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The foundation of the first historical civilizations

Honoring the female principle (Goddess) again


Sirius-Isis were astronomically the foundation of the Egyptian religious system. Sirius was the embodiment of Isis, wife and consort of the god Osiris, who appeared in the sky as Orion.

Sirius was greatly beloved because its appearance marked not only the beginning of a new year, but also announced the advance of the Inundation of the Nile, which betokened renewed wealth and prosperity of the country.


The Genesis of Isis


Isis was a great powerful enlightened being like Buddha, Moses, or Jesus. A great 'World Culture' civilization was built upon her works, her teachings, and her womb. She was the ancestral mother of Pagans over the whole world. There was an ancient 'World Family' of Pagan kingdoms that traced their royal genealogy to Isis and the resurrection of Osiris. In Egyptian art, Isis is pictured with a throne upon her head. She was the mother of the throne. The throne of Egypt passed down the female line of inheritance. Daughters of Isis married into the ruling families of the Pagan kingdoms all over the world. Via those Isis queens, Mother Goddess cultures spread from the Eastern Mediterranean over most of Africa, to Central America, Japan, Korea, China, and India as well as Russia, England, Wales, Ireland and all of Europe. That was the Genesis of Isis.


The foundation legend of Egypt


The Isis legend is the foundation legend of Egypt. Yes, there were military conquests involved, but religion not war built the pyramids and the civilization that was Egypt. The legend of Isis grew beyond the real person. Her works and the events of her life acquired supernatural characteristics, but there was a real person behind the legend. She wasn't just a fictional character. The enlightened and long enduring civilization that was Egypt wasn't founded on the imaginary deeds of fictional characters. American civilization wasn't founded on the imaginary deeds of fictional characters. The legends of American heroes like George Washington and Daniel Boone have taken on mythical proportions, but they were real people.


One of the great lights


Isis was one of the great lights of the ages. Isis was born near the dawn of writing. Her legend begins in the era just before the dawn of writing and ends in the historical era of 'modern' civilizations. Her womb, her works and her teachings were the foundations of the first historical civilizations. There were earlier civilizations, but they didn't have written histories. The Genesis of Isis was a major force responsible for the spread of writing over the ancient world and for the creation of modern writing systems that are still in use today.


Spreading ancient crafts and industry over the whole world


Missionaries of Isis were the prime movers in the spread of agriculture, weaving, writing, languages, arts, and social order that made our civilization possible. Pagan religion was a mixture of genealogy, politics, religion, and education. It wasn't just a lot of snake worship and meaningless "idolatry." Pagan culture was the nearest thing to a universal culture that this world has ever known. The Genesis of Isis and Pagan religion spread the arts of civilization over the whole world. The engineering technology of well digging didn't have to be rediscovered by every village that had a well. The art of writing didn't have to be reinvented by every language that learned to write. Waves of useful technologies spread over the world from the birth of Isis like ripples on a pond.




Weaving was one of the main industrial arts that accompanied the Genesis of Isis. "Daughters of Isis," who were 'pedigreed' descendants of Isis, were married as gift wives into the ruling families of 'World Family' of Pagan kingdoms over the whole world. Those daughters of Isis went on to become the ancestral mother goddesses of various Pagan cultures around the world. Isis, the Great Mother Goddess was a serpent goddess. The ancestral mother goddesses of wide spread cultures around the world were serpent goddesses who were credited with the invention of weaving.



Evolution was a fundamental part of Pagan religion


Pagans of the Isis bloodline didn't have a "theory" of evolution. They accepted it as a self-evident fact that humans had risen from lower primates. The Pagans regarded wisdom as the main characteristic that separated humans from the other animals. Pagan religion was wisdom religion. Pagans of the Isis bloodline were trying to improve human civilization and to improve humanity as a species by breeding a line of more intelligent humans from an original genius woman. That is how Great Mother Isis became the Pagan's Eve, and the model for Biblical Eve.


The Goddess Isis was twice-wise. She was the goddess of double-wisdom. She was the goddess of fertility and the queen of heaven. Twice-wise Isis was the Great Mother Goddess of Pagans over the whole world. The name Homo sapiens sapiens is not a scientific term. It began as a term to designate descendants of Isis who were twice-wise.  Homo sapiens sapiens now includes all of the people on this planet. We are all children of the Great Mother Goddess, Isis.


