Divine Light
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Divine Light

 A Vision of Divine Light shining all over the World


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There are those precious moments in beginning-less time, in which your whole life seems to cumulate in a flash of ever deepening insights in the greater plan you are a part of. This is an account of some of these moments.

We all have the possibility to experience this divine light, love, the Source, the Creative Intelligence or how you want to call it in our life.

Then you find yourself, according to Patanjali,  in a new, great, and wonderful world and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.


The most important website about many spiritual topics


Yesterday night after publishing Osho's the Secret of Life, Google declared this website the most important website on Osho.

This has been a sign for me to write this article. On this website you can find many examples of the importance to follow the signs you will get.


Divine Light


In 1973 I did spiritual groups with two wonderful women Poonam and Arup, both disciples of Osho. I got two strong Satori experiences, which changed my life.

As Osho describes in the Secret of Life – the seagulls of happiness:


For those who have attained to the here and now,

the whole life starts showering flowers on them.

Many things start happening which they never dreamed of.

When for the first time you are really relaxed in a meditative state,

you cannot believe that life is so beautiful, so euphoric, such infinite bliss,

such a sat-chit-anand; you cannot believe it! It is unbelievable


In 1973 ,in one of these spiritual groups,

I got a vision,

 seeing myself standing

on a huge sacred Himalayan mountain,

like the Gourishankar or Ama Dablam


I have a divine light in my hand,

shining all over the world.


(Click to enlarge)


I write this article also to show you: never doubt the vision or divine guidance you get.

In 1973 there were no personal computers, no internet, no mobile phones. All the means of publication were in the hands of companies. At that moment it seemed like a mission impossible to spread this vision. But I never doubted this vision. I knew for sure that one day it would realize. And then of course, slowly everything started working in that direction, as Patanjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras, expresses in a magnificent way:


When you are inspired by some great purpose,

some extraordinary project,

all your thoughts break their bonds:

Your mind transcends limitations,

your consciousness expands in every direction,

and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.

Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive,

and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far

than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


(My screensaver 'created' the mystical figure for it)


As a movie maker and photographer I do a lot with light and I made several movies, which won awards, about this divine light. While making these movies I was in a natural meditative state and this energy can be transmitted in movies and pictures it looks like.


At the end 1978 I went to Osho in India and felt immediately that I wanted to be his disciple. Sitting in front of Osho, while He gave me my name Deva Deep: Divine Light, has been an indescribable wonderful (full of wonders) experience.

It was also clear to me, that I already got this name  in 1973, by means of the vision that I had. The inner initiation happened before the outer!

In the following years I did a lot in the field of spiritual movies, books and websites.

To be clear, I use the word I, but like this morning, sitting in my garden meditating, these words just flow through me and wanted to be expressed. ‘I’ had completely different plans for this day!


Spiritual astrology and horoscopes


On this website I write a lot about the uttermost importance to follow the divine guidance and signs you receive. The cosmic energies influencing you (for everybody differently, depending on your birth horoscope) are changing all the time. In astrology we call this 'transits'.

Before writing about any subject I always check what is  already available on the Internet, because if there is an excellent article, I can make a link to it and write about something else. But I didn’t find anything really interesting and well written about spiritual astrology and horoscopes. Therefore I wrote several articles about spiritual astrology and the horoscopes of Osho, Rajneesh and Wayne Dyer. I am always happy to see that the search engines are agreeing with me, as they did also in this case: Nr. 1 in Yahoo of 44 million others.

This happened also with several other topics, like mantras, transformation, etc. (Later more).


The divine cosmic spiritual energy as a transit


Exactly at the hour precise, when Osho gave me the name Deva Deep (Divine Light), I had a transit which describes as a divine cosmic energy flowing directly into my being.

You will have some very important transits, like this one, only one or two times in your life, therefore it is of uttermost importance to follow your inner voice or divine guidance.

This makes the whole difference between people who flower, grow and contribute in this life and the ones, who seems to miss it all the time.


One of the reasons why I write this article is, that now more than 31 years later (August 2010), I have a similar kind of transit, but stronger and more on a soul level.

I expressed this energy already by writing my homage to all the Masters and teachers I have met and one of my most beloved discourses of Osho: The secret of life.


Some examples of the Divine Light (equals to the Infinite Intelligence) spreading all over the world


I realize under the influence of this transit that this spreading has actually happened and is happening more and more every day. Millions of people are reached in almost every country of the world. And the number of visitors is growing steadily.

It really looks that Google, Yahoo and other search engines are constantly watching this site and that almost everything on it, covering so many different topics, comes at the top. This means that this site must have an incredible high rating for these search engines and is seen as VERY important.

Impossible if you want to do it on your own, but for this Infinite Intelligence everything looks possible!


This website is according to Google and Yahoo at the Top of the World


Top of the World


The miracle of it all

(This kind of divine guidance is non linear, the next part is one of the first events that happened).


While starting writing the first draft in Word, I  immediately got another beautiful sign: The postman brought me a beautiful heart out of the magazine Happinez, full of love from my dear friend Christine.

I just wrote about Osho’s seagulls of Happiness!! I have put this heart on a picture of a wonderful sunset in the miraculous Bagan in Myanmar and used it as the title picture.

