Flowers Showered
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And the Flowers Showered

Subhuti was one of Buddha's disciples. He was able to understand the potency of emptiness the viewpoint that nothing exists except in its relationship of subjectivity and objectivity.
One day, when Subhuti was sitting under a tree in a mood of sublime emptiness, flowers began to fall around him.
'We are praising you for your discourse on emptiness,' the gods whispered to him.
'But I have not spoken of emptiness,' said Subhuti.
'You have not spoken of emptiness, we have not heard emptiness,' responded the gods. 'This is true emptiness.'
And blossoms showered upon Subhuti like rain.


Yes, it happens. It is not a metaphor, it is a fact so don't take this story metaphorically. It is literally true. Because the whole of existence feels happy, blissful, ecstatic, when even one individual soul achieves the Ultimate.

We are part of the Whole and the Whole is not indifferent to you, cannot be. How can a mother be indifferent to a child her own child? It is impossible. When the child grows, the mother also grows with him. When the child is happy the mother is also happy with him. When the child dances, something in the mother also dances. When the child is ill, the mother is ill. When the child is miserable, the mother is miserable. Because they are not two; they are one. Their hearts beat in a rhythm.

The Whole is your mother. The Whole is not indifferent to you. Let this truth penetrate as deeply as possible in your heart, because even this awareness that the Whole feels happy with you will change you. Then you are not alienated, then you are not a foreigner here. Then you are not a homeless wanderer, then this is a home. And the Whole mothers you, cares about you, loves you. So it is natural that when somebody becomes a Buddha, and somebody reaches the ultimate peak the whole existence dances, the whole existence sings, the whole existence celebrates. Literally true it is. It is not a metaphor, remember, otherwise you will miss the whole point.

Blossoms shower, and then they go on showering they never stop.

The blossoms that showered for Subhuti are still showering.

You cannot see them, not because they are not showering but because you are not capable of seeing them.

Existence goes on celebrating infinitely for all the Buddhas that have happened, for all the Buddhas that are happening, and for all the Buddhas that will happen because for Existence, past, future and present don't exist. It is a continuity. It is eternity. Only the now exists, infinite now.

They are still showering, but you cannot see them. Unless they shower for you, you cannot see them, and once you see them showering for you, you will see that they have been showering for every Buddha, for every Enlightened soul.

The first thing Existence cares what happens to you. Existence is continuously praying that the Ultimate should happen to you. In fact you are nothing but a hand extended by the Whole to reach the Ultimate. You are nothing but a wave coming from the Whole to touch the moon. You are nothing but a flower opening, so that the Whole is filled with fragrance through you.

If you can drop yourself, those flowers can shower this very morning, this very moment. Gods are always ready. Their hands are always full with flowers. They simply watch and wait. Whenever somebody becomes a Subhuti empty, whenever somebody is absent, suddenly the flowers start showering.

This is one of the basic facts. Without it there is no possibility of trust. Without it there is no possibility of your ever reaching the Truth. Unless the Whole helps, there is no possibility for you to reach how can you reach? And ordinarily, our minds think just the opposite. We think of the Whole as the enemy, not as the friend, never as the mother. We think about the Whole as if the Whole is trying to destroy us. We look at the Whole through the door of death, not through the door of birth. It looks as if the Whole is against you, fighting you, not allowing you to reach your goals and aims, not allowing you to be fulfilled. Hence you go on constantly warring with it. And the more you fight, the more your misconception proves to be true because if you fight, your own fight is reflected through the Whole.

Osho: And the flowers showered, beginning of chapter 1.

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