Spiritual journeys. A Guide to the Inner World.
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Spiritual journeys


An All-One Planet Guide

for the Inner World


The Lonely Planet guides have always been a good companion on my spiritual journeys. It sounds like a good idea to make such

a guide for the inner world too.

Then Lonely changes to Alone which transforms to All-One.


There is so much more in life then living on a superficial materialistic level.

We want to invite you on a spiritual journey in the outer world to sacred sites

and an exploration of the inner world.

There you can discover your potential, destiny and fulfillment.


Spiritual journeys in the outer world to sacred sites


My journeys always turn out to be spiritual also. Standing at sacred places and marveling at the magnificent temples I feel connected with something which is much greater then myself. And old wisdom, a divine presence, the ancient sacred places speak to me. This divine presence or divine guidance has always spoken to inspired people, who have been called the son of God, or the son of heaven etc. As an example the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and the Chinese emperors. Inspired with a divine vision they have left us with a magnificent heritage. UNESCO, who guards many of these monuments, expresses so beautifully: 'monuments bearing witness to man’s creative genius, his struggles, hopes, aspiration and vision of the world'. 
This vision of the world is so important, because it is this vision, which as a guiding light, can bring humanity to a new way of living. This new vision is very much needed in this world, where the old belief systems, leading to so much exploitation of this earth and of the beings on it, are crumbling down.


The spiritual journey website is like your brain everything is connected with everything in different ways (2337 internal links) and it is also in many ways connected to the outside world with 417 external links (opening in a new window). In this way every visitor can have his/her own unique spiritual journey, like in real life. Many visitors come back to enjoy more (in)sights.

I hope that my pictures can transmit some of the energy I felt. On this spiritual journeys site I want to share with you my experiences on these journeys. You will find my vision and the vision of kindred souls of what is important to reach a new step in the evolution of humankind. This can help you also to discover more about how to unfold your own potential and experience that indeed everything is possible. You can embark on your own spiritual journey. As the Buddha said already 2500 years ago: "You are creating your own world".


Click on the picture to enlarge

The butterfly symbolizes

the ability of the creative spirit

to migrate from a lower order of existence

to a higher, more perfect one.


And what an enormous difference

with a caterpillar!


The two butterflies symbolize

soul mates or kindred souls

in their ultimate flower-ing

savoring the nectar of life.


Spiritual journeys in the inner world


In our journey in the inner world we will follow the footsteps of the ones who have gone before us. It is like an all-one planet guide for the inner world. Without that we can be easily lost.

During my spiritual journeys, the two magnificent guiding lights, who have influenced and helped me the most, are Buddha and Osho.  Also Zen has been enlightening.


Mantras, Healing Music and Sounds (new section with free mp3 music downloads)

From ancient times sound and music have always played an important role in sacred and spiritual journeys. From the trance inducing beat of the drum, used by many Shamans till sacred sounds like mantras.  In this section we will explore more about mantras and healing music and sounds


There are also essential sources of wisdom on DVD's, CD's, articles and books like the ancient Zohar or contemporary publications like the ‘law of attraction’ or the law of God action. (Abraham-Hicks, The secret behind the secret, Moses code etc.)

An in-depth view of spiritual astrology and spiritual horoscopes , Yoga and yoga exercises like The Sun salutation


An important message for humanity: Orbs their mission and message of hope


On our journey we will meet kindred souls, soul mates (brothers/sisters), fellow travelers who will guide, support and help us. (Buddha called this the Sangha, Osho his Buddhafield). They will share their experiences in other journeys  and Wonderful Ways of the Wise Woman with you. In this way you can learn from their experiences and you can see that others are going through the same ‘stuff’ as you. It gives also a clear example of the qualities you need as a spiritual traveler. Like on any journey: the better you are prepared the easier the travelling will be.



But let me begin with my own spiritual journeys


This spiritual journey started in Egypt

with a vision in the Sinai dessert.


Continued in India with a movement

to help the India Girls and Women.


And found a new highlight

on a paradise island in Malaysia:

The Source - The Creative Intelligence


My journey to Morocco inspired me to write

the nine steps to fulfill your potential


Lisbon and Lao Tzu opened my eyes to the realm of visions, discoveries and passion.


Visiting the sacred Maya sites on special dates revealed much of the real prophesies and meaning for this special time. It expanded later to a much broader vision of

the dawn of the wisdom age.


This website is according to Google and Yahoo

at the Top of the World with many spiritual topics, as:

Spiritual journeys, Mantras, Healing music / sounds,

(Spiritual) astrology and horoscopes, transformation

Buddha, Osho, Zohar and spiritual women.


Here you can find an overview and quick index to:

Important topics and questions on our spiritual journey


Contact, feedback or sharing



© 2015 Deva Deep


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