There has been an African Eve


The original Isis was born a natural genius. (She was not born "Isis." Down through history, she has been known by different names in different cultures.) She was "twice wise". She was born amongst a race of Homo sapiens who had one eyebrow with no gap at the middle. Isis had a high rounded forehead and a parted eyebrow. Her parted eyebrow was an Asian characteristic. She had Asian ancestry somewhere in her background.


That original Isis was a mutant. She was the first of her kind. She was the first twice-wise Homo sapiens sapiens. Her twice-wise genus has since become the genotype of all humankind. She is the ancestral mother of Homo sapiens sapiens, twice-wise humans with two eyebrows. Homo sapiens sapiens, humans who are twice-wise, now includes the entire human population of planet Earth. We are all descendants of that original African genius woman. Recent DNA studies all over the world have scientifically proven this fact.

One migrant group of no more than a few hundred souls was forced out of its homeland by increasing salinity in the Red Sea, some 85,000 years ago, and all non-Africans today can trace their mitochondrial DNA to one woman from this group - the Out-of-Africa Eve.


Genesis, genius, and genus


The original Isis was born a mutant genius by chance. The Genesis of her genius wasn't left to chance. Pagan midwives removed single-browed babies from the gene pool for at least a thousand years near the dawn of the historical era. The demand for child sacrifice caused a lot of problems in some cultures that wanted the Isis genius bloodline, with all of its advantages, without making the sacrifices. The words Genesis, genius, and genus, are all derived from genes-of-Isis. The Genesis of Isis' genius genes went everywhere. There was religion before Jesus, but there was no Christianity before Jesus. There was religion before Isis, but there was no Pagan religion before Isis. Pagan religion and 'World Family' culture began with the resurrection of Osiris. Pagan missionaries dispersed useful technologies the arts, crafts, and industries of advanced civilization and disseminated genes-of-Isis, to all quarters of the world at the dawn of the historical era.


The name Jesus contains the name Isis (J+Isis = Jesus).


Jesus was a Pagan. The name Jesus clearly identifies Jesus as a minion of Isis. The resurrection of Jesus is clearly based on Egyptian religion and the resurrection of Osiris. Jesus had no connection to Judaism other than shared opposition to Roman military occupation of Egypt /Syria/ Palestine/ Judea. His teachings of love are clearly derived from the teachings of Isis, the Goddess of Love, not from Jehovah, the jealous and wrathful God.

There are also possible parallel images / stories. Isis is often depicted with her child Horus on her lap like the holy virgin Maria with Jesus. Isis resurrects Orisis from the death. Jesus is also resurrected from the death.


A two-thousand-year campaign of destruction of the Mother Goddess.


Following the Deuteronomic reforms in the kingdom of Judea, (c. 620-609 BCE), militant monotheism launched a two-thousand-year campaign of destruction to annihilate all traces of the Mother Goddess. In the Bible, the womb of the Great Mother Goddess has been ripped from the genealogy of humankind and replaced by Adam's rib! The Jews rewrote their own history all the way back to their origins to cut their mother out of it. For fifteen-hundred-years in the Roman Empire, any peasant who found a Pagan artifact brought it to the village priest who chanted appropriate curses over it and destroyed it. The Goddess and her works have been grossly misrepresented and distorted in history. She has been unjustly exiled into the darkness of ignorance and "mythology." She is sadly unknown and unappreciated by us all.


Militant Monotheism destroyed that ancient world order of Pagan kingdoms and established a world order (or world anarchy) of nation states which has resulted in a world at war without end and a ruthless exploitation and destruction of the Earth.


I recently saw a documentary about the dark middle ages. This made it so clear to me, what happened to these great Pagan civilizations, initiated by Isis energy. Humanity felt back under the Christian emperors as Constantine to an inhuman barbaric level. So many people suffered tremendously and were killed.

And it looks there is no end to these religious wars between Muslim, Hindu and Christian fundamentalists. Even fights between sects of the same religion. It is the highest time to bring the female principle (Goddess) again back in our culture if we want to have a change to survive.


HOLY?? - The repression of the female energy


The unnatural attitude against women in the catholic church has caused and is still causing many problems. Many wise women were terribly tortured and burnt alive at the stake as witches by the HOLY inquisition. According to Wikipedia 40.000 to 100.000 women of a population of about 10 million women in Europe. Some of them are still wearing the scars in their soul nowadays. Jesus and the first and fifth commandment speak about Love and not killing!

