Life as a miracle
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Life as a miracle



A scientific proof of the incredible infinite intelligence who guides our life.




This is all about the miracle and the mystery of life. How more you penetrate this mystery the more you will see the infinite intelligence that created and is still creating this all. You will also see that everything is perfect as it is. The only condition is that you connect with the Source. That is grace, you only can create the right circumstances and when the time is ripe it will reveal itself to you. After this satori (or sometimes near death experience) your whole life will change and you will more and more see the miracle of life in everything.  An absolute great example of this is the Near-Death Experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict: Journey Through the Light and Back .

Then ask: "How can I serve?" and this infinite intelligence will guide you to never dreamed possibilities.

In this article I will show, also from a scientific (and astrological) viewpoint examples how this infinite intelligence is working. It indicates also the most important things to do or watch.

You will see that it is the energy in your horoscope and how your horoscope unfolds itself in time (transits) which is the basic drive of everything what can happen in your life, depending how you react on it. It is like you have got a whole bunch of talents and lessons to learn and it is up to you what you want to do with it.

I will give the horoscope of Osho as another example of a being destined to become a master and my composite horoscope with Osho, which shows how I have been destined to become a disciple of Osho and how this unfolds in time, guided by this infinite intelligence.

This article is a spiritual journey in itself, because I just started by making Osho’s horoscope and then insight after insight has been revealed to me, showing more and more how profound intelligent everything is designed.

This article is as well a scientific proof of the incredible infinite intelligence who guides our life.


Birth horoscope Osho


First read the general introduction to spiritual astrology, else you can’t understand this part.


If we look at the birth horoscope of Osho we see that his sun in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) is beautifully aspected by Uranus and Jupiter. This on its own is already a sign of a possible spiritual master, which will bring a new teaching to this world. Literally (Sun trine Uranus): the new man of the Age of Aquarius.

Osho has a very strong Neptune and Uranus energy to his Moon, Mercury, Venus Mars and Saturn. All in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. You see here again that all the important factors mentioned in the general introduction of spiritual astrology are very strong in his case.

Osho doesn’t have the pyramid aspect, but his energy configuration is stronger then the pyramid aspect, but more difficult to handle. Osho’s beautiful Neptune energy (trines) is concentrated especially on Mercury, which makes him even more destined to be a great spiritual Master. Osho’s Uranus energy is of the more difficult type (squares). This has made Osho the Rebel who broke with all the old rotten ideas and traditions. Of course as usual this generates a lot of contra forces as we have seen so many times happening in history. And often these people are crucified, poisoned and killed.

This danger is also indicated in Osho’s horoscope as in Rajneesh horoscope: Moon opposite Pluto.

I heard Osho saying one time: there are only two things infinite: Man’s stupidity and Gods love and compassion.


The miracle of life


Albert Einstein, one of the great geniuses of our time and a mystic wrote:


There are only two ways to life your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other as though everything is a miracle.


And this has been one of the main teachings of Osho for me too. His energy field (Buddha field) made it possible for many people to experience this wonder of life in many ways. And the beauty is that if you are touched by this mystical energy it always stays with you.

I never forget at one of Osho’s birthday celebrations: we were standing in Buddha hall in an amazing exiting energy and than this wonderful song in wonder started and from the ceiling golden threads came floating down and everybody open to this energy could feel the magic of this mysterious moment, the joy, the oneness, the infinite blessing of being at this moment in time in that place.

And for me that is the real miracle: being there in that moment in time. And that is the whole wonder of life being in the right moment at the right place and doing the right things.


The energy between the master and the disciple (astrologically the composite horoscope)


(Click on the photo to enlarge)

I realized this even more when I made the composite horoscope (energy) between Osho and me. And there we have the same magical and wonderful energy again which I have with all my soul sisters. From an astrological viewpoint this composite horoscope of Osho with me is the most beautiful possible. As I have written in the introduction to spiritual astrology this kind of energy will attract and find each other.

Osho said many times don’t think you are searching for a master, the master is calling you. In my case that happened already in 1973 when only a few people at that time had heard of Osho. The first growth group I ever did has been with Arup who in Poona I (1974-1981) became the woman in charge of the Western disciples. The second group I did has been with Poonam, the wife of Teertha, one of the main therapists in Poona I. They run then the important growth center Quasitor in London. I was very impressed by the energy of these women, especially Poonam, who at that moment was already a disciple of Osho and several of the women in her group. At that moment I was working as a chemical engineer (little wrong interpretation of a past life in which I have been an alchemist) and my friends had also an academic background with the women being very intellectual, emotionally dry and much in their head. My God and here we had these complete different spiritual, juicy, powerful amazing women! After this group my life changed completely. I had a profound satori experience during Poonam’s group, doing the first time Osho’s dynamic meditation. In a flash I went through all the layers of my personality and reached the blissful center. Poonam saw it and acknowledged it by saying: “Yes you can be God”.  She gave me a glass of water which tasted as nectar. Now I knew what nectar was! Later I did a seven days enlightenment intensive with Arup and I had an even stronger and longer lasting satori experience. This is the wonder of life if this happens and you will feel very blessed.


