaludin Rumi, the founder of the order of the whirling dervishes.

At that moment I didn't remember anything about Rumi, but I felt a peace and silence descending over me and sat at his tomb for a long time. (Actually there doesn't exist any time in such an eternal moment). I entered a sacred space and started a new spiritual journey, which would bring me to an ongoing discovery about who I really am and what, in this life, my purpose is. Also an ever expanding view that everything is so much greater and wonderful then we can imagine. All my lives connected together as a string op pearls.


Sufi dances and whirling in Osho's ashram in India


After Konya I went to Osho in India and became his disciple. Osho has given me my spiritual name Deva Deep (Divine Light).

His ashram in India has been a rare spiritual oasis, where rays of divine light entered this world and miracles became possible. It has been a great spiritual laboratory in so many fields.


I felt immediately attracted to Sufi (heart) dance and whirling. Every morning I did Sufi dance and/or whirling. I did also a fourteen day Sufi group, which ended which a whirling meditation of our group at Osho's birthday celebration in Buddha hall.

No words to describe all the spaces and realms I experienced during these mysterious times.

I also realized that Rumi has been my Master in a past life. That has been the reason that I first had to bid Rumi farewell in Turkey before going to Osho. How wonderful life is, when we just follow our higher self or inner voice.


The Sufi dance, whirling and groups were mostly conducted by Zaheera, with Erasmia as her co-assistant. The wonderful live music was played by Sirus and other musicians.

I recognized in them an ancient soul connection and it has been wonderful to meet them heart to heart. It has been just like coming home with these wonderful people.




The connection with Erasmia has stayed in time, it turned out to be a real anam cara connection.

As written in the introduction: The anam cara experience opens a friendship that is not wounded or limited by separation or distance.

And yes my heart jumps in happiness when I hear something from Erasmia and see how beautiful see is doing in life. This is indeed a bond that transcends distance and time and it is such a blessing to experience that. One step further and you can feel this oneness with the whole Universe. But living in this physical plane, it is heart touching to have it also with some special human beings, who resonate on the same wavelength.


Erasmia has her own unique way to express the divine grace that is flowing through here. It is with dance and music. Here more information about her from her website:


The name "Ma Prabhu Erasmia" means

"The Joyous and dear one who is listening to the call of existence ".



Erasmia was born in Crete, Greece and studied at the National School of Dance Music and Theater in Athens. She studied classical ballet in Paris and learned the Art of Belly Dance from famous Egyptian teachers. She has a brilliant background in the performing arts and has won many international awards.

She has been experiencing the transforming power of the dance in herself. Her meeting with the great Indian Mystic, Osho, has opened up new dimensions. Through the blessing of meditation and her experience in the various areas of healing arts, her approach to the dancing arts has been enriched by new insights. Meditation and our Inner Ecstasy is the core of her approach to this Art.

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