Fulfill your potential
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Nine steps to fulfill your potential

A practical guide to raise your vibrational level


There are hidden dimensions to our existence.

Infinite possibilities: omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent

and there is infinite creativity: we can be a co-creator with God.

(Deepak Chopra: Secrets to Enlightenment #1, quote from this video)


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While creating my new Morocco website,

I have been inspired by the following quote of Wayne Dyer

to write these nine steps to fulfill your potential.

Most of it is based on my own way of living it.


When you act upon something you feel you're called to do

by being in vibrational harmony with it

and by being willing to share it with as many people as possible,

you feel inspired.


Step 1: Preparation - Prayer


Start your morning with having a few cups of tea. According to ancient Zen Masters like Bodhidharma and modern scientific research green or black tea is an excellent herb for meditation. Tea also strengthens your immune system and health. You can add a little milk or lemon to your black tea to neutralize the tannic acid.

Then be thankful to this magnificent existence for all the blessings you have got (even if you feel otherwise). Give also thanks for this new day full of unlimited possibilities. Ask the Source or the creative intelligence to guide you in your life. Ask for the highest. Ask to be a part of this ever evolving universe. And if you are already advancing ask: “How may I serve?”

Don’t think of all the things which are missing, but think of all the good things you have got. This will raise your vibration level considerably and you will start attracting the goodies.

Other possibilities are contemplation or reflecting on e.g. your purpose in life, finding or fulfilling your destiny, inspiration, the mystery of this Universe or the power of intention. You can ask the Source any question you want. You can also chant the Gayatri Mantra.


Step 2: Meditation

If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness. (Quote from: Meditation: The Science of the Inner).


Take a minimum of 15 minutes to meditate in the morning.. If you have a favorite meditation method, practice that one. Like watching your breath going in and out, or making the sound aaah while breathing out. The sound aaah is a powerful manifestation technique.

Your inner voice or the divine guidance can only be perceived, if you are silent enough to hear it. As Jesus said: ”Be still and know”.

If you are completely new to meditation it could be better to start with more dynamic methods like Osho’s Kundalini or Dynamic.

You can also meditate in the evening by making the sound om while breathing out.

Traditionally the best time for meditation is with sunrise and sunset.


Another advantage of meditating is that it looses the grip of the ego and ultimately dissolves it. It is not easy to break the grip of the ego-sense, although one dynamic meditation can do it! It doesn’t depend on how many times you do it, it depends on your intensity.

In this time of rapid change it is easy to see how some people ride effortless on this wave of high energy, while others become more and more in the grip of their self-concern. You see this in countries and as well as in crises in the world. But also in individuals.

Self centeredness (ignorance) provokes fear and greediness and I have seen tremendous destructive acts of governments and people, which created only a lot of misery for themselves and others.

People are depressed because of their inability to see themselves interrelated to something far greater then their tiny personality.

The cosmic joke and human drama is that the separate self or the ego-sense doesn’t exist. And all suffering and problems are coming from this misconception (false notion) of separation.


Step 3: Be in nature



Go for a morning walk or bike ride in a green environment. The importance of this for your mental and physical health is also scientifically proven. A stroll along moving water like the sea or a river can also be relaxing, and cleans your emotional (water) body. Be as much in nature as possible.


Step 4: Inspiration or revelation


In this silence of meditation or being in nature, inspiration naturally happens. This creative intelligence expresses itself in numerous ways as. It is continuously evolving to higher states as the evolution of the universe evidently shows to us. Nowadays we are so blessed with these amazing TV programs about the universe on e.g. History channel. You will be continuously in awe and wonder seeing this ever expanding miracle of creation.


It is my experience that several images and ideas are coming up mostly during meditation or just after or being in nature.

At a certain moment something starts crystallizing and I get the feeling: “Yes this is it and I want to share it with as many people as possible”.

