Girls and women in India
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D25 Allepey Women-jewels biilboard.JPG
D26 Allepey Hindu temple celebration.JPG
D27 Allepey Hindu temple celebration.JPG
D28 Allepey Hindu temple celebration.jpg
D29 Allepey Hindu temple celebration.JPG
D30 Allepey Hindu temple celebration.jpg
D31 Allepey Hindu temple celebration.jpg
D32 Allepey Woman with child.JPG
D33 Mattancherry Woman.jpg
D34 Mattancherry Women.jpg
D35 Ernakulam Woman poster.JPG
D36 Ernakulam Girls.jpg
D37 Mangalore Beggar child.JPG
D38 Mangalore Girls.jpg
D39 Mangalore Girls.jpg
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D41 Mangalore Girls.jpg
D42 Mangalore Girls.JPG
D43 Mangalore Girls_pp.jpg
D44 Mangalore Girls_pp.jpg
D45 Mangalore small girl.JPG
D46 Mangalore small girl.JPG
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