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The ultimate flowering of the Isis energy

Real Female Beauty and Power: Kindness

One of the main aspects of the real female beauty and power is their kindness.

Women are the embodiment of love in this world.


I want to go into more details of this quote from Power versus Force written by Dr. Hawkins, because it is so true and so profound:


Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives

 is the most powerful transformational force of all.

It produces no backlash, has no downside,

and never leads to loss or despair.

It increases one's own true power without exacting any toll.

 But to reach maximum power

such kindness can permit no exceptions,

nor can it be practiced

with the expectation of some selfish reward.

 And its effect is as far reaching as it is subtle.


Kindness is at the same moment very powerful


Kindness is a quality of your being. You have first to experience it inside of yourself and see yourself as the great culmination of this all pervasive creative intelligence, expressing itself in many beautiful forms. In the article about creative intelligence, there are several quotes indicating that. Because kindness it a quality of your being, it will shine (like the sun) on everybody, without exception. It is like unconditional love. Therefore, contradictory to the ego: it can't be practiced for some selfish reward.

Kindness is at the same moment very powerful. It seems like a paradox, but isn’t. It is like the softest substance water that cuts through the hardest mountains and rocks.

I have seen this combination of kindness and power the strongest in the girls and women in Beijing, China. I was trilled and exited to be able to meet this kind of women and to capture their kindness, beauty and power in my photos. They were so sensitive, and open at the same time. I only had to think: “Wow what a beautiful woman” and they immediately sensed it, looked at me, smiled and there was the contact. For creative men like me, this kind of women is our inspiration.

In several other Asian countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Thailand I also have met very kind and beautiful women, but not as unique as in Beijing, China.


Man also have their inner woman (as women have their inner male) and the outer woman can help the man to integrate his female qualities and visa versa.


Every photograph contains energy


Research and possible your own experience have shown that photography is a kind of energy reproduction and that every photograph contains energy.

The age’s old Chinese proverb: ‘a picture says more then a thousand words’ also indicates this.

Therefore to raise your energy level and to come more in tune with the Source, it is important that you consciously select the pictures you watch.

That can be the pictures on the walls in your room, the kind of magazines you read or the Internet pages you look at. And of course the kind of television you watch. Commercial TV with all the news and movies full of crimes and violence has a strong negative effect on your energy. So don’t watch that crap!


 Click on the picture to enlarge.

(You may use this picture on your website, if you make a reference link to this webpage)


To transfer some of the energy of kindness to you I have made a selection of my pictures of Asia girls and women. I am happy to see that these photos of those Asian girls are seen by many people around the world in 203 countries.


A celebration of women


I give here some of the feedback I got on my photos of Asia girls and women.

I am happy to see that so many have gotten the 'vibe'. (thank you all for that!):


Refreshing to see a website devoted to BEAUTY not stereotypes.

Your love for these women is reflected in the way they shine on your pictures.
Very nice pictures, I like the dreamlike quality of those girls.
Very nice girls, a great inspiration for me.

The most beautiful Girl-Pictures I have ever seen!

Very beautiful this lovely and sunny outlook on the multitude of life.

It makes me happy to see all these pictures of so many girls, taken with such a loving view.
There are a lot of beautiful girls...but one is my absolute favorite.

Fantastic smile, spontaneous and God, so beautiful eyes.....

CONGRATULATIONS, you have wonderful images;
such NATURAL BEAUTY is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

This does not appear to be an exploitation site, but a celebration of women. Very refreshing!


So now it is your turn to savor the female beauty and kindness.


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