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Pictures of Morocco


These are unique high quality pictures of Morocco and its people.

You will probably find no better photos of Morocco on the Internet.

If you find them, please send the link to me.


Why are they unique photos?

Because I have used one of the most advanced cameras with a zoom range of 26 till 1500mm. People who have visited Morocco will know how difficult it is to take pictures of Moroccan people, especially of Moroccan girls and women. With this extreme telephoto lens (but at the same time very compact) it has been possible to take many pictures of Moroccan girls and women. Note normal DSLR’s go to about 200mm! And if you use longer normal telephoto lenses you will draw a lot of attention.

Then the most advances photo enhance software has been used to get the maximum quality of these pictures of Morocco. This photo enhance software improves the quality of many pictures considerably, especially landscapes,

The pictures are not presented randomly as is mostly the case, but in the form of slideshows, which gives a very good impression of the beauty of Morocco and its people. The slideshow will adjust itself to every screen seize, giving you the best way of viewing possible nowadays.

It are of course the vision and skills of the photographer who decide the end result. But all these advanced techniques are creating possibilities for unique photo's. And that is what makes every enthusiastic photographer happy.


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South Morocco with Shoestring


How to see the slideshows:

Press F11 to see the full screen. 

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In the slideshow window you can start or stop the slideshow with the space bar.
You can also use the arrow keys <- -> (on your keyboard or screen) or the mouse wheel for step by step viewing.


Left of the picture is a short description.


Here some of the highlights of this South Morocco trip:


Marrakech is the principal capital of the south. The city’s dazzling centre, the Djemaa el Fna square, is an enthralling and exotic Eastern experience populated by snake-charmers, acrobats and storytellers. Marrakech has a medieval medina and markets.


Aït Benhaddou is a 'fortified city' along the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech in present-day Morocco. Aït Benhaddou has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and several films have been shot there.

Agdz which means "resting place" is located on the old caravan route linking Marrakech to Timbuktu. The lively market is held weekly on Thursdays.

Gorges du Todra

The final 600 m of the Todra gorge are the most spectacular as the canyon narrows to a flat stony track as little as 10m wide in places, with sheer and smooth rock walls up to 160 m high on each side.


Merzouga - Erg Chebbi on the edge of the Sahara, is Morocco’s most beautiful sand dune region.


Ouarzazate is famous for the kasbah of Taourirt, the birthplace of the last pasha of Marrakech.

Ouarzazate has been unfailingly linked with cinema since 1984.

Just like Marrakech, Taroudant has imposing adobe ramparts, adorned with square towers. Its medina and its souks are very lively.


Agadir is an important fishing and commercial port. It is also a seaside resort with a long sandy beach.

Essaouira is the most picturesque and relaxed coastal town along Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

The Medina of Essaouira (formerly "Mogador") is a UNESCO World Heritage city. It is an example of a late 18th century fortified town.


People of Morocco: Moroccan girls, women and men

I have made an analysis, illustrated with pictures about the situation of women in Morocco. I also have documented in unique pictures the change which is happening in Morocco about the basic freedom of women to choose their own way of living.


Casablanca is home to the Hassan II Mosque, designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau. The Hassan II Mosque is the only working mosque in Morocco that can be visited by non-Muslims. I will comment on that in religion.


© 2010 Deva Deep

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