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Virtual Reality Movies of Laos and Thailand


These movies are in Apple QuickTime QTVR format.

If this doesn’t work on your computer, you have to download the QuickTime plug-in


Go to the movie by clicking on the picture you want to see.

You will start in the center of the movie.

Click with the left mouse button (and keep it pressed) in the middle of the picture.

Move your mouse to the left and right and after you zoomed in, also up and down.

How more you move the mouse to the sides, how quicker the movie will go.

 You can zoom in/out by clicking on the + or of the player or by using the left Shift and Ctrl keys.

Use the back <- button to go back after you have seen the movie.

It will take a little time to start the movies, depending on your connection speed

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Click on the pictures to start the movies!





Luang Prabang (Capital of Laos, along the Mekong)




Luang Prabang Mekong




North Laos Mahaxai river




South Laos rapids






Khong Chiam Moon river (North East Thailand)



Krabi Limestone rock landscape (South Thailand)

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This is just the start of a new way of showing  panoramas.

Most of the original pictures are of my travel friend Christine Neuteboom from Utrecht.


I got the idea for this project from a fantastic site of the Unesco World Heritage.

Highly recommended. Their movies are really 3D.


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