Spiritual astrology II
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Spiritual astrology part II: The Cosmic Plan

The right time and place for spiritual growth


In part I of spiritual astrology the general principles are dealt with.

Part II discusses in more detail how spiritual astrology works,

in the form of a Cosmic Plan

which indicates the right time and place for spiritual growth.

It comes to some astonishing conclusions.

The Mayan Cosmic Plan in Copan

11-11-10 11:10




The Cosmic Plan


When we look for guidance in how to construct our everyday lives, we need to answer the central question of self: What are my dreams and desires? And that can only be answered by asking, in addition, Who am I ? What do I want? What's my purpose in this lifetime?
We know that our deepest relationships and meanings and contexts derive from the soul. And our aspiration, that grand and wonderful and mythical thing that we yearn to do, also ultimately derives from the soul. In our time here on earth, this individual soul will not be fulfilled unless it completes its mythical quest, which we can think of as the Grand Plan around which our destinies are organized. Inside every human being there is an overarching theme, a template for heroic living, a god or a goddess in embryo that yearns to be born. This is who we were meant to be, the self that we deny ourselves because most of us cannot see the field of limitless potential that is open to us. This is our best self, the egoless self, that bit of the universe acting through us for the good of all.
People who live ordinary, mundane lives have not gotten in touch with the mythical being, inside them. You can pave the path to enlightenment by understanding the plan written on your soul, by nurturing the relationships that give you context and meanings, and by enacting your compassion. Out of that comes fulfillment and completion.


Quote from book Synchrodestiny: by Deepak Chopra. Highly recommended.


1. Introduction


When you have finished this article, I hope you will have an idea that there exists something like a Cosmic Plan. It is our destiny to unravel and follow this Cosmic Plan. On this eternal journey of the soul you will get guidance and signs of the infinite intelligence, which creates all the galaxies full of life.
How more you are in tune with your destiny, the more you will enjoy this journey full of wonder, surprises and cosmic jokes. I will use astrology, an ancient science, to prove that this Cosmic Plan exists and partially how its work. The examples are from my own life.


The soul chooses the exact right time and place to be born

(Continuation of spiritual astrology I. If you are new to astrology it may help to read that part first).


As told in spiritual astrology I, all the spiritual women I have met, as my soul sisters, have the same astrological aspects in their horoscopes as I have in my horoscope and also in our composite (energy together) horoscope. We have also met at the time predicted by the astrological transits (see later).

It is in itself already a miracle that this energy finds each other at the right place and time, but there are perhaps hundreds (or more) of these kind of women in the world.

But to meet a great master as Osho is rare.

The only explanation I can see is that my soul has chosen the exact right time and place to be born.

This caused the great attraction to Osho (which is very strong in my composite horoscope with Osho). But also seen from the dynamic astrological viewpoint, a whole series of transits (the horoscope unfolding in time) has made the entire transformation in my being possible at this particular and short time window when Osho was there in the body and in Poona I. I elaborate it in more detail here, because I see this as not only as a strong scientific proof of the validity of astrology, but even more so as a scientific evidence of the incredible infinite intelligence which guides our life.


The Incredible Infinite Intelligence which guides our life


In the spiritual development of humankind we have reached a moment where science and spirituality are meeting and reaching to the same point. The movie: 'What the Bleep do we know' is a great example of this, but also e.g. the book 'Synchro-destiny' of Deepak Chopra, combines quantum physics with ancient Vedanta knowledge.

I have worked a lot with mathematical modeling and I use here the same methodology to prove that there must exist an incredible infinite intelligence who guides our life. I know a lot about statistical techniques too and there is NO WAY that this all can be coincidental.


2. The astrological transits: unique moments in time for spiritual growth


The horoscope unfolding in time is called the transits. The planets, the sun and moon which are actually in the sky make a certain aspect with the sun, moon or planets and in our birth cart. This gives unique possibilities for growth, sometimes very smooth, just going with the cosmic flow.

Sometimes transits are more challenging yet important lessons, in which we are urged to leave a lot of the old and outdated conditionings behind. As long we don't fight these energies, both kind of transits will always be helpful in the course of our life.

I will use a time period of my own life as a case study to enlighten how spiritual astrology works in my life. In this case how I started a complete new life by becoming a disciple of Osho.


Starting a new life: Uranus


The whole process of leaving everything behind me and starting a new life (a central theme also in the life of most of my soul sisters) started in 1978 with one of the strongest life-changing transits you can have (mostly between the age 39-43): Uranus opposite Uranus. If you go with this energy you will be blessed in many ways by this infinite intelligence, and miracles can happen. Almost everything you wish for or can dream about is provided in abundance. I can give MANY examples of it, but the most striking one is this one: I did a spiritual growth group in which in which we were asked to make a list of all the things we wished for if miracles would be possible without limitations. Note well: at that moment I was working as a chemical engineer, married, kids, own house with a mortgage and so on. All the normal things. I wrote a whole list down, with many really impossible wishes seen from a normal and logical viewpoint. Ten years later I found, cleaning an old cupboard, this list again and EVERYTHING had been realized. That attracted me so much to Osho when I stumbled upon his book: 'Be realistic, plan for a miracle!' I immediately understood this cosmic sign!