Again I experience the same as described in this quote of Wayne Dyer:

The world looks like a place where everything is possible, where restrictions and limitations are nonexistent, and where the power of our Creator seems to roll right up and land at my feet, begging me to hop on board and witness the infinite possibilities it offers. This is how I feel when I align myself to Spirit: cocky inside because I know something that so few ever come to realize, but humble and awestruck on the outside at the miraculous-ness of it all!


The Butterfly Saga part 3


The Ultimate manifestation


I got again a glimpse of the butterfly miracle which happened while quoting this text for the first time in another article.

Back home, after a walk, there was this butterfly again on my computer screen, this time transformed to the mere essence. I also like  the way the spiraling flight path has been indicated.

The Universal Intelligence shows me so clearly that everything is possible. But it shows me now also something even more wonderful what is evidently happening more and more in my life:

I know that by staying in-Spirit, I'm actually participating as a co-creator, and that the more I stay in this aligned space, the more it seems to speed up the process. I've noticed that ever since I've become more conscious of staying inspired (and all that this implies), the time between what I think and having it actually show up in my physical life has become shorter and shorter. I'm aware that the ultimate in manifestation is a complete absence of any delay between a thought and its physical manifestation. (Quote from Wayne Dyer)


Consciousness creates matter including your life.


I have seen now several times, also in the past, how my screensaver responds on the energy and consequently does incredible things to match that.

I also like the one on the left, which has just been created. It symbolizes for me the cosmic energy wave, spreading over the earth. This saver also 'created' the beautiful mystical figure with the quotes of Patanjali above. It is also a good indication how miraculously this kind of spiritual energies influences even machines.


Countries where the Divine Light has reached


Here you can see a map of the world. The darker the green the more people are reached. Yellow, at the other hand, means no visitors. (Click on it to enlarge). As you can see almost all countries of the world, with the exception of only a few countries in central Africa and North Korea (must be really hell there).  This is the situation at the moment 2010-08-10


A more dynamic overview you can find on Real Female Beauty and Power: Kindness. Note this flagcounter counts only the visitors on the mentioned specific page starting from 2010-03-24.


After publishing this part of the unfolding article on the Internet the postman came again and brought me another butterfly, the symbol of transformation, as front cover of the book: The BOOK of SECRETS by Deepak Chopra.  A quote of the back side:

In this landmark book, Deepak Chopra has isolated the fifteen secrets that change our lives. These include the secrets of perfect love, healing, compassion, and faith. It takes thousands of choices to ignore these secrets and to keep ourselves closed off to the limitless possibilities of the world around us, but it only takes a single breakthrough to open our own personal book of secrets again.


Divine Light shining all through the Cosmos


Deepak Chopra also speaks about signs, but he calls it 'threads'.

I like this concept, because following one thread leads to another and slowly you are weaving a complete new pattern of life: A new way of being with much more freedom and possibilities. Literally I have seen this happening with this website, which inspired by several visions and divine guidance, became this one, covering so many topics.

My vision on many fields has deepened and expanded by doing this and it is an ongoing process of unfolding.


I got another thread this morning, I had to wait till my computer was ready, opened a book of Jonette that I am reading and read this:  (Note I translated this from Dutch, so it may not match the original English text)

Sue starts talking: "I see myself on the top of a mountain. My arms are stretched out and it feels like I am praying for a kind of knowing which will help me. I have the feeling that I am touched by light. I can feel the energy of the stars and the sun in my finger tops. It is as if I enter a kingdom of Light, it is a knowing.”

Later in the book Jonette tells about the temple of the Divine Light in the land of Mu.


When you click on the picture you will see that again this magical screen saver created a light radiating through the cosmos: the spiral galaxies on the background. Like the big bang matter and anti-matter are formed (light and dark rays), even that got this screensaver right. Imagine if this Infinite Intelligence can influence a computer in this way, what it can do to us, which a brain infinite more powerful then a computer. We just have to be ready to receive it and to consciously connect to this Infinite Intelligence.


I got this book some time ago from a friend and suddenly I had the feeling to read it and as you can see it connects perfectly with the Divine Light theme of this page. How wonderful life is in every aspect! It seems that this book is going to tell me a lot more!


The Culmination of this Osho project

(Click to enlarge the picture).

After publishing the above part of this article on the Internet, I got, as a strong sign of gratitude, 528 Osho (e-)books and all (1406) Osho discourses from Poona I in the form of  audio mp3's. This of course makes it possible to expand this Osho Essentials infinitely. Yes, as I have seen so often, but not on this grand scale, the Creative Intelligence is so abundant!

Then after writing about this gift and sitting in my garden a beautiful Atalanta, the symbol of human search and transformation appeared again and enjoyed the plants I got from my friend Christine. The Atalanta circled also around me and came sitting on my chair, after I put her picture on this website. She is obviously happy about it! She stayed the whole afternoon with me and then started to lay her eggs, starting a new cycle of transformation. The next two days, every time I went outside the butterfly came gain.

Isn't it wonderful that in this kind of flow everything is connected with everything. And that all the signs are so strong and so precise. As the continuously appearing of these butterflies, a symbol of human search and transformation,


The first sign I saw,

while walking over a market,

has been this text:

May the winds of transformation

carry you to your destiny.

I combined this text with a picture

from the desert in Morocco.

(Click to enlarge)


Further reading:


In deep gratitude for all the blessings.


Deva Deep

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