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Southern Myanmar:

Mawlamyne - Kyaikkani - Setse Beach - Yadana Taung


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We will start our trip to Southern Myanmar with a train journey to Mawlamyine.

Mawlamyine is situated at the mouth of the Thanlwin River. It is a charming, sleepy town off the main tourist trail and the major center of Mon culture. It is also important as a central market. Highlights are the Mahamuni Pagoda, a typical Mon-style pagoda and the largest and most beautiful pagoda in the city. And the Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, built in 875 and it is said to contain a hair of the Buddha. This is a popular pilgrimage site and has a fantastic view over the surroundings


Kyaikkami with as the main attraction the Yele Pagoda, a shrine perched over the sea and reached via a tidal causeway.


Setse is an old colonial beach resort.


Yadana Taung has as the main attraction an immense reclining Buddha image, 183 meters long. It is the longest reclining Buddha image in the world.


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Mawlamyne - Kyaikkani - Setse Beach - Yadana Taung

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