Now or never!


Again I will emphasize the great importance of going with your inner voice, seeing the signs and finding your destiny. I have seen several people missing these important transits (and they are not more there next month or next year, so now or never!) A great opportunity for development may be missed by ignoring the inner voice that we, deep down, all know so well. And when you miss it, often strong Uranus transits and also Pluto transits, (see later) work out through depression, burn out, disease and all kinds of 'set-backs' which seemingly come from outside.


Pluto the Goddess Kali under the planets: transformation. Kali mostly works though destroying all that does not need to be carried any longer, yet she always works through immense compassion. 


After my Uranus transit, another very strong (and sometimes even deadly) transit started: Pluto opposite Sun. Depending on how you use this Pluto energy, it can be a time of great inner and outer transformation. Leaving behind what we are used to is almost inevitable under this transit, but you can see it as a blessing because all the things that are not more relevant in your life are rigorously removed. In this way you can start anew. Resisting these powerful Kali/Pluto energies may result in all sorts of, often serious, discomfort, as mentioned earlier. These strong Uranus and Pluto transits are doing their work anyhow, better to consciously detach than to resist it in vain. In any case, this powerful energy will be life-changing.


In becoming a sannyasin you can read the continuation of my new life with Osho

(and the transit under which it happened)


The key to a life in abundance and happiness


I am in wonder seeing the perfect way existences' interrelatedness and synchronicity. It shows my whole life in such a completely different perspective. Instead of a lot of seemingly accidental happenings everything seems to be so well laid out.

Being conscious of the infinite interrelatedness of all things, opens the heart and reveals intuition versus living from fixed ideas. A life lived intuitively from the heart, is the key to a life lived in abundance and happiness.



3. Important places for spiritual growth: astro-cartography

(This is a new part added much later. It makes it even more wonderful!)


Today Guru Purnima 2012 (the Full Moon day in July when we celebrate our Master / Teachers/ Guides all over the world), bathing in Osho's grace, I got new insights and saw the connections between all what is happening in our lives in a new astonishing way.

There is another way to look at a horoscope, called astro-cartography. The horoscope is projected on the globe and this gives a good indication which locations are important to enhance a certain planetary energy, including the Sun and Moon.

The transits give a good indication WHEN and HOW to act because, the cosmic energies can be strong and beneficially enhanced under certain transits. The astro-cartography map gives a good indication WHERE to be on the globe to enhance the cosmic energies for us.


The outcome has been perplexing and mystifying


A friend of me asked me about the best places to go for spiritual growth. I have not much experience in this field of astro-cartography, and there is almost no good literature on this theme. I have done a lot of research as a scientist, therefore I started examining my own horoscope.

The outcome has been perplexing and mystifying. Almost all the places I have been on my spiritual journeys showed up on my astro-cartography map (click on the map to enlarge) and also almost all the places where I still still anticipate to visit.

I found 94 locations that are interesting for me! And this is scientific, because the results of the calculations are actual location coordinates, like 24N47 77E17. Note: for my research I have used detailed astro-cartography maps of selected continents, combined with detailed maps of Google with accurate coordinates.


India and Osho (Moon)

(Picture sunset over the Poona river)


I felt of course blessed when I saw in my astro-cartography map how significant India and Osho (Poona) are there on my Moon line.

In this case the Moon line indicates locations where your soul (spiritual) energy can be empowered. On a lower level it can also be a good place to dissolve emotional hang-ups, especially related to the mother.


The astro-cartography map indicates strongly Osho's spiritual commune in Poona, which is a meditation center with almost unlimited possibilities for raising consciousness in human beings. At one time in my life, this center has been very important for my spiritual development.


Other places on my Moon line are Mahabaleshwar where I met another spiritual Master Dada . Also Goa (Benaulim) where I met my spiritual friend Thi Hoang, Udaipur and Agra, where I had breathtaking mystical experiences during full moon. (Moon line!)

I don't want to go in details here, but the position of the moon and the aspects with the moon in your birth horoscope influences to which kind of country or place you feel attracted to. In my case my moon is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter indicates these kind of countries/places.


Heart to heart or soul to soul


According to the sparse literature on astro-cartography, if you connect heart to heart or soul to soul with another being at that for you specific place, the energy of that place will stay with you. The energy permeates your being, so to speak, and may leave vivid images in the memory.

One image that I am reminded of right now is the one of this magnificent lake of Udaipur with in the midst at fairytale-like palace, surrounded by palaces of Maharajas. I remember the sun slowly setting and a flock of white birds started circling over the lake in the last beams of sun light. Then the birds slowly descended on the lake in a graceful dance, in complete synchronicity as one being. After that from the other side a HUGE full moon rose in all her majesty and mysticism. Then a flock of bats started circling before the slowly rising full moon. These are just words that describe only a little of the miracle of being there at that special moment. Oftentimes, these mysterious miracle moments contain profound messages from within at the same time. These messages must not be ignored and may be clear pointers. You will know it.