Women can't become priests, bishops, cardinals or popes in the catholic church.  We see here the opposite from the original Mother Goddess: a completely male dominated organization.

The forced unnatural celibacy (there is if course nothing against natural celibacy) has led nowadays (March 2010) to many cases of children, who have been sexually abused. In almost all the cases this has been covered up by the authorities of the HOLY catholic church. Probably to the highest level.

Unbelievable but true is that after so many cases of child abuse by priests have recently become public (in the relative small Netherlands in a few weeks already 1300!) that During Easter Mass in St Peter's Square, Cardinal Sodano expressed solidarity with the Pope, who has himself come under scrutiny for his role in handling past cases of abuse. "HOLY Father, the people of God are with you and will not let themselves be influenced by the petty gossip of the moment.

I never forget a wall painting in an abbey in Clervaux, where a HOLY saint saw a beautiful woman walking by. As a reaction he throw himself in a thorn bush and then went inside to flog himself. Rather a contrast with the way Jesus behaved with women, as for example with Maria Magdalena.


These are striking examples how perverted and distorted everything becomes when the female and sexual energies are suppressed. This church has a strange idea about HOLY, because this word is derived from whole. Being whole means the union of the female and male energy outside (between humans or in an flourishing civilization) or inside (Unio Mystica: the mystical union). 


A global civilization or global destruction.


Click on the picture to enlarge. (You may use this picture on your website, if you make a reference link to this webpage)

Through the ages mankind have seen women in a whole range from Goddesses to witches.
In the times, civilizations or religions in which the female energy was celebrated and valued, it has always been a time of expansion, creativity, harmony, peace and abundance.
In the times, civilizations or religions in which the female energy was suppressed and the male energy dominated, it has always been a time of struggle, war, destruction and poverty (material and/or spiritual).
Mankind has come close to a global destruction and needs more then ever the female energy.
When male and female energy works harmoniously together, in what is called Shiva-Shakti in the Hindu mythology or soul mates (sisters/brothers) in other religious traditions like the Zohar, their positive, creative, healing and nourishing energies multiplies. As Lao Tzu said: "All things have the receptivity of the female and the activity of the male. Through union with the life force they blend in harmony"


There was a global 'World Family' civilization in our past. There will be a global civilization of some kind in our future. Globalization is happening whether we want it or not. What kind of civilization will that be? Will we be guided by wisdom, or will we be ruled by authority? As a civilization and as a species, we must re-acquaint ourselves with the global civilization in our past in order to make wise choices about the global civilization of our future. We can create a multicultural 'World Family,' 'World Culture' civilization based on wisdom and cooperation, or else a police state monoculture based on fear and authority will be forced upon us.


We have the possibility now to create a world full of hope, where everything we need to do can be done and everything that matters is within human reach. It is a world where kindness, unselfishness, nonviolence, and compassion achieve what self-interest and arrogance cannot. It is, simply, a world where any human being can be happy in goodness and the fullness of giving.


The most powerful transformational force of all


It will be very clear after reading this all that we human beings are in dire need for a powerful transformation. We need the female quality for this transformation. As Lao Tzu states: the softest (water) overcomes the hardest (the rocks). But also on a human level the power of love and kindness will overcome the power of domination and aggression.


I am very touched by this quote from Power versus Force written by Dr. Hawkins, because it is so true and so profound:


Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all. It produces no backlash, has no downside, and never leads to loss or despair. It increases one's own true power without exacting any toll. But to reach maximum power such kindness can permit no exceptions, nor can it be practiced with the expectation of some selfish reward. And its effect is as far reaching as it is subtle.


 One of the most enlightening texts I have ever read! From my own experience it is indeed THE key to transformation.

In the The Source - The Creative Intelligence you can find more about love and kindness (see 2-3)


Parts of this article are from: Resurrect Goddess Isis and I hope this article will help with their main goal: to spread the wisdom of Isis and the female principle (Goddess) again over this planet.


The world needs your female energy, so please share


Isis sharing


I would love to invite women to share anything they want. Can be a note, an article, a poem, a photo, a drawing and so on.  Feedback or suggestions are also highly appreciated.

The world needs your female energy as mentioned on several places of this website. And this website reaches almost the whole world. So follow your heart and contribute something!


It is in sharing that you will be fulfilled,

because that is your lovely, caring and nurturing nature.


The ultimate flowering of the Isis energy.

Read more about the real female beauty and power: kindness

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