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Spiritual journeys continued:

India Girls and Women


I had already two years some vague plans to go to South India, but I didnít concretize it. I have been many times in India, so I know it is a hardship destination compared with most other SE-Asia countries. When I again got this urge I took two Tarot cards about it and they were: XII New Vision (having a different perspective of the world) and Arielle. They sounded very positive. Both cards I got more before.


In the past the flight connections times to Mumbai or Chennai were very bad and also the price. Therefore I told existence if you want me to go then give me a clear sign with a perfect flight connection and price and almost immediately I got it. So I booked it and went.


Meeting Thi in Goa


The Tarot card Arielle says:

"New psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you view the world and yourself. Allow your spiritual gifts to open-through study, prayer, and meditation."


Additional Message: "It's not your imagination. You really are psychic, and you have connected with the spirit world. These mystical experiences are occurring due to your increased spiritual openness, and because you have asked about your angels and your life's purpose. I am part of a large group of angels assigned to help those of you who have spiritual gifts. We will send you additional Earth helpers in the form of spiritual teachers, books, and classes so that you may further open up to your spiritual abilities."


In Goa, my first travel destination, I met Thi Hoang and we immediately recognized each other as soul sister / brother. Her support is a great help. Thank you existence and Thi!





Helping the girls and women in India


Back home I realized I wanted to do something for the girls and women in India, and also for the young lovers and India in general. So I made my India website.

Yesterday I saw a beautiful documentary about the Hippy generation, to which I also belong. They showed how the Hippy values penetrated society and still are working. A strong point is also that the power of publication has gone from the normal channels (books, TV, magazines, newspapers and so on) by means of the Internet also to individuals.

I was wondering how my actions for the Indian people and especially the Indian women have been doing. My Asia Pictures website has millions of visitors and since a month I have now a much better analytic tool on it: Google Analytics. My old counter gave only the last 500 visitors, which is half a day. So the results depend very much on the time I look at a given day.


Top 10 countries


Reaching the whole world


First I looked to the countries. This website reaches now 212 countries. Almost the entire world, except a few countries, mostly in Africa. How darker green the color how more visitors. Grey means no visitors. All the well known countries are on this list, but also many not so well-known countries, to give an example of some: French Polynesia, Isle of Man, Palestinian Territory, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Northern Mariana Islands, New Caledonia, Bhutan, Zambia, Swaziland, Guam, Trinidad and Tobago, Reunion, Uzbekistan, Cayman Islands, Kyrgyzstan, Cameroon, Moldova, Mongolia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Fiji, Armenia, Macau SAR, Lithuania, Serbia, Bahrain, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Djibouti, Guernsey, Malawi. I am always impressed to see that there is the possibility to reach indeed almost the whole world.


Then I looked at the list of the countries which the most visitors. Till my surprise India comes on the third place. Not only that, but from the most visited web pages, India girls come on the third place. In this way many people will read Thiís and mine story about the women in India. We have extensively travelled India and want to support the Indian women in their struggle for more freedom and rights. A surprise for me is that so many visitors are coming from Iran and Turkey. A sign that also there the times are changing!


Another force for change


Malaysia and Singapore are number 2 and 4 of the top visitorís countries. Malaysia has a relative large Indian population, which you can see in the Little Indiaís in important cities. Malaysia is as long independent as India and is (in my eyes) doing everything so well in sharp contrast with India. A multicultural and multi religious country, which lives in peace and harmony and also prospers economically.

If the creative spirit can flourish you will get beautiful cities and country sides. Compare Kuala Lumpur or Singapore with New Delhi or Mumbai and you will think you have landed on another planet! The fact that also many Indians from Malaysia or Singapore, which probably have a much broader perspective, are reading this all can be another force for change.


Nothing personal


To make it clear there is nothing personal in what I do. Some energy in the unified field (the Source, Tao etc.) has to be changed and this infinite intelligence just seeks people who can be a help by it. And if you flow with this kind of energy miracles can happen. As in this case many people in India and Indian people abroad are reached with this powerful message. (The Tarot card: New Vision).


It is happening less then one year later see synchronisity!

'A new liberation for Indian women'


Real meaning of life


In the end evaluation of my India journey it turned out not to be a holiday at all, but a means to something much greater. And isnít that the real meaning of any spiritual journey and life? I hope this story can inspire you that indeed miracles are possible and you can do much more then you think if you listen to this kind of divine guidance.


Divine guidance


Thi and I wanted to write something about divine guidance, but now I realize divine guidance is everywhere on this website. This website is a living example of it and this is probably the only right way to express it.


In deep gratitude


Deva Deep


My spiritual journey found a new highlight on a paradise island in Malaysia:

The Source Ė The Creative Intelligence. Unfolding your unlimited potential

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