How wonderful this guidance is to the right place at the right time


I realized that there is an infinite creative intelligence, which orchestrates everything so perfect from the creation of galaxies with so many life forms to guiding us to the right place at the right time to explore and discover new avenues. My name Deva Deep means in Chinese characters: explorer of the heavens and the earth and yes that is how I feel.


To give another example of this perfect guidance: From Osho I knew that he lived in Poona. But this has not been the case with Dada. When I was visiting Mahabaleshwar, a hill resort not far from Poona, I walked through the woods, came at a bamboo hut, somebody opened the door and asked surprised: "How did you know I am here?" Of course 'I' didn't know and it turned out to be Dada, a spiritual Master, usually guiding people in the USA.

To take a break Dada went for three months in retreat in this hut. He said: "I recognize the fact that you have found me as a sign that you have to be here with me", and I received three private satsangs from him. Later I did an audio project for Dada. The next year I went again to Mahabahleswar, walked into a hotel and at the same moment Dada walked in too. He had been as surprised as I was.


On this website there is a whole series of examples of these spiritual places, beings, temples and so on, just calling us. We only have to listen to our inner voice/heart and to go without hesitation. This explains these amazing 94 places on my astro-cartography map of which I have visited most places, just by listening to these calls.


Never think in terms as: "I can't go because I have no time, money or opportunity to go there." Doubt or/and fear are your worst enemies. They keep you small and insignificant.

I have met several frustrated people because they missed Osho by al kind of trivial reasons. This reminds me of the following quote: “The poorest man in the world is the man without a dream. The most frustrated man in the world is the man with a dream that never becomes reality.” (Myles Munroe).

If you trust and follow this inner calling

everything will be supplied by the universal principle of abundance.



In this dimension miracles are common, yet never to take for granted


Rajneeshpuram (Chiron)

What I found here in my astro-cartography becomes even more miraculous for me. Rajneeshpuram, the ranch/commune where Osho stayed after India, is close to Antelope in Orgeon, USA. This place is also on my astro-cartography map. Imagine Antelope a totally insignificant settlement of 46 inhabitants in the USA. Who could ever predict that I would go there one day to meet Osho again. But it is there on my map.

My Chiron(-ascendant) line, the asteroid of the Master, goes through Antelope. Chiron is also the wound in the soul and what happened to Osho there, had a deep impact on me and many of his disciples, as well as on the inhabitants of Antelope. At my first meeting with Sheela (the woman who had been in charge of the commune), I instantly saw that she was misusing her power position.



Kathmandu - Mahabhalipuram -  Pondicherry - Thanjavur - Madurai (Chiron)


The following makes it still more mysterious and interesting: My Chiron(-Descendant) line leads through Kathmandu - Mahabhalipuram - Pondicherry - Thanjavur. My Mercury line through Madurai. I have noticed that several times these sacred sites are situated on the same horizontal or vertical line. But in my case, this Chiron line is an arc and these places are all very special sacred sites, which to my amazement I have visited all.


Pondicherry - Auroville is the ashram and MahaSamadhi of Sri Aurobindo, the first Master in my life. I have been completely immersed in his teachings. I remember well reading his book on the magical island of Ibiza (in 1971 still unspoiled). It changed my life completely. It has been the start of the conscious part of my spiritual journey in this lifetime. Several temples in the other places made also a profound imprint on my soul-body.


These sacred Hindu sites go far back in time into a mysterious past full of Hindu deities. I am happy that I could catch this special atmosphere in photos, which can be again a method to stay connected to this almost primordial energy and share it with the world.


There is no way to explain this all. In this dimension miracles are common as I have experienced so many times.


I have on my astro-cartography map more sacred places in India, which I have visited. These two I want to mention also: Rishikesh where I met another spiritual Master ShantiMayi and her Master Maharajji and Dharmsala where I met the Dalai Lama. In all these cases, as with Osho and Dada, I have helped to spread the spiritual messages further by several kinds of multi media. These two places are on my Mercury (=communication) line.

Therefore it has been relatively easy to go to other places in Asia, when the people in charge of worldly aspects of ShantiMay's sangha (on the same kind of power trip as Sheela), made it impossible for me to make more movies. My asia-pictures website is the direct result of journeying to other Asian countries after Rishikesh.

Sadly I have seen these kind of power trips happening a lot around spiritual Masters. This spiritual journey website started when Osho asked me in a vision in the Sinai desert to start publishing about him, in spite of a strong guarded copyright. Of course again with a powerful spiritual transit and location. This is the way it works.


There are too many experiences to write them here. I just felt giving you a taste of our divine interrelatedness in the cosmic plan through some of my direct experiences.

I saw in more detail how everything is so magnificently orchestrated and guided by this infinite intelligence in the Cosmic Plan. That this would show up in such precise detail and that so much of what mattered in my life, was already in my birth horoscope, I never contemplated that. I am still perplexed.


Love and blessings


Deva Deep



Many thanks to Jivanjili for her editing.

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