Watch also closely if something excites you or you feel a kind of thrill inside. You may also get some subtle hints. so you have to learn to read these signs. To give one example: walking randomly through Amsterdam I found a museum I had clearly been drawn to. I went inside, went with the elevator to the third floor and the first thing I saw was a little statue of Isis. I felt this jump of energy and excitement, tuned in and then the Isis and the real beauty: kindness article emerged from this inspirational energy.


In the case you have reflected on a subject or asked a sincere question you can get an answer or even a sudden insight or revelation. And again this is not a question of how long you practice this; it is a question of intensity, dedication and sincerity. When the fruit is ripe it will fall.

Important is to understand that you can’t force it, it has to come naturally, it has to be effortless. This seems to be a paradox, but rightly understood, it is not. It just frees you from the notion of worry, control and prejudice.

In the interview with me on Osho radio Amrita asked me about freedom (a popular, often misunderstood subject, among Osho’s disciples). Real freedom is choice less awareness. There is no choice, you just 'know' how to act, and that feels at the same time completely free.


Step 5: Be in vibrational harmony (in tune, synchronicity).



In this meditative, inspired state, synchronicity happens by itself. With synchronicity, I mean being in tune and harmony with what surrounds you. I give you an example of my own experience lately: on my last holidays in Morocco I went in the desert all by myself. Everybody was still asleep and the sun was slowly rising. I got my camera with me and in this mysterious light the pictures I made, which convey this energy, magically happened.

According to studies, these pictures again transfer this energy to everyone with sensitive eyes and who is open for this energy. As my anam cara (spiritual friend) Emma so beautifully expressed: “WOW!!!! Those desert sand dune pictures are incredible! Magical....to see the swirling sand with the stillness... amazing! And yes, what a great light and shadows... simply lovely Deva Deep... I can’t wait to see more!”


This being in vibrational harmony with what is, makes you one with your environment and the people around you. One more striking example: I have made several movies about holy places in India. One day I was filming in Haridwar a poor holy city at the banks of the holy river Ganges in the North of India. Almost no Western tourists were present at that moment, only one tourist and me. The energy of this other tourist was so different from the people around him, that he was all the time chased by a group of beggars and other people (Indians don’t know anything about privacy), they drove him crazy! I was filming with my camera on a large tripod close to women of Rajasthan, bathing with an uncovered upper body . This is even more unusual than walking naked in the streets in the west. But nobody noticed me, because I was one with the energy around me.


In this synchronicity or vibrational harmony you will find yourself doing the right thing at the right time, in the right place. When we are in synchronicity, the resources or opportunities you require are already arranged to be there. 

Experiencing this synchronicity in my life is a blessing in itself. It is also very practical. On my many journeys through Asia, almost always when I arrive at the bus station (not knowing when the bus is going and some buses are going only a few times a day), the bus will be there, I step in and the bus will (soon) depart. My travel mate Daisy has been a witness to this many times.


Step 6: The creative process


The creative process starts with the crystallization of these vibrations, ideas and images. From this everything seems to go by itself. “I” never have to think, writing just happens by itself as it is happening now. Pictures or resources which are needed appear in a flash, and so on and so on…

This creation process gives almost infinite energy and is at the same time healing for the body. Like in the creative flow of making my Morocco website, I spent about 15 hours every day behind the computer, but instead of my body becoming tense it healed several minor ‘problems’ all by itself.

You see undoubtedly that in this dimension other (seemingly paradoxical) laws are working.

Being one with the Source brings infinite creativity, because you are now a co-creator with the mystery we call God (or the Source) and this opens us to boundless possibilities.

This kind of creativity is called 'objective art' and is completely different from the kind of creativity happening from the ego the so called 'subjective art'. Osho called the last one 'mental vomiting'.


Step 7: Share with as many people a possible.


If you are in synchronicity with creative intelligence, creativity will express itself in numerous ways. Suddenly you may find yourself able to reach millions in about every country in this world.