A life full of wonder or a dull robot like existence

If you are interested I go in spiritual astrology II much deeper in what happened in the whole transformation process of starting a new life with Osho. Especially I explain the great importance of following the cosmic influences and guidance in this process. It can make the whole difference of a life full of wonder or a boring robot like existence.

Becoming a sannyasin



I went end of 1978 to Poona, listened to Osho and immediately knew I wanted to become a sannyasin (one of his disciples). In that time you had to walk in orange-red with a mala around your neck. So my mind immediately started: “you can’t do this”. I was working at an engineering company and in that time everyone was very neatly dressed in suits with ties. So walking there in red with a mala would be really very odd. So my mind went: “You can loose your very well paid job, people will think you have become crazy, you will loose your friends and so on”. But taking sannyas is only for the courageous. The ones who dare to go into uncharted territories. Trusting that they will be guided and will reach their destiny. So I went to Arup and because she knew me already well, I was allowed the same evening to sit in front of Osho and to get sannyas of him.

This has been an incredible experience. It felt if Osho saw my whole life and the name he gave to me and what he told me, was so exactly right (I got already a vision of that many years before). But I don’t want to go into too many details here.

The transit this evening was Neptune trine Sun, which describes exactly what happened at that moment, my spiritual being (Neptune-Sun) has been initiated into sannyas.

And now 30 years later it is even stronger there under another similar transit. This has been the start of this ever unfolding website!

Note: most of the mentioned transits happen only once or at the most two times in your life!


There is much more to say, but the important point is to see that if you choose:

To live life as though everything is a miracle.

You will see these miracles happen all the time.


The Three M’s


In the discourse the following morning Osho has given me a blueprint for the rest of my life. Osho talked about the three M’s. Osho’s whole man would integrate Science, Art and Religion.

Of Science Mathematics is the most pure form. Of Art Music is the most pure form and of course of Religion Meditation is the purest. And that is what I have been doing all the time after this miraculous moment in time: CD’s with healing music and mantras, spiritual movies on DVD’s and (spiritual) websites which have reached millions of people in almost every country in this world and this all is only growing and growing. I am now seventy years old and mostly ‘working’ many hours a week, but I never become tired. And I have not the slightest idea what a burn-out or a depression could be. This Infinite Intelligence gives also infinite energy and health if you flow with it.

And they lived happily ever after



Most fairy tales end with this. When I came back home after a month Poona of course I lost my job and everything else. This is inevitable during a Pluto opposite Sun transit. It even happened exactly at the times predicted by the transit (you will get every transit three times in a relative short period).

But a large amount of money came, so I could stay for a long time with Osho in Poona, where I lived very happily in the midst of the nature in a bamboo hut (left on the picture) under a large tree with my new girlfriend Prana. And for nothing in the world I would have wanted to go back to my old life. I really started a complete new life at this point with a new name.




Having a very good composite horoscope with somebody mostly gives also a lot of synchronicity. When I left Osho in March 1981 I had a leaving dharsan with Osho in which he touched my third eye and gave me an energy box. The next morning I went to a Hindi discourse of Osho with only few people at that moment. Later this day I heard the announcement that Osho would no more come out. I had his last energy dharsan and his last discourse in Poona I. Later Osho departed to America. But here it is not finished. On my sannyas birthday January 3rd, 1987 I was celebrating at home and Osho was at that moment in Bombay after his world tour. A deep wish emerged: “Osho please go to Poona” and exactly at that moment: Osho said: “come we go to Poona”. When I heard this the next day I immediately went to my travel agency and one day later I went to him. At that moment there were very few people, so I could sit just in front of him and drown in his eyes and presence.

So as you can see the end of Osho in Poona I and the start of Osho again in Poona II were perfectly connected. Isn’t this all really amazing and wonderful?

I can go on with this. But this all proves so clearly that life is indeed a miracle all the time if you follow the divine guidance.


The more you put out and share the more this Infinite Intelligence is pouring in


What I experience at this moment in time (2009-07-21) the strongest, is that the more I put out and share the more this Infinite Intelligence is pouring in. So many new and exiting projects are there and it is all the time necessary to be alert what at the specific moment wants to manifest.

Yesterday I posted this lovely story of Yamuna be careful what you wish for and edited the first celestial angelic music of a new sound healing- mantra project. I also started to make a website for a spiritual growth center on an island here in Holland. This morning I wanted to do further editing of this celestial sound and editing of the new YouTube spiritual movies for Jivanjili, but then during having a cup of tea in the morning this came through and wanted to be expressed first. So here it is!

As usual I got such a strong confirmation of this infinite intelligent existence, but this one felt like a miracle for me: Celebrate Friends!


Life is so abundant and rich if you flow with it.


You were born with Wings,

Why prefer to crawl through Life?



Infinite blessings


Deva Deep

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