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The Divine Mother


Women of the World: You are Beautiful!


Why is it that when I look at a website full of women, my first reaction is to cringe and turn away?  Why do I have to remind myself that it isn't pornography? Perhaps it is from conditioning that something fishy is going on and this could be yet another exploitation of women of the third world countries. Viewed as sexual toys, second class citizens, and sometimes property, I had to suspend judgment as the screen reveals beautiful faces, one after the next.


My fear of female exploitation leads to an acceptance of women on a very grand scale. These are not only lovely faces but are the faces of the mothers of the children of the world, of the Aquarian Age. What we see here is the next generation of humans that will walk this earth.  I can almost feel what each photo says. The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. I can feel their joy, their sense of duty, their sorrow, their confidence, their incredible strength, as well as their radiant spirit.  



As the faces skip by on the screen, I wonder how happy they are with themselves or do they wish to change something about them because it "just isn't good enough"? I wonder if they think these things or is it just in America that we are so insecure that we actually listen to what print ads, magazines, and TV tell us? 

During my four month visit to India, I noticed that life was so hard in so many ways. Sure the women worked hard every day, hours toiling in the fields and selling their wares in the streets just to be able to put something on the dinner table each night.  Then of course, there were women working in the big corporate offices, wearing fancy clothing, carrying the latest technology and having their drivers take them to the shopping malls. It didn't seem to matter what kind of life they lived, the point is, they lived each day by the grace of the Source. It is like many raindrops from the same cloud. We are all female expressions of the Divine Mother. I look at them and I see myself. If I could walk in their shoes, would I work hard like them? Most likely yes. In that survival mode, I too would do anything. Then when the life focus shifts from survival mentality to maintaining, the luxury of reflection is afforded and one becomes conscious. In that awakened state, I call conscious, one can decide how one chooses to live life. 



My teacher, H.H. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, refers to the USA as the Ultimate Self Awareness. In one of Osho's recording, I heard a very similar message that spiritual awareness happens not in the land of the poor but in the land of the rich where one is so void inside that one surrounds oneself with material goods. I look at these nameless faces and I can sense their joy. I ask myself, did they choose this life? Did they agree to the arranged marriage? Did they choose to live with the husband's family and to serve his parents for the rest of their lives? I wonder how much of life's decisions are conscious ones and how much is karma working itself out?  Can you really change your life when it is rooted in thousands of years of tradition? I was quite perturbed in India witnessing so many of its crimes to humanity. I felt so helpless. Here I was educated and traveling the world, and yet there was not a single thing I can do to protect the exploited.  So, I thought I'd express myself freely here.


Young children forced to work at such young ages to contribute to the family. Women working multiple jobs and long hours while their husbands didn't.  It is surely a test of the human spirit. I bow down in reverence to women around the world for what they are subjected to everyday.  I count myself lucky to live in America, the land of the free. We just celebrated Memorial Day yesterday and I am reminded at the price we pay for Freedom.  




When I returned home from my long journey to the east, I almost kissed the ground as soon as I stepped off the plane. Oh, how wonderful it is to be able to express myself, to laugh freely, to wear what I want, to dance, to embrace what moves me. I was on lock down for months and hadn't realized it until I walked through the airport at Los Angeles. Oh, how freely people laughed, how they wore their hair, their unpressed clothing, their casual smiles and their free spirits. Their stress seems to come by not knowing where to eat dinner that night and not whether they would have anything to eat for dinner. It is a big difference.  


I longed for this carefree life everywhere I travel to. I try so hard to respect the local cultures and not to be that abrasive American tourist when I travel. However, I must admit, being FREE is so vital to my identity that I do wish for all women of the world to live this way. 


Would it create resistance and ramifications? Sure. 

Would it be comfortable? Absolutely not.  

Then why wish for change? Because you are women, you have the power. 

Yogi Bhajan taught me that I have the seed to become a very loving soul, a caretaker of this planet, a Guru Dev Mata, the transparent teacher. You are Guru Dev Mata. You are the one who brings life to the planet, the first teacher of all beings. So why would we as women have to bow down to men? Did we not give birth to them? 




It is time for the Divine Mother to reappear and reclaim her power.  I never thought of myself as a feminist but right now, I am a big supporter of being human. Are you not human and are these not your God given rights? To breathe freely? To fully explore the life you were born to live? To live life as a choice and not as a duty?


Perhaps my idealistic thoughts are too foreign; however, I think this is the time to shake things up. Start saying "no" and see what happens, I dare you. Your structure will start to crumble as what no longer serves you will simply disappear.  Stop buying into old self-limiting patterns that seem to hold you back.  Live life like you never before. As far as I can see, you really have nothing to lose. 



Take a step forward with me. It's time to be you, Ji (beloved).

It's time for the walls to crumble and let the LIGHT SHINE IN.

May you be victorious in all of your battles.

May you walk tall with grace, integrity, and honor.

May you live each day to inspire others.

May your light shine on.


Namaste and Sat Nam

Thi Hoang/ Haridass Kaur


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