Because you are guided by intuition rather than by conditioned concepts, you will use original means. ‘Your’ creation will be unique.


I experience so often what Wayne Dyer says: "As a being of sharing your purpose will CHASE after you wherever you go". Sometimes it is even too much! So many items want to be expressed.

Sharing your inspiration and creativity is of uttermost importance. When I am inspired I HAVE to share it, there is no choice. Here we have the choiceless awareness again.

Ideas, themes, interactions and relations are becoming much clearer when writing them down. For instance, this whole article evolved and grew more and more, because I got an increasing insight of how everything is connected and so amazingly orchestrated.


Osho and his Buddha field around Him, have always been a guiding light for inspiration, creativity and sharing for me. In his ashram in India, there has been so much creativity and sharing. Osho published 700 books! Osho used a strong mix of his brilliant lectures, meditation methods (very powerful ones as Dynamic and Kundalini), all kind of therapy groups and many creative groups. I feel so blessed that I could be there with Him in the short time that this has been possible. But this is again what synchronicity is: being at the right place in the right time.


Life unfolds to its full beauty by sharing yourself in a creative, loving way,

using the skills and interests that are inherently part of you.

That it is why inspiration is such an important part

of living an intentional life to the fullest.


Step 8: A sign of confirmation


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This existence always gives miraculous signs, as a confirmation for listening to the inspirational inner voice.


I can give many impressive examples, but I will give here just the last one. I wrote the article about more freedom for women and more religions freedom in Morocco. I was also hesitating to write about it. I had also to find a delicate balance between writing what had to be said and not wanting to offend people. I also mention about how more free and radiant the Malaysian women are and give a picture of a beautiful woman in Malaysia as example.

One hour after publishing this article on the web, the post man rang and delivered two large books with just THAT picture on the cover, very well done, I loved it. You can understand that I sat for a moment in awe and wonder about how magnificently everything works.


Another blessing is, as Wayne Dyer states so many times: If you ask the Source “how may I serve you’, it will in its turn ask you: “How can I serve you?” And everything you wish for may be almost immediately provided.

This is the law of the reverse effect: if you want things for yourself, or are occupied with ‘I, me, my’ self centered (ego) processes or “what is there in for me?” you will not recieve any goodies. But if you forget about yourself (Osho:“What do you have to loose? Only a miserable self!”) then suddenly suddenly you receive abundantly: the seagulls of happiness will descend on you.


Step 9: Kindness - Gratitude - Compassion


Be kind, grateful and compassionate to yourself and others, and honor the ones that inspired you. In this way you will return some of the energy. From here, an energy circle of love, light and inspiration is being created all by itself radiating for all. You are back at step 1 again.


Kindness is one of the most transforming energies.


Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives

 is the most powerful transformational force of all.

It produces no backlash, has no downside,

and never leads to loss or despair.

It increases one's own true power without exacting any toll.

 But to reach maximum power such kindness can permit no exceptions,

nor can it be practiced with the expectation of some selfish reward.

 And its effect is as far reaching as it is subtle.

(Quote from Power versus Force written by Dr. Hawkins)


Professor Emoto did a lot of experiments about the influence of words, mantras and music on water. Even just sticking the written words on a bottle with water. He found that the combination of the words: love & gratitude gave the most beautiful form to the water molecules of all the words he tried. And kindness is of course one of the expressions of love.

These are some of the condensed teachings of great beings. There are many suggestions in these nine steps, so you can pick any of them or follow them step by step. This can help you to raise your energy level, which is not only important for you, but subsequently for the entire planet.

May this inspire you.


Deva Deep

Special thanks to Jivanjili for her support and editing.

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Visiting the sacred Maya sites on very special dates revealed much of the real prophesies for this special time. It also explains the principle of synchro-destiny: to be in tune (in synchronicity) with your destiny. It gives us the possibilities for a wonderful life.

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