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Fly High in the Sky



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A time of many changes


We live in a time of many changes. It also looks that time is accelerating. Everything is changing so fast. The only thing we can do is going with this flow with awareness. Without awareness there is a real chance that this flow can sweep us away. Wise men through the ages told us to stay in our center, in the eye of the hurricane and this advise is nowadays more important then ever.


An unique opportunity to grow


Certain time periods and dates have a great significance in the Mayan calendar, especially the date of 21-12-2012, the winter solstice at which an important Mayan era ends. The Long Count marks the end of a 5,126-year era. We have also moved from the Pisces to the Aquarian age. And several more astrological events are happening in this time period, which makes it a very special time and gives us an unique opportunity to grow.


A change for the better in our life


Itís all about change on the level of consciousness. As a human being we can have much impact. We have the ability to help creating a new world of love and peace. But often we take no responsibility for what is happening in our life and we blame others for it. I am convinced that when we begin to make a change for the better in our life, we can inspire others around us too, like our friends, children and family, to live in a happier and more fulfilling way.


Spread the good news: Yes we can!


As a small drop of water, falling in a lake from a tree, will make ripples spreading all over the surface. So our inner happiness and peace will spread to others around us. And that without any effort of us. This is just a natural process. Like a small candle can dispel the darkness of many ages in a dark dungeon.

You can never fight again the negative (fear, violence, war, drug, abuse), that is all darkness. You can only bring the positive, the light in  (love, peace, happiness). Darkness doesn't have ANY power it is just the absence of light, like fear is the absence of love.


An energy of love and sharing


The new energy on this earth is an energy of love, sharing, cooperating and being in harmony with nature. For some people change feels weird or even scary. But as a human being we are always changing. All the cells in our body change all the time, organs get renewed and our hole body renews in time. But our thoughts and old behavioural patterns makes us believe that everything stays the same. But we can change these pattern. So that we no longer live in the false idea of security in the outer world, but in freedom and trust that this beautiful existence, which has created all the galaxies and stars, teeming with life, will also guide and help us. This is the true inner security. As wise men have said: "You are a spiritual being having a human experience". What a complete different view and so many people are getting and experiencing this message of the new area.

Feel blessed that you live in this great moment in time in which the new human is being born and you are a part of it and you can contribute to it.


The new human being


I feel this change also and this expresses itself in my name. Years ago I got my new name Imana en used it as my second name. But now my first name Ingrid has no longer the right vibration for me. Therefore I have dropped it, my name is now Imana.


In love and light



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