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My Favorite Sacred Sites / Places

The sacred sites which influenced me the most


Certain sacred sites have a special energy, frequency. If you are open to this energy it can reveal secrets to you and sometimes even transport you to another timeless dimension. Or you can simply marvel about the creativity and genius of these ancient civilizations who constructed this all.

Sacred places can also be in nature, especially near running water (waterfalls, rivers) and in  deserts.

I want to share with you THE sacred sites / places which influenced me the most. Seeing the number of visitors, which most of these sacred sites drawn to them, their energy is still calling through the ages.


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YouTube HD:my favorite Sacred Sites in Egypt, China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar



More info about my favorite Sacred Sites / Places


The origin of the Khmer civilization: Champasak in Laos.


This has been a sacred site as far as history goes back. For many generations people have felt the special energy of this place.  The mountain has been called: LINGAPARVATA: The Mountain of the god

There is halfway the mountain a sacred spring and on the top of the mountain a large natural Shiva lingua. Walking these very old steps, where perhaps millions of people have gone before me, flowers showered on me and it remained me of the famous story of Subbhuti.

The energy around the sacred spring was amazing and I had a strong transforming Shiva-Shakti experience. I sometimes ask the Source for a confirmation of this kind of experience. Out of nothing monks appeared and started to make fires and jumped through the flames. As you can imagine I stood there in awe and wonder.

This sacred place is the Source of the whole mighty Khmer civilization, who spanned a large part of South East Asia on its heyday.  The Khmer built here Wat Phu Champasak. It is much older then Angkor and dates as early as the 6th century. The lingam here was used in ceremonies to release the sacred power of the lingam at Khao Phra Wihan. This is an amazing example of how these old civilizations could transfer energy to another sacred place hundreds of kilometers away.

The pinnacle of the Khmer civilization has been Angkor.


1. Angkor in Cambodia is my favorite number one. I spend six days exploring these monuments, which are situated in the midst of the jungle. Some monuments are still partly overgrown like when they were discovered again. This whole city has been lost in the jungle for ages. A place full of magic and mystery.


2. The 2200 temples in Bagan, Myanmar. You have to see it with your own eyes, because it is hard to believe that one civilization created so many temples. An example of the immense power of focused energy on a higher goal. Indeed then these kinds of miracles are possible. I have spend 13 days there and still not seen it all. Every temple has its own energy and story to tell.

To me Bagan is the apex of recent human civilization, with Angkor in Cambodia. These people created an amazing 2.224 monuments, dating from Bagan's "Golden Period" (1044 Ė 1287) with such a simple means.

See Bagan as a YouTube HD movie


3. Sukhothai and Ayuthaya in Thailand. Although they are from a different time period Ayuthaya was a continuum of that which has started in Sukhothai. An amazing peaceful and uplifting sacred site, especially Sukhothai.


Note the first three are all Buddhist monuments. If you look at the whole (mostly violent) history of all the great world religions only Buddhism has brought and is still bringing harmony, peace and beauty in the people and in the monuments these people have created.


4. Egypt: Nile civilization. Especially Luxor, Aswan, Abul Simbel and the pyramids. This is a huge energy network and canít be divided in parts. As I wrote in the introduction of my Egypt website: This country is also a living monument and bears witness that it are always the inspired individuals who accomplish great projects. Like the pharaohs inspired by their Gods. Or as some very ancient sources mention that the gods descended on earth. And if you look to the state of the world 5000 years ago, it is indeed a miracle that such a great civilization blossomed so suddenly. If you are sensitive nowadays you can still feel this magical power, when visiting these ancient sites.


5. Myanmar: Yangon Schwedagon pagoda one of the most impressing Buddhist sacred sites in Asia.


6. Varanasi, India with the Ganges.

Varanasi or Benares in the past is very ancient sacred site, going far back in history. It doesnít have any spectacular monuments like the ones mentioned before. It is more a living colorful religious spectacle.


7. Mount Sinai in the Sinai dessert in Egypt. At that place the seed for this whole spiritual journey website site has been planted.


8. Myanmar: many temples in Mandalay and in the ancient cities around Mandalay. Breathtaking. This whole country is dotted with temples and pagodas.


9. Thailand: Bangkok What Phra Keo. What Phra Keo can be best described as a fairy tale or unworldly dreamscape. Here we can see contemporary creativity and human genius at its best.



10. The Mayan sacred sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

Especially Copan in Honduras. I have been there at a very special moment in cosmic time. A lot about this old Maya civilization and the head Mayans involved, has been revealed. Also the Maya prophesies for 21-12-2012 became clearer to me.



I have visited only a part of this world. But these are the monuments I have been naturally drawn to. This has most probably to do with past lives, because walking these ancient sacred sites has been many times like coming home. Even as a kind of soul retrieval. I became again connected and empowered with ancient sacred energy. I am also a scientist and I donít like at all living in a pseudo spiritual fantasy world as an escape of the harsh reality. Real spirituality is very practical. It is THE WAY OF LIVING A RICH AND FULFILLING LIFE.  If I observe that a certain experience also works out in my life, then I know it has been true and not a dream.


I hope that these words and the many pictures may inspire you to go for yourself on a spiritual journey.


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